What are the weight loss benefits of mangosteen?

It may promote weight loss Additional research on mangosteen and obesity is limited, but experts theorize that the anti-inflammatory effects of the fruit contribute to promoting fat metabolism and preventing weight gain (1). Once again, the results are promising, but three small clinical trials are not sufficient to demonstrate the antioxidant effects of mangosteen in humans.) More studies in larger populations are needed to validate these preliminary findings. Overall, mangosteen seems to reduce the inflammatory marker CRP, but there is not enough evidence to conclude that it can help people with inflammatory problems. More clinical trials are needed to determine its possible therapeutic application.

Unique nutritional benefits of chemicals extracted from mangosteen peels are being studied. The results of a pilot study1 published in Nutrients indicate that mangosteen extract (Garcinia mangostana) may offer benefits to obese patients at risk of type 2 diabetes. There are many mangostean-based products, including supplements and juices, available to people who want to get the health benefits of mangosteen but struggle to find fresh fruit.

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