The Benefits of Mangosteen for Kidney Health

The mangosteen fruit is a powerhouse of health benefits, and it can be especially beneficial for those with kidney issues. It has a diuretic effect that helps kidney stones pass through the urine, and its alkaline properties help to prevent the formation of more stones. Studies have shown that some patients may experience improved kidney function after consuming mangosteen. Mangosteen can help dissolve existing kidney stones, allowing them to be passed through the urine without the need for surgery.

This can provide relief from pain, infections, and urinary obstruction caused by kidney stones. As kidney stones are a reversible kidney disease, consuming mangosteen may help to improve kidney function before too much damage is done. It is important to note that not all mangosteen products are created equal. To get the full benefits of this amazing fruit, it is best to drink XanGo's ORIGINAL mangosteen juice, as it is made with whole fruit and does not contain added sugar like many supermarket imitations.

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