Xango Scam, is Xango Mangosteen Juice a Scam Product?

Xango Scam? This maybe one of the most thought of questions when a person learns about the numerous testimonials of how Xango Mangosteen Juice has helped them personally. What may also give rise to this question is curiosity coupled with legitimate doubts, as its fleeting to many who have been used to logic and street wisdom, and conclude its hogwash that one single source found in nature can actually bring forth these benefits. Just below is an example of a testimonial from someone who benefited from Mangosteen Juice Consumption.

Migraines/Anemia/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue/Allergies

I am a 38 year-old female living in California. In 1998, after living a very healthy and active life, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The road to even getting a diagnosis was extremely difficult as well. I heard many things from MS, to Chronic Fatigue, depression, over worked, sleep deprivation, etc.

As my health declined rapidly, I was battling with my insurance company to gain approval for the necessary tests and work-ups. It seemed like it happened in an instant -- headaches, blurred vision, double vision, vertigo, facial drooping, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, and soon blindness in my left eye. It was horrifying. It took me falling in my kitchen for them to finally order tests and give me a diagnosis.

From that day on, my life became unrecognizable! ! Not only was I suffering physically, but emotionally. It was humbling to be so health conscience and then become a walking pharmacy -- taking pills to help with symptoms, other pills to help with side effects, numerous pain pills of different strengths and types to allow me to function, hormone replacement, several steroids, and many others in trial and error with the hopes of living a “normal” life again. Would I ever get my life back? I really didn't think I would.

Having surgery, then reoccurrence, it would happen like that over and over. One of the worst things about going through it all was that I started getting horrible migraines that would send me to the ER over and over again and completely debilitate me. After suffering several years, the migraines left me feeling like life wasn't worth living anymore.

During these difficult years I was forced to give up certain things in my life in order to wishfully avoid migraines. I couldn't eat chocolate, sleep too much or too little, always prayed heavily before my menstrual cycle, couldn’t make plans ahead of time in case I was sick, etc. Life wasn't fun!!! I always wondered when the next migraine would hit; it was paralyzing in a way, and became a part of who I was. I was officially a sick person!

Trying every avenue in western medicine without success, I then started to ingest natural products that claimed almost anything. I also attempted hypnosis, chiropractic care, and acupressure. I was suffering from chronic anemia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, severe allergic rhinitis, stomach ulcers, hypothyroidism, hormonal instability, migraines, as well as total body pain. It took effort and often times assistance to get to the bathroom.

I was so desperate to feel human again, but to me, that meant getting off all the drugs I was taking. My future looked bleak to me. The headaches seemed to become the largest issue in my life. They were debilitating, severe, and way too frequent. After being unsuccessful with the current medical regime, I was later placed into clinical trials as a guinea pig. Sadly, I was kicked out because of the severity and frequency of my headaches. I had way too many, and they were too severe to meet the criteria for the studies. The last little bit of hope was taken from me, and I felt total defeat!

As I faced another surgery, I was given a bottle of this magnificent juice. I was very skeptical since I had tried so many other natural products without the benefits that I had been praying for. But since I had promised that I would drink it, I did. After three days I surprisingly started feeling a change in my body. I kept it to myself but decided to start researching this fruit. In all honesty, what I was determined to do was find documentation proving to myself that it wasn’t what was in the bottle that was changing my body and how I felt. But I never found it!

What I did find was medical science dating back for decades. The research and science was even better then I ever imagined. Everywhere I looked it was clear science in black and white suggesting that my life was being changed by this juice. I was in disbelief!! On that day, I committed to drinking the juice like it was for my life.

I started drinking mangosteen juice on Feb 24th, 2005. Since starting this juice, I have not had one migraine, nor have I ingested one migraine pill, pain pill, or prophylactic pill. I am also off the steroids, thyroid replacements, and antihistamines. I avoided another surgery, and even decided to test my body and started eating chocolate again. I still remain migraine free. Not only has mangosteen juice improved my life, it has given me life! By Easter 2005, I was completely pill free!

I drink 2-3 ounces of juice 3 times a day, and Lord willing, I will never be without it. If I start feeling yucky, or am in the mist of a stressful situation, I will drink more. I let my body tell me when I need more. Drinking lots of water has helped me achieve wonderful results.

Listen to your body. Try it and see what your body does with this juice. You just might get relief from whatever may be holding you back. Get your life back and make the life you want for yourself. I remain pill free since Easter 2005! Try it and see what it can do for you!

Kelly Brink RN

It is important to note however, that such testimonials have not been vetted by any governmental organization, be that be FDA or someone else.

Then again, if these testimonials were vetted by some governmental body, will that also give consumers peace of mind as to the validity and efficacy of the juice? Is it even possible to vet these testimonials reliably? At the root of the matter is, a testimonial is basically a personal recount of how someone benefited from something or maybe using some service; some take it to be true and investigate or even buy into the product or service. Others don't.

I am also aware that there is big business everywhere, even in drugs and hospitals. I can say this definitely because the last time one of my friends had a fall and fractured her right wrist, one hospital wanted her to be admitted so that they can insert some metal rods into her wrist, while another hospital just laid her wrist in a cast and she got better in 3 weeks. It does not take much understanding into the matter to realize that it’s always prudent to seek a second, third or even fourth opinion from different doctors on the kind of treatment you should be seeking when in similar situations. And don’t you agree this is also true for any drugs that doctors prescribe to you? View 3 min Video on Prescription Drugs

But coming back to Xango Mangosteen Juice and Xango Scam. The only sure way to know whether this juice really works as claimed is to try the juice for a fixed period of time and doing it dutifully, so that you give the matter a fair trial. If money is not the issue, then go for the three-month trial on the juice to feel any telling effects of improvement in general health; if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you always have the option to stop consumption after three months and forget about Xango Mangosteen Juice altogether.

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So does that mean that other sites which write on Xango Scam presumably as Xango facts have an axe to grind? I ask this honestly and as a matter of fact because the juice is classified as a food and not a drug. Have you heard of someone writing deliriously on apple scam or orange scam? Have you heard of someone who takes issue with ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away?’ (Read an accompanying article at the following link, facts about apples)

These days it is almost impossible to take anyone’s word at face front, as people deliberately even profit from making scandalous remarks of a matter. Just look at the newspapers, does not BAD news sell better than GOOD news? Does not GOSSIP remain longer in people’s minds than the TRUTH? Isn’t everyone curious of a SCANDAL then that of someone being VINDICATED? The last time I checked, everyone still remembers the scandal revolving around Clinton while in office, but not so many can recall what he did to repair the damage done by him to peoples’ trust in him and his family- do you wonder why he spends quite a bit of his time to give speeches everywhere?

Xango Mangosteen Juice is quite recent, but not mangosteen rind being used for herbal remedies. So if someone claims xango scam, quite often he is having issues with mangosteen juice, whatever brand it may belong to. The fact though, is, there is no doubt about the rind of the mangosteen being used for more than a millennium in traditional medicine for a variety of ailments in providing relief. (For those who want proof, do a search on Pubmed for Mangosteen)

But the rind of the fruit is one thing and the juice another. Ever since Xango brought this product to market in a juice format, a dozen other companies started their own mangosteen juice. It's like droves of pigeons rushing in to make a quick buck at all costs. Some even go to the point of powdering the mangosteen rind together with other vitamin and mineral powders, selling it as a concentrated syrup. Others compare themselves to Xango, stating they have equal benefits at half the price. Quite often, the make belief juice does not work as promised, and since this crowd of penny wise heard of Xango first before running to the cheaper product, they associate xango juice to be a fake, later even concluding xango scam. In retrospect, looking at the cheaper make belief juice packaging, you maybe able to tell the difference in quality without even buying. Would you be willing to pay a premium for wine if it is being sold in a plastic, detergent looking bottle? Won’t you have doubts on the quality of manufacture if this is the case? Isn’t your good health you attach a value to?

But why is Xango always made the butt of jokes and only xango scam statements that we read on the net, and seldom or never the other manufacturers? There are a couple of reasons and unless you certify these reasons not to be true, there is no way to establish the truth of what you read on the net with regard to xango scam:

1. Xango Mangosteen Juice is sold through a network. There are many networking companies out there who are steadily losing business to Xango. A number of independent networkers from these companies have gone to publish material on the net, casting doubts on the juice and misleading readers on the highly popular topic of xango scam. The objective is to stem the flow of their customer base to Xango and also to prevent new customers for Xango. A number have called it 'healthy' competition.

2. Xango Scam is a highly sought keyword on the net, and website owners who may or may not be networkers themselves, have cashed in on this phenomenon. Everytime, people get to their site, not only are they presented with misleading information to satisfy the need for a scandal, but the site features advertisements which generate profits for themselves. Strangely enough, many of these sites which speak of Xango being a scam themselves have advertisements promoting Xango! To prove my point, I have allowed the display of ads above and see what happens when you click it.

3. As Xango Mangosteen Juice is sold through a network, a number actually try the juice because they want to earn a quick buck out of this category creator. Plus the fact that the business is worldwide, meaning, the company pays you a percentage every month on what people consume within your network not just in your country, but in every country where Xango is in operation. This makes the Business all the more popular as for just US$35, you can own a business operating and marketing worldwide. Realizing this, a number jump into the bandwagon for not purely the best of reasons, as failure in this is not an option for them. So what happens when they fail to achieve their goals for whatever reasons after a few months at it? They become disgruntled, disillusioned and bite the hand that originally fed them (and maybe now licking the boot that kicked them?), probably being proud now that they can be a part of a xango scam camaraderie. Those who truly become successful at this business are nearly always those who have had felt some health improvements through dutiful consumption of this juice and their initial thoughts were to reduce the cost of their juice by recommending it to others to try, little knowing that it could turn out to be bread and butter for them eventually.

4. Some write whatever they want on the net to get attention and currently writing on xango scam allows them to be the center of some controversy. Most, if not all such sites will also feature a box for others to come in to submit their feedback. They maybe hoping that as the feedback accumulates, they will have some accolade for starting a subject that was purely experimental to start of with. Quite often, the feedback provided appears non factual and seems more like passers-by coming along to have a few stones to throw at something, since everyone at the site seem to be throwing something. On top of that, there is no way of knowing who is submitting these feedback, is it the same person who wrote the original article logging in every other time pretending to be someone else? Ever heard of Nixon and the Watergate scandal where he thought his repeated white washing of his involvement could make people think that he was just a misunderstood white knight? Or the publicity by a number of news agencies at one point of time of Iraq possessing WMD (weapons of mass destruction) when now it has been proven otherwise? It seems to be that there are always people around who get some personal satisfaction in starting a creative, hard to contradict controversy, hoping that the more you or others talk about it, it eventually becomes acceptable or even true. And after sometime is allowed to pass, it won’t matter anymore to anyone. In the end, just like in any war, the victims will be the civilians with their scars of lost loved ones; in this case, it will be the naïve and gullible who were looking for that break in improving their health without expensive drugs and hospitalization, only to pass on something that could have made a real difference in their lives.

5. A few who write these detracting articles such as xango scam are selling other Mangosteen products on the sly and imagine that by attacking Xango, their product sales can improve. It’s true that Xango’s mainstay is Mangosteen and all their current products revolve around Mangosteen being the key ingredient. Also, Xango may have the unfair advantage of manufacturing all their Mangosteen products to the highest of quality due to their partnership with Wild Flavors of Germany , thus improving the efficacy of their products, which the other manufacturers may fail to deliver. Is it any wonder why Xango’s Mangosteen Juice is selling for a premium? The cheapest way to trounce that advantage that Xango has is write unsubstantiated articles on the net, attacking Xango’s integrity under a dubious topic, xango scam. Personally, I have come across many from Xango, and I think they are just normal people, maybe just like your good neighbour living next door. Ever heard of the expression, birds of the same feathers flock together? In Xango, it happens in a good way, because the management is made up of honest, down to earth people and this attracts people with similar values. Xango, although being successful, need not involve in charity work - but as it stands today, charity work in the organization starts from the top. Wouldn't it be justified to Analyse People by What They Do, Not only by What They Say?

6. There are quite a number who claim xango scam on the net because they may have been approached with the juice by another Xango Consumer/Distributor. The problem is, they had a very bad experience with some other networking company, may it be Goji Juice, Noni Juice, Acai Berry Juice or the likes. To set the record straight, Xango is not in any way connected to these companies; having issues with Xango and somehow claiming xango scam when it was some other company which took your shirt away, is like attacking Colgate toothpaste because you had a problem with Sensodyne toothpaste. Honestly, is there any logic in that? It seems to be that these folks have given up thinking altogether. Instead of learning to identify the fakes from the truth, a number may have found it more convenient to lump up the whole matter as xango scam, saying that all network companies are out there to steal your shirt, so BEWARE; they do this, little realizing that they maybe causing injury to themselves, as they may not have discovered the best thing that has come along in a long time in the nutritional arena.

7. Xango is statistically the most popular brand when it comes to mangosteen products, worldwide; xango scam or xango being a scam obviously serves it no justice against the back light of these statistics. Within 5 years, from the year 2002, it ranked number 4, if not 3, among networking companies;

the number 1 company was Avon then, having more than 2500 products, 60 markets in excess and having more than 118 years of history. The number 3 company was Mary Kay, 41 years in the business, existing in 30 markets and had about 200 products. Xango had just one product, 16 markets and a 4 year history when it came to Number 4. That being the case, its sensational news when a few kids kick the most popular kid in the school. Its unfortunate to realise that many are the wiles of the wolf within a pen of sheep. Especially, when the wolf is in sheep’s covering.

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