So what is ADHD?

What is ADHD is a question hard to define and to understand if you do not have enough knowledge regarding the root causes of this psychological disorder. You may find different definitions regarding ADHD, and they may all be true, as the definitions may also be addressing specific symptoms.

Obviously, those who have extensive knowledge about this disorder, such as specialists, can easily understand it. But for the common layman, especially so when a family member is having this condition, it takes more than the understanding of a definition to come to grips with this challenging situation.

So what is ADHD, anyway? Health professionals claim that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is the most prevalent behavioral disorder that begins during childhood. Interestingly though, it does not only affect kids but also people of all age groups. Psychiatrists state that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder.

An individual with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder finds it much harder to pay attention to something, especially in situations of normal classroom learning. He faces greater complexity in controlling what he is performing or talking, and is less competent to manage how much physical activity is suitable for a certain situation, as compared to someone with no ADHD. In other words, an individual with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is much more restless and impulsive.

On the other hand, when asking what is ADHD, the questioner maybe seeking a reason for this unusual behavior. ADHD for any individual is simply an imbalance of healthy chemical levels in the brain, or someone who is having a different brain chemistry.

In fact, the usual reason parents query what is ADHD is because they are wondering on whether the home life of the child or awful parenting could be accountable for the development of ADHD in their child. Such thoughts arising from the question what is adhd, may result in guilt feelings on whether they could have done something better, provided better nutrition, or taken better care during pregnancy....these thoughts may even take greater swing when they come to understand upon diagnosis of ADHD in their child that this condition is to be for life.

What is ADHD in Children?

What is ADHD

When reflecting on what is ADHD in children, it is prudent to also consider family history. As ADHD can also be genetically linked, this condition is all the more daunting to treat, as its comparable to ‘curing’ a short person to become tall. Hence, in order to understand the reasons, symptoms and treatment related to what is ADHD, it is recommended that advice is sought as soon as possible from a specialist who handles mental health.

It is a fact that children are the most affected of this psychological disorder. This psychological disorder, time and again, can cause much agony for parents that don't have an inkling to what is ADHD. The children affected by this condition, typically have loads of energy and the patterns of their behavior are uncommon. They cannot be still, even for a few minutes, and they love to talk hysterically.

What is ADHD in Adults?

The major signs of ADHD in adults are impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattention. These signs will come into sight over the course of a few months, with hyperactivity and impulsiveness frequently happening before the inattention is evident. ADHD in adults may result in trouble recalling information, organizing tasks, going after directions and paying attention or finishing work within a set time limit.

Other symptoms of ADHD in adults can consist of constant tardiness, employment tribulations, relationship problems, boredom and depression, difficulty controlling anger, low self esteem and substance abuse. If these signs are not controlled properly, they can give rise to emotional, behavioral, social, vocational and academic problems.

With ADHD in adults, the signs can be mild or severe. A number of ADHD signs rise and fall and others might be present nearly all the time. Several adults with ADHD might be incapable to concentrate if they are thrilled over something. This is why ADHD in adults usually causes individuals to become withdrawn and antisocial.

What is ADHD Meds?

The greatest benefit received from ADHD meds is a lessening to ADHD symptoms. Unlike party drugs, ADHD Meds do not cause a high from crushing, injecting or snorting it, like other psychostimulants.

For decades, medicines have been employed to treat the warning signs of ADHD. ADHD meds that seem to be the most effective are a class of medicines acknowledged as stimulants. Given that a number of children may get better results from one drug than than another, it is significant to work with your doctor to discover the most effective ADHD meds and the exact dosage. These prescription drugs do not treat Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder; instead they control ADHD symptoms as soon as they are ingested.

However, bear in mind that all ADHD meds have side effects. These side effects if not well managed can cause serious problems. In order to prevent the side effects of ADHD meds it is always best to seek help first from a healthcare provider using alternative methods of treatment, prior to using any prescription drugs in treating this disorder.

Hence, ADHD meds feature certain benefits and negative side effects. It is also used as the first line of defense in treating early signs of ADHD. ADHD meds is a great help at some point but be also attentive regarding its usage and dosage.

Can Mangosteen Juice put the question “What is ADHD” to rest?

Once ADHD is diagnosed, ADHD meds are the usual course of action. However, its also worth considering other approaches to treating this disorder.

Pure Mangosteen Juice has been fedback from many quarters to function better if not as well as ADHD meds; it has shown much efficacy in putting off the signs of ADHD in adults and in children. It is a natural supplement that features powerful nutrients, unique health benefits and extraordinary healing properties.

So how can Mangosteen Juice put the question “what is ADHD” to rest? Since ADHD is a psychological disorder and it comes about due to the imbalance of certain neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine in the brain, Mangosteen juice works by aiding the restoration of brain chemistry to optimal levels.

One mother who used Mangosteen Juice with her ADHD son had this to feedback:

“When my son was in the first grade he was struggling in school, so we took him to the Dr. where he was diagnosed with ADD- attention deficit disorder. Because my husband and I were against the popular drug Ritalin, the Dr. prescribed Effexor which is an anti-depressant. After 6 weeks of this medication we decided we would rather deal with the symptoms of ADD rather than Brennton having to deal with the side-effects of the drugs. The next four years in school were very difficult and expensive. Brennton had a hard time focusing in class and as he became more frustrated with learning, he became more socially agitated and was soon labeled as “the trouble-maker.” We hired tutors to assist him in passing each year. It was his 6th grade year that his life turned around. His teacher shared a juice with us; a juice made with the Mangosteen fruit. I had never heard of the Mangosteen fruit! It was in mid September of 2004 that we started Brennton on 1 oz. three times a day of this amazing juice. The first difference we noticed was in his attitude. Getting him up for school in the mornings got easier as the year progressed. By the Christmas holidays Brennton’s grades had improved and we were making fewer trips to talk to the school principal. In the spring he became involved in school sports and was starting to be admired by his peers. He attended a week-long science camp with his class, and he came home with plans of going back to be a counselor. For the first time he ended the school year with passing grades. This summer he attended a football camp and came home with honors and awards. The Mangosteen juice has allowed Brennton to realize his own potential and with no unhealthy side effects. He drinks it everyday faithfully. When I clean his room I find empty bottles under the bed; he will not go without it. This Mangosteen juice has been a blessing to Brennton and to our whole family.”

Denise from California

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