What is a Headache?

Understanding what is a headache is probably one of the fleeting goals of a sufferer who has been facing this condition for awhile, without relent.

According to some surveys, there are at least about forty five million citizens in the United States alone ay any given time, who experience constant headaches. In no less than half of these affected citizens, the predicaments are serious and somewhat disabling. Headaches can also be an expensive affair because statistics do show that at least eight million of this number visit the doctor’s office annually, on a continual basis.

With this issue at stake, NINDS or the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a top adherent of brain research in the Federal Government, has alarmed everyone to become aware of the question “what is a headache” and its implications. This sector of the Federal Government provides help in the formulation of studies for the enhancement of headache medicines and to discover methods of preventing them.

Furthermore, this sector highlights an awareness on what is a headache and why it occurs, as this will also lead to an easier access to treatments, as well as improving on current headache treatments. In this way, the episodes of headaches along with its frequent attacks of related problems and symptoms are better controlled and managed.

So what is a headache then? In general, a headache is a mild or severe pain that affects the bones of the skull, the tissues and blood vessels of the brain, the muscles of the neck, face and back, as well some parts of the body. Headaches can also be an indication of certain illnesses or underlying health problems. Other reasons for the growth of headaches include infections, head trauma, and other medical illnesses.

What is a Headache and Why Having Enough Information on it is Important?

Again, addressing what is a headache is the key to future treatments. However, not all types of headaches need immediate medical assistance, because some stem from irregular muscle tension or skipped meals and are easily remedied without more problems. Nevertheless, a few kinds of headaches are indications of more severe illness, and justify quick medical assistance. These take into account the following:

  • Abrupt, serious headaches, as well as headache accompanied by high fever or convulsions contribute to the importance of understanding ‘what is a headache” and require immediate medical care.
  • Another factor contributing to the importance of knowing what is a headache is when a headache is associated to loss of consciousness leading to confusion.
  • A repeated headache in both adults and children that is accompanied by elevated body temperature is once more an important factor contributing to the necessity of appreciating what is a headache.
  • The factor contributing to the importance of knowing what is a headache is when such a headache interferes with daily tasks and activities, as well as when the headache is followed by some physical blow to the head.
Understanding the factors associated with what is a headache is the correct approach in searching for the best possible treatment options. As a matter of fact, when the awareness and understanding on headaches increases, it will be easier to prevent them from occurring.

What Are The Causes of Headaches?

Aside from understanding the factors contributing to the importance of knowing what is a headache, it is also necessary to have knowledge on the causes of headaches.

What is a Headache

It has been claimed by a number of reputable sources that headaches have a predisposition to run in families. Predominantly, inherited patterns of genetic materials are observed unmistakably with several forms of headaches. This is why family history is so significant when assessing anyone with a headache.

Causes of headaches comes in various forms, and most headache triggers become more intense when the affected individuals are exposed to certain environmental factors, such as lights, noise, fumes and smoke. Other triggers contributing to the causes of headaches include the following:

Common Environmental Causes of Headaches

  • Condition of the weather
  • Psychological problems such as anxiety and stress
  • Stressful life events or stress-related to job
  • Too loud noise
  • Extreme bright lights
  • Strong odors or fumes
Common Dietary Causes of Headaches
  • Champagne and red wine
  • Monosodium glutamate and Nitrates
  • Tea, coffee and cola
  • Certain types of treatment drugs
  • Chocolate

The importance of knowing these causes of headaches is equivalent to the importance of finding the proper treatment and prevention methods. Once identified, you can easily find ways of treating headaches and other related problems and complexities.

What Are The Medications A Headache Rack Must Have?

There are actually different types of headache medications that a headache rack must have. These types of medications are essential, and must be taken prior to the onset of headaches becoming worse.

A Headache Rack Must Have Painkillers

  • Aspirin
  • Naproxen sodium
  • Acetaminophen
A Headache Rack Must Have
  • Antihistamines
  • Beta-blockers
  • Antidepressants
  • Anticonvulsants
A Headache Rack Must Have
  • Antibiotics
  • Antibacterial drugs
  • Antiviral drugs

These medications to be arranged in a headache rack should be firstly discussed with a medical expert, prior to stocking them. Discussing these drugs with an expert can certainly help you to ensure correct dosage, right labels and the precise time on when to take them. Also, the medical expert will guide you about the right usage of these drugs in order to prevent untoward side effects or adverse reactions.

Pure Mangosteen Juice – An Option in Headaches Treatments

Treatments for headaches pains and discomforts come in several forms. A number of treatments include using prescription drugs, psychotherapy, exercises and medical care. Conversely, headaches treatment are not only restricted into these forms, and as a matter fact alternative treatments and other natural remedies are also available for usage in the treatment of headaches.

One alternative treatment for headaches is the original Pure Mangosteen Juice. This juice is derived from the most sought-after fruit in Asia, Mangosteen Fruit. Based on preliminary studies performed on the fruit by numerous, independent research labs around the world over a 30 year period, shows that its seeds and rind contain a potent and active set of healing effects for animals and the human body; being an all fruit juice, this beverage is also packed with essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In recognition of these health benefits, one regular user of this juice had this to recount by way of a testimonial:

“I have had borderline high cholesterol since I first began recording my results in 1999. After many lifestyle changes, I was able to get it down to 217 at my last physical in 2007 (before Mangosteen). In August of 2008 I had another test, this time after 5 months on the Mangosteen juice. To my amazement, my total cholesterol fell to 174, a 20% drop. I made no significant changes to diet or lifestyle from 2007 to 2008, just the Mangosteen juice (and the new vitamins which I started 3 weeks before my visit). In addition to the cholesterol improvements, I have seen tremendous results with Headaches. I was up to 8 and sometimes more Ibuprofen tablets per day due to inflammation in my neck, which resulted in prolonged Headaches. After 4 months on the Mangosteen juice, I am now taking a pair of Ibuprofens maybe once a month. This came after suffering with the Headaches for 15 years. This is no exaggeration... the juice really works!”

9/25/2008 – Robert

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of the original Pure Mangosteen Juice can help alleviate the pains and discomforts associated with headaches. It has the ability to normalize blood vessel constrictions and muscle contractions that contribute to headaches. Also, these healing properties help balance the episodes of attacks leading to persistent headaches, and other possible problems related to the condition.

Along with drinking Mangosteen Juice, pursuing relevant medical care is also extremely essential with those who contend with persistent headaches. With suitable medical care, an affected individual will be better able to perceive awareness regarding the causes of headaches, as well as become familiar to the factors contributing to the importance of knowing 'what is a headache’.

Its not an understatement to conclude that headaches can be controlled and prevented just by consuming the original Pure Mangosteen Juice on a regular basis; many have done so, and have achieved previously unimagined positive results.

Seeking advice from a medical expert is also a wise method, including involvement in various exercises and other treatment modalities that can provide relief for headache pains and discomforts.

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