What Causes Headaches, Understanding Them

What causes headaches or what is the cause of my persistent headache is a usual question among many sufferers of this condition. Generally, headaches are medical problems that many are accustomed to, because it is something that every individual experiences more than a few times in one’s natural life. Despite the fact that the frequency, duration and severity may differ from person to person, it is always the case that a headache is a problem that will need a solution sooner than later.

Naturally, before a treatment can be presented, the question on “what causes headaches” is something that will require closer examination with a view of mapping out all the probable and definite causes.

Its a fact that there are many kinds of headaches, hence the question what causes headaches will need a careful categorization based on the type of headache that we are looking at. Generally, any form of headache by and large is characterized by a state of mild to severe ache in the skull or head. When evaluating the pain experienced due to headaches, a number of these have been known to vary from discomfort to disabling. Severe headaches can certainly disturb an individual’s day by day activities, whether its at the employment facility or in social settings.

Before jumping the gun on what causes headaches, it is also necessary to learn the two main classifications of headaches. These two classifications help determine what kind of headache a person is experiencing. Actually, headaches are classified as either primary or secondary. Primary headaches some about due to constant worry, insomnia, apprehension, eating habits, annoyance, starvation, dissatisfaction, and melancholy, while secondary headaches only occur if its due to brain tumors.

Clearly, to determine what causes headaches, a physician will need to check and cross out numerous possibilities. Other than what has been mentioned above on what causes headaches, there is also the swelling or irritation of the sinus cavities, eyestrain, daily pressure and stress, dehydration as well loss of appetite being the culprits of this condition.

If in case, what causes headaches is suspected to be due to head trauma or injury, it has to be determined by a diagnostic course of action. In fact, the most common factor contributing to what causes headaches are muscle contractions. In this event, the head is designed with certain regions that are responsive to aches and pains, and often these regions are the neck muscles, blood vessels walls, scalp muscles and the membrane covering the brain. Pain occurs when the neck, face, back and head muscles contract, when blood vessels expand or when the membrane covering the brain is expanded due to some form of inflammation.

What Causes Headaches

Another step in determining what causes headaches is to find out certain catalysts in which the body reacts to, whether its for the good or bad. In the same way, there are also certain catalysts that set off a contraction of muscles leading to headaches.

These are associated with tension, hopelessness, nervousness, low energy, insufficient sleep, lack of food, alcohol and drug abuse. Trigger foods have also been identified to be contributory factors to what causes headaches and they indeed exist; among these, some of the more well known are cheese, caffeine, MSG and chocolate. Caffeinated beverages usually do not directly contribute to what causes headaches, but the unexpected cessation to its consumption can generate headaches.

When examining what causes headaches, the above contributing factors that have been mentioned may not be the sum of it all in the cause of headaches, but definitely they are the most likely of causes, or the most common in today's environment.

Oftentimes, headaches are treated with aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen. For prevention, it is best to stay away from trigger foods and events. For common headaches, the affected individual may feel relieved that there are numerous options to select from in attaining fast-efficient relief.

Treatment Options for Neck Headache and Headache and Nausea

When there is a neck headache, as well as headache and nausea, then its root causes must be first diagnosed with the assistance of laboratory procedures such as a MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, blood chemistry, Ct scan or X-rays. Many types of headaches or muscle damage can be cured with anti-inflammatory drugs, which can reduce the swelling, and slow down the episodes of pain.

Other appropriate medications may also be utilized for neck headache and headache and nausea. Ice application on the affected neck region can grant a comforting relief from the throbbing symptoms. A moderate massage to the muscles of the neck may also prove to be helpful.

Once the pain brought on by neck headache, headache and nausea decrease a little, medical experts also advise some form of neck exercises. Such forms of exercises are helpful, not just for relieving neck headache, but also for headache and nausea.

Muscle toning and stretching exercises are the best forms of neck exercise. These will draw out the muscles in the neck and head, and also encourage inflexibility to be reduced. Turning the head gradually, from one side to the other in anti-clockwise and clockwise movements, is a trouble-free form of exercise that can improve on the elasticity of the neck and head muscles.

In some cases, neck headache and headache and nausea maybe a sign of a few underlying health issues, that will need to be addressed correctly, so as to obtain relief from this problem. Infections require to be cured with antihistamines, antibiotics and decongestants. If meningitis is a severe illness which is present, then it needs instant medical assistance.

Neck headache, as well as headache and nausea are some problems that you must never disregard; this will prevent unnecessary upcoming complexities. It can be mitigated significantly by keeping good positioning and posture while standing, sleeping or sitting.

Mangosteen Juice as a Treatment Option for Headaches

It’s a fact that there is a plethora of successful headache treatments accessible in the market. A good number of these treatments can really deliver instant relief from aches and pains. Conversely, you have to be aware also that most of these treatments only become effective depending on the severity and frequency of your condition. In other words, treatment options vary from one person to the other.

In event of a headache, you will have to explore some treatment options that will best fit your condition. As a help, you may also use the original Pure Mangosteen Juice in the treatment and prevention of headaches. Mangosteen Juice is a proven alternative treatment that can be used for all age groups and is non discriminating to many forms of illnesses. One regular consumer of this juice had this to recount:

“I am a registered pharmacist in Arizona. For years I would awake early in the morning with Headaches, sometimes as often as three times a week. I would take two Fiorinal tablets then go back to sleep so I wouldn’t have to go to work with the pain. I started taking mangosteen juice in mid November. Since then, I no longer have those terrible Headaches and I sleep through the night. My wife, Sandi, suffers from migraine Headaches so severe that she would be incapacitated for up to three days at a time. The migraine Headaches came too regularly and too often. She also started taking mangosteen juice in mid-November, and immediately the length of time between Headaches increased to more than five weeks. Mangosteen works!”

6/4/2008 -- Ed from Arizona

For headaches, whether its a constant headache, a mild form of headache, neck headache or headache and nausea, the original Pure Mangosteen Juice brings to the table healing effects in the form of natural anti-inflammatory properties. The said healing effects are capable of delivering relief from numerous forms of aches and discomforts. It also helps reduce muscles and blood vessels constrictions, eliminates constant episodes of headaches, as well as help control the exacerbation of the illness, especially when there is a history of it being persistent.

In people with headaches due to infections, Mangosteen Juice possesses potent anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties that can protect the individual from harmful, invading microorganisms. In cases where infection is already settled in the body, these natural healing properties can reduce or eliminate their development altogether.

So apart from determining what causes headaches, the consistent daily consumption of the original Pure Mangosteen Juice may also do wonders to health. It can certainly improve the overall health status of an individual, and also prevent the onset of many types of headaches.

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