Treating what causes acid reflux

If you are wondering what causes acid reflux, also referred to as gastroesophageal reflux disease, it is vital that you make a trip to your physician for an early diagnosis. Acid reflux causes discomfort, pain and irritation in the lower portion of the esophagus.

There are a good number of potential contributing factors to acid reflux disease, although medical doctors may not always be in agreement to what causes acid reflux. A few mention that the recent increase in those suffering from acid reflux is largely due to our present sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in sugar, caffeine and fat, all of which are thought to deteriorate the condition.

In general though, what causes acid reflux is believed to be the result from the contents of the stomach flaring up into the esophagus. Robust stomach acids, necessary for good digestion, cause strong pain and burning, and when acid reflux disease is left untreated, it can result in tissue damage, especially the tissues in the stomach and esophagus.

It has also been established that individuals with diabetes and asthma have a higher prevalence to suffer from acid reflux disease. A deficiency of digestive enzymes in the stomach and peptic ulcers can also be conditions that cause acids in the stomach to accumulate and back up. In this earmarked group, fatty food and certain food items such as peppermint and chocolate, can also slow down the lower esophageal sphincter and add to the odds of acid reflux.

Most often during acid reflux, the contents from the stomach stay put in the lower portion of the esophagus, where they can cause nausea and heartburn. There are lots of possible symptoms of acid reflux disease that a medical doctor can easily assess, although the symptoms of acid reflux disease can differ from person to person. It must be noted that these symptoms of acid reflux disease need not take place after every meal or every day.

what causes acid reflux

In addition to what causes acid reflux, one must also note that a weak lower esophageal sphincter is a contributory factor. A weak muscle in the lower esophageal sphincter means that acid is more likely to flow back into the throat. The ability of the muscle in the lower esophageal sphincter to contain the acid in the stomach is the greatest mainstay in keeping acid reflux at bay. A malfunction at this point, can easily result in all the known symptoms of acid reflux disease. Very often, the reason behind why you would have a weak lower esophageal sphincter muscle appears to be based in part on physical fitness and genetics. Individuals who are more bodily fit are less expected to have difficulties with this muscle in their lower esophageal sphincter.

Another contributing factor to what causes acid reflux is occasional relaxation of the muscles in the lower esophageal sphincter. This is a situation where the muscles in the lower esophageal sphincter, although being physically powerful, will occasionally open up for no apparent reason, resulting in reflux and experiencing the symptoms of acid reflux disease. When this happens, the muscle is not capable anymore to act as a powerful barrier to your esophagus. Doctors concur the reasons this happens are largely due to heredity or probably some prior damage to the region.

Furthermore, acid reflux medications and treatment can differ from person to person once it is diagnosed. An equal number of people also will opt for home remedies to control their symptoms of acid reflux disease. Several physicians will advise keeping away from caffeine, smoking and alcohol. Other things to keep away from or limit if acid reflux has been diagnosed, are overeating and consuming fatty, spicy foods. However, some medical doctors will require you to undergo certain diagnostic examinations to determine fully what causes acid reflux in you and to formulate what types of acid reflux medications best works for you.

It is important that you relate as clearly as possible to your medical doctor your symptoms of acid reflux disease as this helps tremendously in preventing the problem from getting worse and some other internal damage takes place.

Although there are lots of factors contributing to what causes acid reflux disease, there are also varieties of treatments available. The good news for the sufferers of acid reflux is that the disease can be diagnosed and treated reasonably and competently, without difficulty in most cases, such as introducing the right acid reflux medications or following a strict acid reflux diet and lifestyle.

Mangosteen Juice May Help to Eliminate the Contributing Factors to What Causes Acid Reflux

After seeking help from your medical doctor and after giving a try on the acid reflux medications, it is now time to take another step to fully manage and control the symptoms of acid reflux disease and to totally put off the contributing factors to what causes acid reflux.

One great way to stop the factors contributing to what causes acid reflux is introducing alternative medicines in your lifestyle and diet. We are all familiar that alternative medicines are organically grown, which means it doesn’t contain any chemicals which can harm our health and body system. By doing this, you get the benefit from the healthy nutrients and health compounds and properties offered by alternative medicines.

One very popular choice of alternative medicine used by many is the Mangosteen Juice. In earlier periods, Mangosteen Juice was still fairly new to mass market, but recently it has become popular all over the world, for the reason that people have praised the benefits of Mangosteen Juice and rind of the Mangosteen Fruit. Many who taste Mangosteen Juice for the first time, confess it to being heavenly, nothing like any medication they have taken before. One regular consumer of Pure Mangosteen Juice had this to say:

“I have had atrial fibrilltion for the past seven years and was on two different drugs to control the irregular heart beat. One drug increased my cholesterol level and had to be discontinued. Then I was started on cardizem for the afib. I started taking mangosteen juice in June of 2006 for Acid Reflux. Within six days of starting the juice the Acid Reflux disappeared. I continued to take the juice three times daily before each meal, and had no problem eating or digestin foods. However also in 2006 I had an echocardiogram which showed some changes to my heart muscle and a small aneurysm in one of the heart chambers. This year, 2008, I went back to my cardiologist and had another echocardiogram. The results were unremarkable. My heart function and condition have improved. It has been nine months since I have taken cardizem and my heart beat is normal sinus rhythm. The Dr. was amazed and cannot believe that I am on no meds now and my echocardiogram and electrocardiogram are both normal. I had no idea that the juice would work on my heart, but as I continued to drink it for the Acid Reflux, it was working on my heart as well. If you are drinking this juice keep drinking it. It seems that the longer you drink it the more results you have. I thank God for this mangosteen fruit everyday. Of course I am now a distributor sharing this juice with everyone who will listen”

10/5/2008 -- Alicia from FL

This testimonial above is positive encouragement in trying Mangosteen Juice for preventing the factors contributing to what causes acid reflux, as well as putting off the symptoms of acid reflux disease. The best way to get the full benefits of Mangosteen Juice in stopping the symptoms of acid reflux disease is by introducing this plant substance daily into your system.

Pure Mangosteen Juice is known to contain no contraindications, hence you may try this juice hand in hand with any allopathic medicine your doctor has already prescribed you – this is not surprising, because Pure Mangosteen Juice is not a drug, it’s a health supplement, basically nutritious food that does lots of good things for the body’s internal healing process.

Before you try Pure Mangosteen Juice, if you are concerned about what it may not do for your body, it may also be wise to consult your physician first. At times, its possible, your physician may advise you against fruit juices, for one reason or the other, probably due to multiple conditions that you maybe experiencing (i.e. candida), other than acid reflux.

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