Managing Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is synonymous with all kinds of pain that occur in the back region, with one major difference. To begin, its important to recognize that the upper portion of the back is also referred to as the thoracic back. It is the upper region of the spine corresponding to the chest and its surrounding. Most of the time people complain of some discomfort between their lumbar spine and neck. This discomfort may turn out to be severe pain in the upper portion of the back if left untreated.

Its common for many where when they recognize a pain between the foundation of the spine and the end of the neck, they consult a doctor. It is also feasible to treat many of these upper back pain with stretches and exercises, especially in the early stages of the condition. Also, it is better to recognize the exact root causes of this condition prior to trying to engaging in any type of stretches and exercises to resolve your upper back pain.

The reasons for upper back pain are varied but quite often it is associated with some form of damage to the soft tissues, such as irritation in group muscles or damage in the joints and ligaments. It can strike anybody if he or she is used to improper posture, insufficient strength, or has endured a trauma because of accidents. Also, damage to the connecting joints of the ribs and vertebrae may also cause ache and discomfort in the upper portion of the back region.

For the majority of cases involving upper back pain, there is nothing to worry because there are several exercises that can alleviate the pain. The ongoing will be a discussion of some excellent upper back pain exercises intended to alleviate pain and to keep the upper portion of the back in prime condition.

Scapular Squeezes
Scapular squeezes are highly regarded and an effective upper back pain exercise. You can perform this by bending your elbows and by keeping your palms in an outward position. After that, grasp your arms up on the side surface of your body and move your hands towards your back as much as you can for at least twenty times.

Pectoralis Stretch
Pectoralis stretch is also a good upper back pain exercise because it can help the muscles to become strong. This exercise is performed by standing in the opening of a door and grasping its frame. You need to lean to the fore to make the chest muscles tighter. Fifteen seconds is the maximum time in executing this exercise and must be performed three times a day to obtain full benefits.

Mid Trap Exercise
Mid trap exercise is not only a well recognized upper back pain exercise, but it is also a good exercise for back muscle pain. You can do this by lieing flat on your stomach and putting a soft pillow underneath your chest. It is important that you keep your arms at an angle of 90 degree from your torso. After that, press your shoulder blades by the process of raising your hands. Twenty times a day is the allowable execution of this exercise.

Arm Slides
Arm slides are the easiest to perform among many upper back pain exercises. You can do this by simply raising your arms next to wall, maintaining your palms facing outward. The next step is to move your hands down and up, stertching your muscles all the way through the upper portion of the back and towards your arms.

According to many physiotherapists, stretches and exercises are most excellent in gaining relief for upper back pain issues. Exercise makes the muscles stronger and stretches help to keep the muscles in good condition. Therefore, for individuals who are experiencing upper back pain or even back muscle pain, stretches and exercises are some of the recommended treatment option without entailing any heavy costs.

Back Pain Treatment, What you can do

Upper Back Pain

Many back pain treatment options are accessible for individuals suffering from upper back pain and back muscle pain. However, the management may differ from one person to another, as its conditional on the exact cause for the back pain. The literal characteristic of the pain and its relentlessness can be identified by a medical expert who will then be able to provide the most suitable management.

Ice therapy is frequently recommended as a back pain treatment. This particular treatment is normally utilized within the first forty eight hours after initial inception of back muscle pain. Generally, ice therapy is applied for ten minutes. Ice itself helps to lessen the swelling and inflammation of soft tissues and also slows down nerve impulses in the affected region.

Administration of steroids are also efficient in decreasing the swelling and in continual management of upper back pain and back muscle pain brought by disc herniation, degenerative disc illness and spinal stenosis. Steroids are injected directly into the surrounding membrane of the nerve roots. Therefore, this form of back pain treatment can offer fast relief.

Other types of back pain treatment consist of engaging osteopaths, electrotherapy, chiropractors, acupuncture and massage therapy. Surgical procedures may be the last option if all these other treatments fail to achieve good results. Again, any form of back pain treatment has a high success rate if the literal reasons for its cause are recognized.

Mangosteen Juice Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agents Can Also Help Resolve Upper Back Pain

Naturopathic medicines are probably considered the safest method of treatment for back pain, whether it is upper back pain or back muscle pain. The natural components arising from nature is the major reason why it is well thought of as a safe treatment option. Such alternative medicines make use of the natural elements of the environment, such as plants and herbs, which have shown to be complementary in nature to the human body over generations of usage.

That being said, Pure Mangosteen Juice is one naturopathic medicine which has resolved many forms of back pain. This juice is manufactured in the most stringent of conditions, by milling the whole Mangosteen fruit together with nine other fruits; other than the exquisite taste of the pulp, the Mangosteen fruit, being the active ingredient in this juice, is already very famous in Southeast Asia for its huge number of health benefits. One reason why the juice works so well in pain arising conditions is because of its anti-inflammatory properties; these naturally occurring substances are responsible in the prevention of inflammation and damage to soft tissues, minus the negative side effects. In conjunction, one active user of Pure Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback:

“Aggressive – and supposedly terminal – breast cancer. I found a lump in my breast that grew from the size of a small peanut to 3.5 inches, or about 9 cm in less than a month. My friend Joan dragged me to the doctor in alarm, and the end of all of that was that unless I had a radical mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, I would be dead in 3.5 – 4 months, and the prognosis even if I did was not too good, either, because it was so aggressive. But that was everything my mother did, and it took her 7 horrible years to die. When I said I was going home to think and pray about it, they got really nasty...which just put me off more! I started with three quarters of a bottle throughout the day, lots of water and made sure my body was alkaline. I actually reduced the other supplements I had been taking because of lack of cash. The lump stopped growing. Then I lowered the amount of juice too quickly and the lump started growing again, so I kept on about 10 – 12 oz per day for the rest of the first month. The lump stopped growing. It slowly went away over the next 8 months, while I was taking 6 – 8 oz per day and lots of water till it was completely gone and that was over 2 years ago. I have stayed on 3 -4 oz most days, and have been noticing my dental problems are gone, I have been going through menopause without any problems other than the odd hot flush or flash, my eyesight is better, my skin is good (someone asked my husband when we were going to start our family – she thought I was younger than she is, she’s 38 years old. I’m 53! And that’s before the Glimpse!) , I don’t get colds and flus and allergies at all. I feel blessed, and it has saved my family a lot of money! Doctor’s and vet’s bills and if nothing else, about $15,000 for my funeral, my husband says! My best bonuses are the thanks and joy I hear from others: my husband who was told he should have the strongest anti-inflammatories and surgery for degenerative back damage from an accident, several so-called terminal cancer survivals, lupus, oedema, fibromyalgia, dementia symptoms lessened, rashes, panic attacks, my old dog’s pain, arthritis and eyesight improved, friend’s reporting better skin and hair, wrinkles going all after using our delicious natural product. I don’t see how anyone can avoid doing this business when they know they could be helping people with the most valuable asset any of us have! Probably this juice has saved us well over a hundred thousand dollars in dental bills, medical bills, lost income and vet bills!”

11/23/2008 -- Heather from BC

As recounted above, the anti-inflammatory of Mangosteen Juice can prevent exacerbation of upper back pain and it can be used as a natural back pain treatment that has the ability to improve injured muscles, damaged tendons and ligaments, as well as reduce pain and discomfort. Also, the naturally occurring powerful antioxidants found within this juice can enhance the immune system and eliminate free radicals which cause chaotic damage in our bodies on a daily basis.

Mangosteen Juice is also capable in reversing medical conditions such as depression, fatigue, diarrhea, anxiety and lessening pain associated with these conditions. It has even been featured many times over to provide help to those with illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Mangosteen juice can also be used to manage hypertension, thrombosis and atherosclerosis, all of which are heart related problems.

Pure Mangosteen Juice is a perfect, natural treatment for upper back pain, and it can also be used in a complementary fashion with other ongoing treatment modalities, is it contains no known contraindications.

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