Teenage Depression, Recognition and Treatment

Teenage Depression is not just about appearing sad among teenagers. On the contrary, the identifying factor in teens having depression is a mix of irritability, hostility, grumpiness and short temperedness. Hence, contrary to popular belief that a teenager is just going to through his emotional swings because he is experiencing growth spurts, it may actually be the very opposite.

Whether the frequency of teenage depression is essentially greater than ever, or we are just becoming more responsive to it, the truth is that depression affects teens far more frequently than most citizens think. And though depression is very much manageable, mental health experts claim that only twenty percent of depressed teens are ever given specific assistance.

Compared to adults, who have the means to look for medical help on their own, teens typically must count on parents, instructors, or other health caregivers to address their suffering and find them the management they require. Therefore if you have a teen in your life, it is vital to gain knowledge on teenage depression and what measures to execute if you notice the depression signs.

In general, growing teens have to deal with many challenges in life, from changes due to puberty and to those questions regarding who they are and where they blend in. The emotions connected to teens bridging the gap to young adulthood very often involves clashes with parents at home and teachers in the school, as teens begin to declare their independence. Due to this, its not always that easy to distinguish teenage depression and growing pains. Making things even more complicated, teens with depression do not always withdraw from their circle of friends, nor do they always appear sad. For a few depressed teens, signs of violent behavior, anger and fury are more prominent.

The Different Depression Signs in Teens

Teenage Depression

  • Usually, teen depression entails the signs of hopelessness, sadness, anger, hostility, irritability and frequent crying.
  • Teenage depression may also exhibit a lack of interest in activities, withdrawal from friends, especially family, lack of energy and agitation.
  • If you have a teen at home, you must monitor the depression signs such as trouble in concentrating, restlessness, feelings of guilt and worthlessness as these signs are common in teen depression.
  • For severe cases of teen depression, suicide attempts and thoughts of death are the very common depression signs.

The Effects of Teenage Depression

The damaging effects of teen depression go far outside a depressed mood. Numerous disobedient and harmful thoughts or behaviors in teens are in fact depression signs. The information listed below details how teenagers behave in an attempt to cope with their emotional distress.

  • Teenage Depression Cause Troubles at School
    At school, teen depression may result in a drop in grades, poor attendance, or disappointment with lessons in a previously excelling student.
  • Teenage Depression Is Associated to Substance Abuse
    The majority of teens make use of alcohol beverages or prohibited drugs in an attempt to ease their depression. In retrospect, the abuse of any prohibited substances only makes teen depression worse.
  • Eating Disorders and Low Self-Esteem are the Common Depression Signs
    In teen depression, the eating pattern is gravely affected. Depression signs will also include eating disorders such as binge eating, anorexia, yo-yo dieting and bulimia. Low self-esteem, maybe normal in a person without depression, but with depression, this will easily cycle into extreme feelings of failure, ugliness, unworthiness and shame.
  • Internet Addiction is Common in Teenage Depression
    With advancements in technology, teens who are suffering from depression go online to escape from their problems. Unfortunately, too much computer usage only elevates their isolation and cycles into deeper depression.
  • Self-Injury and Wild Behavior Are Part of Teenage Depression
    Teen depression includes burning, cutting and other forms of self-mutilation. As a result, these teens harm themselves just to escape from their sorrow and problems. In addition, a depressed teen may resort to thrill seeking though life threatening activities, such as reckless driving, unsafe sex and uncontrollable drinking.
  • Teenage Depression Triggers Violence
    A number of teens, especially boys who have had to deal with school bullying or some other form of bullying, can turn extremely violent and care less for their life or those of others in their midst. It may turn out for the worse with a secret wish to die and bring as many as possible along with them.

If you believe that a teen in your life is experiencing depression signs, take action immediately. Teen depression is extremely harmful when ignored or left unmanaged, hence its best not to hesitate and expect the warning signs to fizzle away. Even if you are unconvinced that depression is the problem, the upsetting emotions and behaviors you are noticing in your teens are indications of a crisis. Whether or not that crisis turns out to be depression, it will still require some form of medical management—the earlier, the safer for everyone.

What Are Some of the Causes of Depression?

Genetic material play a vital role in the causes of depression. According to mental health specialists, depression is linked to genes and it can be passed from one generation to the next.

Negative behavior
One of the causes of depression is having a deprived sense of significance and adopting a negative standpoint. People who are under in these causes are at greater risk of developing depression.

Constant Worry, Nervous Tension and Pain
These causes of depression include financial woes, the loss of loved ones, the collapse of a significant relationship and the failure to achieve success.

When dealing with the causes of depression, there may be many other aspects involved and these are just some of the root causes of depression.

Mangosteen Juice is Well received in Controlling Teenage Depression Signs and Symptoms

Pure Mangosteen Juice is a powerful anti inflammatory substance and is a natural remedy in the management of many forms of illnesses, especially teen depression signs and symptoms. It has been known for awhile that Mangosteen Juice can improve depression signs and bring them under control; it is classified as a natural anti depressant, and probably the only food substance that is known to behave in this manner with great efficacy.

The anti depression properties of Mangosteen Juice is primarily responsible for controlling the symptoms of teen depression; it helps to restore brain chemistry to healthy levels and tweak the inordinate levels of brain chemicals which activate the occurrence of depression. One lady from California who had to deal with numerous health issues, depression included, had this to reflect upon regular consumption of Pure Mangosteen Juice:

“I have a hereditary autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. With this disease comes symptoms I've suffered with since I was a teenager. Some of these symptoms were Fibromyalgia pain, Depression, hair loss, frequent viral, bacterial and fungal infections, shortness of breath, palpitations, and severe fatigue. Many evenings it took everything I had to get off of the couch to make dinner. There were many times I had a difficult time properly taking care of my house, my family and myself. But after beginning on the mangosteen juice just 6 months ago, I am pain free, able to think clearly, able to effectively finish activities and duties and have a steady energy all day long. I’m able to sleep better and wake up refreshed in the morning. I've noticed a change in my hair and skin. I don't have as much hair loss, in fact, my hair is shinier and growing at a much faster rate. My skin is smoothing out and less dry. I am currently off all prescription medication (Armour Thyroid) since approximately 2 months ago. Initially, I started off taking 8 ounces of mangosteen juice daily. Energy was felt after Day 1 and other symptoms relieved over the following 3 weeks. Currently, I take 6-8 ounces a day with a quality multivitamin/mineral. I have found it's very important to be consistent, taking the mangosteen juice at least 3 times daily and with plenty of water. Mangosteen juice has dramatically changed my life and my health. I call it "liquid gold" and will never be without it.”

11/10/2006 -- Regina from California

Mangosteen Juice will also help in promoting good sleep and restore the usual sleeping pattern. In addition, the highly potent naturally occurring antioxidants of Pure Mangosteen Juice also help strengthen the natural immune system of a depressed teen, thus preventing the body from further onslaught from disease causing pathogens. In every aspect, Pure Mangosteen Juice maybe the most affordable alternative to addressing teenage depression.

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