Managing the different symtoms of heartburn

Indeed, what are the symtoms of heartburn? Almost all of us have a feeling that it is something that will just fade away; yet, it can build up sooner or later and believe it or not, can cause different health issues. So managing the symtoms of heartburn at the soonest opportunity is the most healthy thing to do.

Heartburn is a burning sensation that you experience in your chest. It is however in your throat and naturally will be experienced under your breastbone. The main cause of this is the gastric acid that your system is regurgitating. This means that your body is experiencing trouble in maintaining it low and regurgitates to a point that causes this swelling in your chest area. At some point, the discomfort from heartburn will feel as if it is intensifying in your neck and chest and your throat area may also be responsive to some of the pain.

Relationship of Heartburn, Acid Reflux and GERD

Heartburn is a symptom of GERD and acid reflux too. However, not all who have acid reflux experiences heartburn and not everyone who is experiencing heartburn suffers from acid reflux. The symtoms of heartburn can also be caused by a few strange things like intestinal motility problems. Cardiac disorder may also have the same symtoms of heartburn and you should not confuse the two since unsolved pain in the chest should be assessed by means of exercise stress tests before an evaluation for gastrointestinal disorders.

Lots of people have different acid reflux-related heartburn triggers, but the majority of people have the same symtoms of heartburn such as chest pain, particularly after eating, bending over or lying down; there is also burning in the esophagus area, especially acidic, sour, hot or salty-tasting liquid at the back of the throat. Apart from these symtoms of heartburn, a good number of people also experience difficulty of swallowing, sore throat, chronic cough, hoarseness of voice, as well as a feeling of food sticking in the middle of the throat and chest, and of course a burning feeling in the chest that takes place after consuming some foods.

What are the symtoms of heartburn?

Usually, reporting these symtoms of heartburn to your physician is all that is needed to determine the diagnosis of heartburn. Conversely, your physician may bring into play a few diagnostic examinations to identify the extent of your health problem and to supervise your treatment. Additional diagnostics examinations may be required if you experience typical symptoms, such as sudden loss of weight or suffer from the complications of GERD.

Heartburn, Medical Drugs and the Use of Pure Mangosteen Juice

On the other hand, if you suffer from recurring heartburn, your initial step is consulting a physician. After the consultation, the physician may prescribe antacid drugs to at least lessen the pain and discomfort felt by the person due to the recurring heartburn. But the problem with these antacid drugs is they either are not working right when you need them or they just don't work by any means. In countless cases, antacids can obstruct the absorption of vital nutrients, such as calcium into the system, so they may be doing you more damage than good.

Hence the question arises on how a person can manage these symtoms of heartburn, put off the recurring heartburn and what can be done to prevent it? Several individuals will have the recourse of consuming medicinal drugs that can be bought at a local drug store and consult some treatments to support them. This may work for a few individuals, particularly those that have a lessened amount of incidence. When we say lessened amount of incidence to heartburn, it does not occur more often or most of the time. However, this is not the case for everyone. In fact, people who have ongoing or long-term heartburn really require more consultation with a physician. If you experience heart burn several times for each week or more, you should ask help from your physician as this could be causing severe damage to your internal organs.

In addition, there may also be some point in time that drugs prescribed by physicians may not work well in alleviating the symtoms of heartburn. This is the point where people who suffer from heartburn or experiencing recurring heartburn look for alternative medicine. We all know that in this new age, different medicinal products are formulated and proven to offer a good mix of health benefits. Some of these products reduce or alleviate particular health disorders. But have you heard that Pure Mangosteen juice is very much in demand and popular because of its capability in controlling and alleviating the pain experienced from heartburn? Well, if yes, that would be a good thing since Pure Mangosteen juice is actually derived from a medicinal plant, Garcinia Mangostana; one benefit from its continual consumption is that it may resolve heartburn issues.

Pure Mangosteen Juice for People Who Suffer From Symtoms of Heartburn

Apart from prescribing to a heartburn diet to ease the symtoms of heartburn, Pure Mangosteen juice can be incorporated in your heartburn diet or can be exclusively used to lessen occurrence of heartburn. Pure Mangosteen juice is not just having an exceptional flavor and mouth watering taste unlike most medicinal products, but is also proven to offer a great number of health benefits.

For the most part, Pure Mangosteen Fruit Juice is composed of active components known as Xanthones. These Xanthones are recognized to be a class of Polyphenolic compounds that are organically active and with a composition similar with bioflavonoids. A number of documented PubMed studies and research papers, have revealed a host of health benefits such as its anti-allergic capabilities, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-convulsant.

Now, how do these essential properties of Pure Mangosteen juice prevent heartburn? Apparently, research reveals that Pure Mangosteen juice can enhance your body's immune system and improve the healing processes. This way, if you boost your immune system with the help of Pure Mangosteen juice, the symtoms of heartburn or recurring heartburn is prevented. In addition, the healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties of Pure Mangosteen juice may offer help in stopping heartburn altogether. The Mangosteen juice prevents the irritation felt in the esophageal cavity, and as a result, there is little possibility for gastric contents to churn up into the esophagus. We all know that people who suffer from heartburn usually also experience a metallic taste and this happens because of the acidic contents that goes up to the esophagus.

Furthermore, a great number of naturopathic physicians all over the world have incorporated Pure Mangosteen juice as a must along with a heartburn diet; this helps a lot in the road to recovery for people who also have other health problems, not just heartburn. In fact, one of them who religiously used Pure Mangosteen juice stated this:

“After suffering with depression and using two medications for over five years, I reluctantly tried the Mangosteen juice. I initially took 4-6 oz per day, and after three weeks I was feeling much better. Six weeks later, I gave up my medications and it is now over two years and I have a new lease on life. My "side effects" include no more heartburn, no more joint pain, no more "hot flashes" and much more energy. I now encourage anyone to try this juice and experience what it can do for you!”

6/26/2008 -- Pattie

Some of the other benefits of Pure Mangosteen juice may be also the prevention of onset of numerous illnesses. Early studies and research seems to point out that it can help protect patients against heart disease, Alzheimer's, skin allergies, heartburn and other illnesses. A few physicians have even used Pure Mangosteen juice to treat patients with fever, eczema, infections, diarrhea and general body malaise and body pain.

In conclusion, the case of correcting heartburn involves recognizing the symtoms of heartburn; also you can avoid heartburn trigger foods in your heartburn diet, monitor your lifestyle to have sufficient exercise and consuming Pure Mangosteen juice daily to a healthier life.

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