Managing and stopping heartburn symptoms.

When it comes to stopping heartburn attack, millions of heartburn sufferers query as to how does one end heartburn after consuming certain types of trigger foods, especially when you are tossing and turning in bed at night-time? Are there prescription drugs which can be the answer for stopping heartburn or you can put an end to the causes of severe heartburn by introducing a holistic change in your lifestyle pattern?

Pyrosis is the medical term for heartburn and this is apt as the root word pyro is associated with fire; heartburn, as the word suggests can be an extremely painful and irritating condition for anyone who is afflicted with it.

Symptoms of heartburn follow the causes of severe heartburn and they include a sore and burning throat pain, chest pain as well as upper back pain. This happens when refluxed stomach acid reaches the lining of the throat, resulting in the irritation and swelling of the throat.

While irregular heartburn does not essentially mean that you have some medical condition, constant heartburn on the other hand is well thought to be a symptom of GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. That being said, in order to stop the causes of severe heartburn and symptoms of constant heartburn, the root causes must be understood.

According to some studies, the dependence on prescription drugs in stopping heartburn may not be effective in the long run, as the side effects that result from the prolonged use of such drugs, is similar to choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. As the saying goes, every so often the remedy may be of poorer quality than the problem that you are trying to attend to. Hence, depending solely on prescription drugs may not be the most popular choice. Naturopathic alternatives are available, and picking on such a course of treatment maybe more holistic in addressing the root causes of severe heartburn.

Basically, the process of stopping heartburn can be started by focusing on the types of food which trigger heartburn. This process of identification of trigger foods by observation on how your body reacts to various food intake maybe tedious, but it’s a sure proof way of understanding these triggers and taking affirmative action.

Stopping Heartburn

Hence, a good start will be to make daily journal entries on what you ate and when the heartburn appeared, and by doing this faithfully for a month, you maybe able to make a list of everything that is causative or mildly trigger oriented.

Since stopping heartburn has to include a holistic approach, it is best attained through modifications in lifestyle; this involves determining what food to consume, how one sleeps, investigating alternative gastroesophageal reflux disease treatments, such as herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, heartburn diets, detoxification and dietary.

Stopping Heartburn and the Causes of Severe Heartburn

  • Lifestyle Modification
    There are a number of changes you can introduce as good habits in your life to help decrease the incidence of heartburn. Increased anxiety, stress and constant worry leads to increased acid production in the stomach. Take steps to decrease the amount of stress you have or study new coping mechanisms to help you better cope with stress that you cannot totally eradicate. In addition, smoking causes increased acid production in the stomach, hence the sooner you quit, the better it is for your health. Alcohol beverages are best curtailed or avoided altogether, as they increase incidence of heartburn and have been proven to be one of the causes of severe heartburn.
  • Stopping Heartburn in its Tracks by Means Heartburn Diets
    Introducing well balanced heartburn diets in your life will enable you to prevent heartburn and maybe the best way to stop heartburn altogether. Reducing caffeinated beverages and carbonated beverages may also help in reducing heartburn occurrences.

    Other kinds of foods that might be causing you heartburn consist of products rich in fat such as dairy products or citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges and lemons. Tomato based products have been also known to be triggers of heartburn, so considering limiting the amounts of spaghetti sauces and even pizza in your diet. Another kind of food you may want to control in your diet is chocolates in any form.

Mangosteen Juice in Stopping Heartburn

Apart from heartburn diets, stopping heartburn can be established by means of taking regular amounts of Pure Mangosteen juice daily. Pure Mangosteen juice is known for numerous health benefits, hence the introduction of this juice within your heartburn diets can help greatly in preventing the causes of severe heartburn and stopping heartburn eventually.

In fact, feedback from people who had tried using Pure Mangosteen juice report to have regained their health in just a short period of time. One such report goes as follows:

“Before I tried Mangosteen Juice, I was tired all day and would even get sleepy twice a day. Naps weren't always an option. The very first day I had it but after two weeks later, I no longer am tired and I do not need naps. Now, at 55 years young, I feel like I am in my twenties with much more energy. I also have lost arthritic sypmtoms and no longer have heartburn which has plagued me sice I was 18. My back used to hurt all day long from a spondyloisthesis (is THAT spelled right?) Now I'm pain free and feeling great all day.”

4/1/2007 -- Chuck from USA

Drinking Pure Mangosteen juice daily is another good habit to have. While the health benefits derived from Mangosteen juice consumption are immeasurable, it is not recommended that you stop any doctor prescribed medication while doing so, unless it was said so by your doctor. Keep in mind that all fresh vegetables and fruits are helpful for our health, and Pure Mangosteen juice is no different.

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