Dealing with spring allergies and related symptoms

Spring allergies are what a number of allergy sufferers worry about during seasonal changes, such as during spring. As the tress begin to bloom and the pollen gets airborne, sufferers of allergies start their annual ritual sneezing and sniffing.

According to recent surveys, thirty five million Americans fall victim to hay fever or simply seasonal allergic rhinitis. While there is no supernatural treatment for spring allergies, there are innumerable ways to fight them, from prescription drugs to certain household habits and to alternative medicines.

Seasonal symptoms usually fade away once the triggering substance is no longer at concentrated levels. Individuals who have allergic reactions to more than one allergen or allergens that may be there at any time, may experience symptoms throughout many seasons of the year.

Actually, avoidance is often more efficient than treating spring allergies symptoms once they have started. If these symptoms have a tendency to have an unsurprising pattern of occurring in the spring season, people may find it useful to employ allergy alerts by means of email. These alerts will provide the individuals a heads-up on pollen counts, along with the area code entered.

However, obtaining relief from spring allergies starts with considering how your personal body works and formulating a conscious decision to take control. Yes, you can take better action to help your situation. The following are suggestions that you can embark on to put off spring allergies.

spring allergies

Important Things You Can Do To Prevent or Relieve Spring Allergies

  • Keep your home windows and doors closed. You can't totally close off your home from the outside environment, but keeping windows and doors closed can help stop pollen and outdoor molds from entering easily. By doing this you can nip the number of occurrences of spring allergies.
  • Make use of antihistamine drugs to combat allergies. For a few people, these antihistamines are very efficient at decreasing the typical symptoms of seasonal allergies, including runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and, sometimes, scratchy gullet.
  • Maximize your outdoor activities, predominantly in the break of day. Avoid being outdoors particularly to do exercises when pollen counts are high, or on windy days when molds and pollen are being blown about. In other words, pollen and mold counts are lowest in the break of day. By doing this, you are ensured that you can at least avoid the symptoms of spring allergies or the allergies itself.

On the other hand, however, human beings are not the only creatures affected by certain types of allergies; Animals such as cats are also affected by allergies, termed as feline allergies, which also include cat allergy symptoms.

Generally, feline allergies regularly affect the coat and skin of the animal but can also be recognized through other cat allergy symptoms. Identifying feline allergies is often a course of cross and check, just as it is with several allergies that people suffer.

If the cause of feline allergies or cat allergy symptoms is recognized, it is feasible for your vet to give allergy shots to decrease the sensitivity of your cat to the allergen. This is not precise science and may not offer help for all felines. On the other hand, if the predicament is a food allergy, your vet may advocate an exact cat diet planned to minimize and stop feline allergies.

In addition, antihistamines are often employed to treat feline allergies as well as cat allergy symptoms; Chlorpheniramine has been verified to be efficient at this. In severe cases, dosage of corticosteroids like prednisone may be given. This management will rapidly alleviate the itching of allergies but it also introduces negative side effects if used on a long-term basis, and must be withdrawn gradually when the management is complete.

Mangosteen Juice Provides Assistance in Treating Spring Allergies and Feline Allergies

Pure Mangosteen Juice is truly an amazing product from nature. This is because, for one thing, Mangosteen Juice is able to work across borders, not only helping human beings in their illnesses but also helping pets in their various illnesses.

Pure Mangosteen Juice is derived from crushing the whole Mangosteen fruit, and then processed in a patented formula with nine other fruits, to improve on the astringent taste. The healing properties of Mangosteen Juice act as a strong bulwark against the buildup of certain illnesses within human beings, such as heartburn, acid reflux, spring allergies, insomnia and a lot more, while for animals the properties also work in combating pet sicknesses such as feline allergies, dog allergies as well as cat allergy symptoms.

In addition, Pure Mangosteen Juice has been recognized in the scientific circles as a proven health supplement in the apoptosis of cancer cells. Also Mangosteen Juice is reported to have no side effects and it only offers positive health benefits. One regular consumer of Pure Mangosteen Juice in dealing with allergies had this to say:

“I have been using Mangosteen juice for now over four years. I regularly have taken prescription Zyrtec and Flonase for seasonal Allergies from April until August in our area. Since I have started the Mangosteen juice I take 1oz in the morning and 1oz mixed in my water bottle everyday in the spring. I no longer need the prescriptions and their side effects. YEH go Mangosteen. This is the Original Mangosteen whole fruit juice by the way”.

4/17/2008 -- Kim from California

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