Recognizing Signs of Anxiety

Signs of anxiety and anxiety disorders comprise a period of overwhelming fear and apprehension that is followed by an exacting group of symptoms that can be extremely frightening and discomforting. Most of the time, these anxiety signs are bamboozling because the person usually has no idea as to why their mind and body is reacting the way it does. At any time you have experienced more than two of the signs of anxiety simultaneously, be sure to discuss your condition with a mental health expert, so as to obtain an appropriate diagnosis.

Recognizing the signs of anxiety is very vital initially, in order to know on how to care for it. Those affected by anxiety problems have distressing signs and symptoms that can inhibit day to day activities. In fact, an attack of anxiety may take place if the person is under stress or experiencing a nerve-racking state of affairs and in some cases, anxiety attacks may occur even with no plausible reasons at all!

The anxiety signs are categorized into two categories. One is physical symptoms and the other is psychological symptoms. The symptoms in both categories are very provoking and disabling. Some of the anxiety signs under the psychological category are depression, disturbing thoughts, sensations of losing control and feelings of going crazy. On the under hand, blurred vision, headaches, nausea, shortness of breath and rapid heart rate are considered physical symptoms.

However, apart from psychological and physical symptoms, there are four major anxiety signs that affect just about everyone. Read through!

Numbness and Lightheadedness
The moment an individual is being attacked by anxiety, he or she will start to feel numbness in hands, feet, chest, fingers, and then lightheadedness will follow. These signs of anxiety may be due to the way you have been breathing and hyperventilation may be the reasons for these symptoms, but its also to be noted that the exact root causes for these effects are exceedingly convoluted.

Rapid Heart Rate or A Racing Heart
One of the more reliable signs of anxiety is that your heart begins racing for no obvious reason. You will become aware that your heartbeat is going faster and faster and you can’t find a plausible reason why your heart is behaving that way all of a sudden. In addition, you also become aware that your breathing is also increasing gradually as a reaction to the attack.

Feelings of Losing Control and Negative Thoughts
As if experiencing all these physical signs of anxiety are not worse enough, it has also been identified to increase negative thoughts too! These negative thoughts, which usually also includes feelings of going out of control, can be incredibly frightening. These negative thoughts may grow so very strong that you feel like surrendering, and move into a fetal position and wished that you are departed of this life.

Signs of Anxiety Frequently Arrive With No Warning
Most of the time, the signs of anxiety will appear with no apparent warning. That maybe considered the most frightening in contending with these signs. Due to insufficient forewarning, individuals who have had experienced attacks of anxiety previously are usually spending much time worrying about when the next attack will strike. This worrying and speculation can itself give rise to an additional attack, and begin a vicious cycle of agony and anxiety attacks.

Tips to Prevent the Signs of Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Signs of Anxiety

The signs of anxiety as well as anxiety disorder symptoms can be prevented. There are a number of things you can carry out to manage or minimize the symptoms:

  • Search for counseling and support groups that can help you after a traumatic experience. This way, the signs of anxiety, including anxiety disorder symptoms will become easier to control.
  • Caffeine beverages have been known to trigger the signs of anxiety and this can also elevate the anxiety disorder symptoms. Therefore, decreasing the consumption of caffeinated products will be a great help.
  • A lot of anti anxiety drugs contain chemical compositions that can intensify anxiety disorder symptoms. Consulting an expert is best prior to taking any drugs for your anxiety.

Apart from these tips, there are also anti anxiety drugs which are clinically proven in delivering relief to the signs of anxiety and anxiety disorders itself. A lot of these drugs are utilized to manage anxiety disorders, such as benzodiazepines, a traditional anti anxiety drug, as well as some of the latest types of beta-blockers and antidepressants. These anti anxiety drugs are obviously efficient in combating the problem, but they should not be considered as a cure.

Generally, anti anxiety drugs offer short-term relief, but will never cure the fundamental cause of the problem. It only controls the anxiety disorder symptoms or the signs of anxiety but when you discontinue these drugs, there is a high possibility that the symptoms will return in full force.

It is also vital to know about the dangers brought about by anti anxiety drugs. A lot of these drugs are physically addictive and habit forming, making it hard to discontinue consuming them once you have started. In addition, these drugs also cause dangerous side effects to the mind and body. The bottom line is that anti anxiety drugs can be very useful in combating the problem, but they are not perfect for use by everyone and they are not the only solution for anxiety.

Mangosteen Juice: A Recommended Remedy to address the Signs of Anxiety

In spite of everything, we cannot be one hundred percent sure regarding the life-sustaining benefits of Mangosteen Juice. A number of studies and researches have been performed, but the outcomes are still preliminary. For that reason, it is hard to assert for certain whether the claims regarding Mangosteen Juice benefits are absolutely correct or not.

Much of the problem lies in the way the juice works, as the science is still catching up. Its quite similar to the way green plants make food through photosynthesis, we understand it to some extent, but are unable to replicate the process in a lab - same with Mangosteen Juice!

One known proven healing property of Mangosteen Juice is its anti anxiety agents. This particular facet of Mangosteen Juice has been well reported to control the signs of anxiety, including anxiety disorder symptoms and other related anxiety disorders. The anti anxiety properties of Mangosteen Juice works by stabilizing the symptoms and triggers of anxiety. In fact, one survivor of anxiety who made use of Mangosteen Juice had this to report:

“When my husband and I separated I was left to bring up two boys aged 6 and 8. As a result we became very close and did everything together. First my eldest son left home to go to university but when my second son also left home my world seemed to collapse. At the same time I hit my 60th birthday and when I tried to find a job no employer seemed to want to employ me! I became very anxious about my life and where it was going and started to feel quite depressed. When I was introduced to mangosteen juice I decided that not only did I want to start drinking the juice but also the business appealed to me as I could do it from home so I joined as a Distributor. After only a few days of drinking the mangosteen juice juice I felt a complete calmness and the Anxiety attacks I had experienced first thing in the morning got less and less. I went away on holiday recently and unfortunately I had run out of the juice so I could not take any with me. I therefore had a two week period of not drinking the juice and immediately I felt the Anxiety coming on again. I now would not be without my 'fix' three times a day! Thank you mangosteen juice!”

7/6/2009 -- Jacqueline from Hampshire

Another proven benefit of Mangosteen Juice is its highly powerful antioxidants occurring in the Xanthones. The antioxidants help to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals that we are exposed to daily from our polluted environment.

Antioxidants are much more effective when we obtain them naturally, such as from vegetables and fruits, as compared to acquiring them from processed food. Mangosteen Juice is an all natural fruit juice, hence the antioxidants found within travel a much greater distance by way of therapeutic effects.

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