Treating recurring heartburn – addressing the root causes.

Would you be surprised that not everyone knows what recurring heartburn is? Usually a person comes to know of it if he suffers from that condition or he knows some who has that condition.

Recurring heartburn is the acidic taste in the mouth, the burning sensation in the upper body particularly in the chest, coupled with the awful bloated feeling that goes together with heartburn; it’s a condition that probably has plagued everyone at some point in life. When these symptoms of heartburn take place occasionally, especially after a heavy meal, it may just be passed off as a bodily reaction. However, when the once in a blue moon occurrence turns into regular heartburn, then you may have something to be concerned about.

If someone is experiencing recurring heartburn or suffering from constant heartburn, it simply means that there is a regurgitation of acid from the stomach back into the esophagus. This can easily result for the afflicted patient to experience gag, as well as an awful burning sensation due to churn of acids right up to the buccal regions at times.

When this happens, the lower esophagus sphincter which functions as a lid that closes the lower stomach to prevent flow-back of fluids and foods back up into the alimentary center, is said to experience a malfunction.

Numerous medical professionals offer the same opinion that learning about the causes of recurring heartburn is a primary step in taking action to resolve the condition. Only when you have obtained enough knowledge, can you really understand why your body is behaving that way, and then you may decide what to do in order to prevent it or stop it from getting worse. Unlike regular heartburn cases, recurring heartburn can also develop from more serious health issues. It is therefore very vital to check with your physician when your symptoms of heartburn refuse to go away even after trying a variety of recommended treatments.

When seeking help with heartburn, astute medical management and intervention is of high priority. In doing this, the physician may require you to undergo different medical diagnostic examinations to further determine the real cause of your recurring heartburn and the symptoms of heartburn. This way, the physician will be better able to prescribe appropriate medication for your recurring heartburn. However, apart from the medications provided to you by your physician, you may also want to consider different methods available to complement help with heartburn.

Managing Recurring Heartburn and Symptoms of Heartburn.

recurring heartburn

You may find help with heartburn by means of some self-care remedies. This entails the introduction of lifestyles changes and diet monitoring.

  • Consume Smaller, Frequent Meals and Eat Gradually and Slowly

    Eating smaller, frequent meals in a slow manner helps in preventing too much acid production in the stomach. This is certainly a good habit to cultivate if you are serious about putting off heartburn.

  • Elevate the Head of Your Bed and Don’t Go To Bed on a full Stomach

    Providing sufficient time to the food you ingest to be properly digested, is a great help with heartburn reduction. You can do this by staying up for at least three hours after consuming your last meal or after eating a large snack prior to going to bed.

    This habit helps in decreasing the acid level in your stomach, before getting in a position where heartburn and symptoms of heartburn are most likely to occur. While elevating the head of your bed several inches will help in mitigating heartburn during the night as well as reducing or putting off the symptoms of heartburn, this is an option you will have to try awhile to see telling benefits.

  • Stay Away From Heartburn Triggers

    This self-care remedy is very important in order to prevent or stop heartburn. For instance, if you notice the drinking of coffee or alcohol triggers the symptoms of heartburn, then you will need to stop drinking these beverages, or at least cut down progressively on these indulgents.

    Also, remember that the consumption of tomato-based foods and spicy foods activates heartburn, hence these food varieties will not be healthy for you. Keep in mind that whatever trigger foods are best kept at bay, else taken in moderation.

  • Quit Smoking and Lose Weight

    Smoking has been confirmed to be directly responsible in activating recurring heartburn. We all know that cigarettes contain nicotine and this nicotine can weaken the LES or lower esophageal sphincter. Hence, if the LES is so weakened that it can no longer control the opening between the stomach and esophagus, this will surely cause stomach acids to go up into the esophagus. Also, if you are obese and experiencing heartburn, then you will certainly need to commit to losing some weight, as this can help exponentially in preventing the symptoms of heartburn.

  • Drink Warm Liquid and Chew Gum

    Another help with heartburn is drinking warm or lukewarm water just after a meal, as this will dilute the stomach acids and aid in the quicker flushing out. In addition, chewing gum can also help with heartburn. Chewing gum in general offers a short-term heartburn relief by stimulating the production of more saliva, which also helps in the dilution and flushing out of stomach acids.

Mangosteen Juice- the Gold Seal in treating Recurring Heartburn.

Aside from considering self-care remedies to stop recurring heartburn, alternative medicine like Pure Mangosteen Juice is also a great help with heartburn. Pure Mangosteen Juice is relatively new in the market, as it only became well known in 2002, when it was sold as a functional beverage by Xango; hence, unlike Aloe Vera which has a 40 year history in the market, the mangosteen being a relatively new comer, may still be new to some. Nonetheless, the testimonials of those who tried it, is nothing short of phenomenal. One such testimonial on recurring heartburn had this to say:

“I have been taking mangosteen juice for 6 weeks and I love the taste and the benefits have been remarkable. I have had a very hard time sleeping as I am in menopause and I am now only waking up once a night as opposed to 5 times and being wide awake. I feel so rested. I have heartburn and acid reflux and am off my Previcid and I have had chronic back pain for about 2 -3 years and my back pain is gone. I am sold on this product.”

Cindy from Georgia

Due to the large media coverage on the internet of these testimonials, Pure Mangosteen Juice has shot up the charts as a much sought-after alternative medicine for various ailments, including heartburn.

Testimonials also show that many who experienced relief from heartburn or received a reprieve, were initially taking the juice for other more serious conditions, and gradually got better, quite often relieving of heartburn more as a consolation prize than being the main reason for consumption.

Pure Mangosteen juice capacity to soothe and relieve the discomfort and pain brought about by recurring heartburn makes it a stellar product in the nutritional segment. In fact, these days even well known doctors are recommending Pure Mangosteen Juice as their first stage of treatment for patients, before resorting to medications which may have debilitating side effects.

Hence, be sure to try Pure Mangosteen Juice as it can be a great help with heartburn. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties is just one of the reasons why it works so well in preventing the symptoms of heartburn, as well as recurring heartburn.

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