Natural remedies for ADD and Discovering their Benefits

Natural remedies for ADD, maybe the safest and the most efficient alternative to the usual ADD medicines and prescription stimulants out there. The categories under natural remedies include things such as lifestyle and diet modification, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies; these categories maybe the safest and most recommended options available in dealing with ADD.

Healthcare professionals involved in naturopathy, would often recommend diet modifications used together with other techniques as natural remedies for ADD. Removal of food preservatives and additives from one’s diet, as well as identifying and eliminating food allergies is a guiding principle that usually proves to be useful and helpful.

Other possible natural remedies for ADD in relation to diet modification will include switching from processed kinds of foods to natural and organic foods. This maybe easier than it sounds for the reason that it is common for supermarkets to have health food areas that store natural foods for individuals having sensitivities to certain foods.

Furthermore, some helpful natural remedies for ADD consist of herbs that are known to increase the flow of blood in the human circulatory system, as well as the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. One other advantage of using herbs is that the helpful effects it creates are longer lasting.

However, apart from the proven benefits of natural remedies for ADD, there are still lots of prescription drugs available these days for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, and a good number of children with ADD also take such prescription drugs.

However, there have been certain questions that have yet to be answered within the minds of honest caregivers. For example, is that the best option of treatment available for children? What are the long term effects of dependancy on prescription medications?

Despite having benefits in suppressing or better management of symptoms, there are a number of issues which take place once children take any form of prescription drugs. The first issue is on the subject of the negative side effects. The majority of the prescription drugs produce negative side effects, and this becomes a greater concern when the prescription is to be taken for a long term or for life. A number of children taking prescription drugs experience headaches, bowel problems and dizziness. It has also been noted that children under prescription drugs are not exhibiting positive behavior which comes about in a natural way. Quite often concerned parents may feel that prescription drugs are masking the real children.

These and other reasons have resulted in a number to seek safe and effective remedies without the negative side effects, hence natural remedies for ADD has taken renewed interest in many sectors of disease management. Quite often, doctors today are also looking at fused medicine, a mix of the allopathic and naturopathic model, to bring the greatest benefit available to the patient.

How to Avoid Making the Wrong ADD Diagnosis?

Natural remedies for ADD

There are always other possibilities than being diagnosed with ADD, just because a child seems to exhibit ADD symptoms at a certain stage of life. At times physically dynamic and active boys are misdiagnosed with having Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, when they are only manifesting commonly exploratory behaviors, shifting thoughts, great bouts of energy and small attention spans in school.

These days the majority of school-going children are fanatically tuned in to television programs as long as forty hours a week or hooked to online games; hence, it is natural that they build up loads of energy which expresses itself in everyday life, not always indicating Attention Deficit Disorder.

The exact and accurate ADD diagnosis is when a child or adult reports positive in a test conducted for ADD. In this diagnosis, the child or adult will be presented with a number of questions regarding his actions and behavior. In addition, ADD diagnosis is only to be conducted when a person is suspected of having this psychological disorder.

Once children report positive in the ADD diagnosis, these children then are required to undergo a series of tests in order to confirm the type of medicines needed. However, as mentioned previously, all prescription drugs contain side effects. Therefore its in the best interests of an ADD sufferer to consider natural remedies for ADD.

For a parent whose child is ADD positive after an ADD diagnosis, it is even more important to consider the negative effects of prescription drugs. Natural remedies for ADD on the other hand, is dependable, risk-free of negative side effects and its ingredients occur naturally in our environment.

Using natural remedies for ADD is not only a special way in combating this common childhood psychological disorder, but probably the most effective on the long run. Many naturopathic doctors have already proven and established the healing effects of natural remedies, making it one of the most sought-after natural medications for ADD.

Natural Remedies for ADD Entails Right ADD Diet

Foods containing preservatives, food coloring and additives are generally not recommended for an effective ADD diet, especially when consumed in large quantities. Children and adults with ADD have been shown to be more susceptible to the effects brought about by these types of foods. Eliminating these types of foods in the ADD diet will deliver greater assistance in alleviating the ADD symptoms.

One of the natural remedies for ADD in terms of diet is consuming fish or seafood which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are proven by experts as beneficial for an ADD diet. In fact, it is highly suggested to include seafood and fish in an ADD diet for children and adults. Conversely, sea food with high toxin levels are to be avoided and not good at all. They may only worsen the ADD symptoms.

Prior to including fish in the ADD diet, it has to be ensured that the fish does not hold high toxin levels or caught in an area which has been reported to experience significant water pollution. Yellow foods and caffeinated beverages can also fan the flames of the warning signs of ADD. This is the reason why these kinds of foods are to be avoided when formulating an ADD diet.

The best way to address an ADD diet is to also go for natural remedies for ADD. Many natural remedies for ADD are actually food substances or food supplements, which can easily be synchronized into the daily meals of an ADD sufferer. This paradigm of treatment follows the age old Hippocrates proverb, ‘Let Food be your Medicine.’

Mangosteen Juice is one of the Recommended Natural Remedies for ADD

When dealing with the symptoms of ADD, Mangosteen Juice has shown itself to be the perfect natural treatment option. As Mangosteen Juice is basically a patented proprietary blend of 10 fruits, with the key ingredient being the whole Mangosteen fruit, it does not contain any negative side effects compared to prescription drugs.

Mangosteen Juice possesses numerous healing properties, nutrients and a natural pain reliever without COX-2 inhibition, all potent to treat the symptoms of ADD and other types of sickness. These days, many health care facilities are also allowing this all natural juice to be integrated in the ADD diet of children or adults affected by this psychological disorder.

Mangosteen Juice healing properties and health benefits are capable of neutralizing harmful free radicals and stabilizing the chemical levels in the brain. As a result, ADD symptoms are curbed or prevented. One regular consumer of Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback:

“I have ADD that I discovered 3 years ago that has affected many aspects of my creative & productive life. I have found the clarity and focus profound that Mangosteen juice gives me. For the past 3 years, after trying a variety of traditional ADD meds (stimulants & antidepressants) – as well as many alternative medical modalities for ADD including many different Amino Acids, nutritional supplements and vitamins, etc), there is not a medication or supplement that creates more energy, focus and clarity of my mind than Mangosteen juice.”


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