Milk allergy symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Milk allergy symptoms can exhibit in a variety of ways and can appear on various parts of the body. An infant milk allergy or a milk protein allergy can cause serious pain and discomfort, and if you suspect the agony from these allergies, most certainly the doctor’s advice is needed.

Generally speaking, milk allergy symptoms are a reality for numerous individuals. One main reason for this predicament is that the derivatives of milk and milk products are in so many countless food items we eat. It is extremely hard to totally evade products containing milk or milk products, as we go about our everyday life.

It is an extremely challenging predicament for parents of young children. The moment the parents are out of sight, their young children may easily consume treats from their refrigerator, such as a milk chocolate or caramel apple, and these can easily give rise to an allergic reaction.

Milk allergy symptoms can exhibit themselves in a range of maladies. Diarrhea, hives and vomiting are three of the most common. Gas, bloating, skin rashes and watery eyes together with acne are among others. An asthmatic person experiencing milk allergy symptoms can also suffer from complications due to allergy to milk.

Other milk allergy symptoms are hyperactivity and ear infections, predominantly in children. Non-consequential milk allergy symptoms can go undiagnosed for years.These days, some hospital facilities are offering the best allergy medicine which comes in a form of shots or prescription drugs. The best allergy medicine are only given to people suffering from mild to severe allergies and it must not be taken without the prescription of a medical doctor. One reason why it is not to be consumed with no doctor’s prescription is that it might cause adverse reactions and can result in other health issues on the long run. However, upon prescription, the best allergy medicine when taken prudently, can be good allergy relief.

Best allergy medicine can not only put off notable allergies, but also allergies arising due to milk allergy symptoms; there are also lots of home remedies for allergies that provide relief to those sufferers. Quite often, allergy sufferers have given feedback that home remedies for allergies are far better and safer, compared to using prescription based best allergy medicine that comes in shots or medications, due to not experiencing negative side effects. Hence home remedies for allergies maybe the preferred alternative for those who want to experience relief without the anxiety of having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Common Milk Allergy Symptoms

Milk allergy symptoms

  • Digestive System Reactions
  • Nausea, diarrhea and vomiting are the major milk allergy symptoms concerning the digestive system. These symptoms will fade away if treated with the use of best allergy medicine or home remedies for allergies.

  • Skin Reactions
  • Skin reactions are just one of the milk allergy symptoms that occur as itchy red rashes for a minute or up to two hours after consuming milk. Allergic shiners such as black circles around the eyes and eczema may also appear together with an inflamed tongue, mouth, throat or face.

  • Respiratory Symptoms
  • The reaction of the respiratory system to milk allergy symptoms could be runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itchy eyes, wheezing, nasal congestion, coughing or shortness of breath or even anaphylactic shock. The recommended approach in treating this type of reaction is by making use of doctor prescribed best allergy medicine or effective use of home remedies for allergies.

Diagnosis of Milk Related Allergies

Generally, there are two tests that are usually used to diagnose milk related allergies.

  • Skin Test
  • A skin test is done by means of a simple procedure. A small incision is done in the skin of the back or the arm after which a small quantity of milk protein is applied into the skin. If the skin turns red or becomes itchy in a short period of time, it indicates an allergic reaction. The skin test can help identify the exact cause of milk related allergies.

  • Blood Testing
  • Blood testing is also applicable to diagnose the root causes of milk allergies. A small amount of blood is taken and sent to the laboratory for further examination. The taken blood will be exposed to various types of allergens, such as milk protein, and conditional on the reaction of the blood to these types of allergens, an allergy can be diagnosed.

Milk Allergy Symptoms – Help with Pure Mangosteen Juice

Doctor prescribed best allergy medicine as well as recommended home remedies for allergies have already been discussed earlier on as options towards treatment of symptoms associated with milk allergies. There are also plant substances falling under naturopathic medicine, which may prove effective in the management of allergies or treatment of symptoms of allergies associated with milk allergies.

Mangosteen Juice has been around for many years and it is widely used in treating different ailments, including allergies. It contains a rich mix of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy substances, which are the primary constituents that help in fighting off milk allergies. The other properties of Mangosteen Juice serve to enhance the immune system and boost the energy level.

One consumer of Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback on the juice effect on allergy:

“Approximately 1 month ago a teacher I work with and highly respect for her research on health issues, told me she and her son who has asperger syndrome, as does my 10 year old, had been drinking mangosteen juice for several months and had been seeing some very positive results. I went home and read the literature and went over and shared it with my father who is 71, and a TRUE sceptic. Perhaps to induldge me, and for his own curisoity, we ordered the juice. We are now both awaiting our second orders and here is why. My 10 year old son has been able to go off his prescription zyrtec for seasonal Allergies, I have suffered for over 20 years with chronic cycstis, and upon drinking mangosteen juice, my son's condition, and mine, have been completely gone. My father who has had for the past 8 years blackish horrible spots on his arms and hands, from thin skin and age and the sun...they are gone!! His skepticism is also, as is mine. My little boy who is unaware of the hype over mangosteen, says he feels better and can breathe. He is glad to not have to drink "icky" medicine anymore! With these results, I am just shocked and delighted, and thankful my friend told me about this mangosteen juice.”

2/26/2006 -- Renita from Washington

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