Hot weather, a Migraine trigger

A rise of 5 deg C increases the risk of bad headaches by 7.4 per cent, a study shows. Some of the foods and conditions that trigger headaches are well-known to sufferers. They include red wine, chocolate, soft cheese and the beginning of the menstrual cycle. However, although weather, especially changes in air pressure, is frequently cited as a headache trigger, the connection has not been shown in a large, well-designed studythat high temperatures and low air pressure can indeed trigger migraines but there does not seem to be a clear association between such severe headaches and air pollution.

In a large study published online in the journal Neurology recently, researchers from Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre and the Harvard School of Public Health explored the role of pollution in headaches. This is because fine particulate pollutants cause or complicate other health problems such as heart attacks, stroke, congestive heart failure and asthma.

The study included 7,054 headache patients of both genders and varying ages and ethnic groups who were seen at the medical centre's emergency room between May 2000 and December 2007.

Researchers looked at temperature levels, barometric pressure, humidity, fine particulate matter and other pollutants during the three days before each patient was seen in the emergency room and for a control day, on which the patient did not report a severe headache.

A rise in temperature was strongly associated with headaches: An increase of 5 deg C increased the risk of migraine by 7.4 per cent. Low air pressure, which often precedes storms, played a smaller role.

"This study provides pretty rigorous scientific proof that, changes in temperature are migraine triggers and that's something that's not been known before," said Dr Richard Lipton of the Montefiore Headache Centre in New York City.

Knowing what triggers an attack gives migraine sufferers a measure of control, said Dr Lipton, who was not associated with the study.

Triggers often work in concert. So migraine sufferers should, for example, take extra care to avoid red wine and chocolate on hotter days or when a storm is forecast.

Migraine relief alternative

Dr Lipton was less convinced by the study's finding on ambient air pollution, which, he said, was harder than temperature to measure over a large region. However, he also said that similar study that found a correlation between particulate matter and asthma also used a central monitoring site.

The migraine study did find a borderline association between headaches and levels of nitrogen dioxide found in smog and car exhaust. Given the role of fine particulate matter in cardiovascular disease, the researchers called for additional study on this.

Can Mangosteen Help?
I started drinking mangosteen juice march 2007 and here is my story.

I was born with Lupus but we did not know at the time. My mother had viral pneumonia when she was pregnant with me so that is how I contracted it. I was ill everyday with one infection after the other, asthma, allergies to almost everything, bleeding noses that had to be cauterized at the hospital, hemmoriged when I had my tonsils out and had to have a transfusion, had flesh eating disease at 5, flown to sick kids in Toronto before a Dr. knew what was wrong. When I ran my ankles and knees hurt so much with arthritis. My liver enzymes were so elevated at the age of 10, the drs said it was that of a heavy drinker(result of drugs they put me on)The Migraines were ferocious. I could not be in the sun more than 10 minutes without severe burning. If I caught a cold, it would always become pneumonia. I did not have many friends at school as a child due to all my illnesses. I could never participate in activities. All Drs thought that I was creating illnesses. Some days the pain in my body was so severe that I would fall walking. Lupus was not diagnosed until after I was pregnant for the first time. I had my daughter Fionna. Three other pregnancies ended in miscarriages and when I was pregnant with my son, I was hospitalized at 6 weeks and remained there until he was born at 26 weeks. My body went into a toxic coma, his heart rate dropped to 54 and they delivered him by emergency caesarean. The Drs did not think either of us would survive. After this pregnancy my lupus turned so severe- my kidneys suffered tremendously and my lungs had so much scar tissue that it was difficult to breathe without prednisone. By this time I was on 14 or so pills a few times daily and I could barely function through the day.

This is only a mild summary of details and as time passed I was diagnosed with many ailments, tumours, fibroids, and cancer, 2 bouts with chemo and radiation. I am a Christian- believe that God will only give me only what I can handle and that in Heaven I will not suffer from illness any more. I am a kind, caring and loving person to my family, friends & to everyone I meet and always wondered what did I do so wrong to suffer so much, but when I saw how sick other little children were and they did not survive- I knew I had to keep fighting and living each day to the fullest.- So this is why he made me to be so strong!

I operate an Inn and a guest that stays a few times each year was here, knew that I was not feeling so well again asked how I am, I was just diagnosed with DCIS- Breast Cancer and I had 2 liver biopsies but they still were out on what was wrong there(I am not a drinker as they all seem to think with such a liver). She straight out said that she knew of a natural product that helped her sister-in-law and felt that maybe I should try it! Mangosteen juice. This was the second time I had heard about this. The first time was at a hair salon- the stylist had a poster about it and a man had just happened into the shop to pick up his wife- he was a distributor and gave me information. I listened to my guest- she introduced me to the spa where her sister-in-law went for it. I tried it, liked the taste and started the 21 day challenge. I had feel relief from my arthritis and allergies right away and was not so fatigued. I had to have a MRI-as a follow up before surgery and we were all surprised at what was not there! My endocrinologist was amazed at the results of my recent blood tests. They showed almost normal ranges and liver test showed normal too - First time in my life! WOW!!!

The Dr's were baffled and I told them I was drinking a whole fruit mangosteen juice, that I stopped all my prescription drugs and that I will never take them again. I had always trusted the Dr's and they never told me of the horrific side effects, only prescribed more drugs to counter act them. It has now been 21 months that I have been consuming 2 ozs each meal time and if I feel inflammation & pain I drink 2 ox more instead of reaching for the drugs. For the Migraines which use to be almost a daily event, are a rare occurrence(except when the weather is changing)but when I do feel one coming on - I take 4 ozs, if it is more severe 6 ozs. My kidneys function well- no more trips every 20/30 minutes.

I can now go for long cars drives without the bathroom tours along the way! I use to dream of the day that I would not be so ill. I am completely drug free, even the levothyroxin- GONE. I still have lupus, always will- but I have control of my health & my life! Did I mention the levels of energy that I have- My husband at times wishes that I did not! Every day I thank God for that day, for the mangosteen fruit, give thanks that Joe was a dreamer and made other peoples dreams come true. How could I not be a distributor! I feel compelled to share mangosteen juice with everyone. As I mentioned, this is difficult to write about. mangosteen juice has given me and my family so much. I will never be without it ever again. That is not something I can say about the drugs! Please call me if you want to and if there is anyone that I can talk with to help them, let me know.

12/30/2008 -- Sheila from Ontario
Lupus Arthritis Migraines Immune System

One of the major outcomes after 2 months drinking mangosteen juice - was my 13 year old son had a health crisis that led us to see our neuropathology Dr. who suggested a food intolerance test. This was the best test my son ever had. For the first time in 8 years, he has no more migraine headaches and his symptoms of autism/aspergers have reduced significantly - He now makes eye contact, with me, and can sustain his attention much longer than ever.

He drinks min 2 ounces of mangosteen juice three times daily - this health outcome was one of the most unexpected health improvements I could have wished for. If anybody would have told me 2 years ago - that my son would enjoy his meals, no longer experience constipation, Migraines, nausea, or stomach pains - I would have signed up for mangosteen juice on the spot. We're having an amazing journey - with on-going health improvements. We learned that dairy, soy, chocolate, and coffee are poison to my son - serious food intolerances which completely destroyed his immune system. Poor guy - but now my son is rebuilding his health system, from the inside out - he's smiling more than he ever has in 5 years, and able to concentrate without a problem. He got his best report card ever and he's drinking water and eating whole foods again.

12/14/2008 -- Bonnie from Ontario
Food Allergies Autism Migraines Constipation

My husband, 15 year old daughter and I have been using XanGo Juice a couple of months now. In those few month it has helped my husbands Migraines A LOT, my daughter has now been taken off her medicine for ADHD and she had no signs of her Ragweed allergy this fall, and what it has done for me, I no longer feel tired all the time, my Sinus are clear - I can breath when I sleep, and my Arthritis in my right knee is not there anymore, also my lower back pain is gone. We decided to become Independent Distributor's to get this wonderful juice at wholesale price. We have been telling everybody about it, now they are customers or they have become distributor's. God has blessed us in more ways than one. Peace Jean

10/12/2008 -- Jean from MN
Migraines ADHD Arthritis Sinus Pain

My wife suffers from migraine headaches for years and one week on mangosteen juice she has had several days with no headaches. She has experienced many days with just low grade headaches and not the full blown Migraines. This is a God send for her. She has increased energy and her blood pressure has dropped to 116/50 from the 160 mark it was just a few months ago. Wow.

6/24/2007 -- Darryl from Indiana

In December of 2006 I had recently started getting shots for Migraines and was really scared I was headed down the same path my younger sister has been on for the last 19 years. So, I decided to try the Mangosteen juice I had been sent information on. I have arthritis in my neck and I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Within 2 weeks I notice a difference in my neck and I have not had a head ache since. My IBS is under control. My whole family is on Mangosteen juice and I am telling everyone I know about Mangosteen juice

6/14/2007 -- Mary from Nebraska
Migraines IBS Arthritis

My wife has had Migraines for a few years and when she took the Mangosteen Juice, a few days later she was okay. She drinks Mangosteen Juice everyday and her Migraines have gone away.

My oldest child woke me up at 1:00am on May 12, 2007 and showed me her back, which was covered with rashes. We went downstairs and I rubbed some Mangosteen Juice on her back. The next day, the itch and rash was all gone. During that night she got a high body temperature. She asked for Mangosteen Juice and I gave her some. Before the day ended, she was at her normal body temperature. Mangosteen Juice really helps. The whole family takes the juice.

5/12/2007 -- Jao from Florida
Migraines Skin

I have been plagued with migranes since I was 7 years old. For 26 years I've tried every drug under the sun and all with terrible side effects. I finally came to the conclusion that most of them were caused by my allergies.

Last summer I went on allergy meds only to experience some relief but more side affects. A friend started me on mangosteen juice 4 months ago. I no longer get the dibilitating headaches and have no allergy symptoms. I have more energy during the day and sleep great at night. I wake up feeling rested. I am a firm believer and will never be without my mangosteen juice.

4/23/2007 -- Natalie from USA

I have suffered with Migraines for over 20 years. Having discovered mangosteen juice 2 and 1/2 years ago I no longer suffer from them. I just drink 4 ounces a day.

1/9/2007 -- Cheryl from Florida

I've had Migraines for 30 years and since menopause have had headaches over half the month and sometimes more often than that. I have tried everything: accupunture, massage, feverfew, tylenol, and then finally heavy duty drugs like Imitrex and Fiorinol. I was also taking Atenolol daily to help prevent them, but they continued. I was depressed, angry and hurting most of the time. I felt so blessed when I'd have a good day without a headache. When I did have one Imitrex didn't always work and even if it did, the drug made me feel sick and listless.

When I took a couple ounces of mangosteen juice, I was convinced it wouldn't do a thing, but boy was I wrong. I didn't have a migraine for two weeks! That had never happened. I was blown away and now I take about 4-6 ounces everyday. If I forget or take too little, I might get a headache but they are very mild now. I feel like I am living in a new body.

10/30/2006 -- Valerie from Hawaii
Migraines Menopause

I was in a motorcycle accident where I ended up with whiplash. I was suffering from migranes about 3 times per week. A friend of mine told me that I should try some mangosteen and I am so glad that I did. My pain was gone 45 minutes after taking the juice. I was almost in disbelief. In 11 months I have not had one single migrane headache and about 2 months ago I noticed something: I have not even had so much as a cold in 11 months and before I was sick at least 3-4 times per year. With 4 kids you usually get about everything that goes around. I am so thankful for being introduced to this wonderful product.

6/15/2006 -- David from Indiana

Migraines, vertigo, fibromyalgia, unexplained and undiagnosed chest pains, menopausal symptoms and hiatus hernia - All of the symptoms of these troubles have completely disappeared in my life. I haven’t had a migraine in over 4 months - My fibro pain is under control, chest pains disappeared and I no longer suffer from the hiatus hernia...This juice has changed my life so drastically. I went from taking 5-6 different medications to NOTHING. My husband's 20+ year battle with eczema on his torso and limbs has disapeared after applying it directly on his skin as well as drinking it.

5/29/2006 -- Jamie from Canada
Migraines Vertigo Fibromyalgia

I am 29 years old and before taking mangosteen juice I felt like I wanted it mostly for preventitive purposes but I had some minor health problems. I suffered from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) with severe Migraines at times, I also had some severe knee pain and after having a baby was in March I became very overweight.

I started taking mangosteen juice the beginning of December 2005. At first I did not notice any major changes, but within two weeks, I began to notice an increase in my energy level. I also started to realize that my blood sugar was level and I didn't have any headaches since using the juice. Also my knee pain which had prevented me from being able to kneel down at all was now totally gone! Best of all, I stood on a scale at Christmas and was so surprised, I had lost ten whole pounds since taking the juice and was fitting back into my old jeans! I believe in the health benefits of mangosteen juice and will not be without it.

2/8/2006 -- Shawna from Oregon
Blood Sugar Migraines Knee Pain Energy

I have been using mangosteen juice now for 4 weeks now and I don't get migraine headaches like I did before. My wife suffers from chronic sinus headaches and is using over the counter meds only once or twice a week now. All we do is drink 2 oz's a day

8/30/2005 -- Dave from Tennessee
Migraines Sinus Pain

My daughter, Kayla, who is 11 years old, has suffered from severe Migraines since she was 3 years old. She complained daily of pain, often came home from school in tears, and was unable to focus on school work. Every night we would go through the same ritual of head massages, ice packs, and whatever pain killer she was on at the time. Nothing ever worked! I have taken her to many doctors and specialists but nothing they have done or prescribed has helped her.

After just 2 weeks of mangosteen juice, there were remarkable improvements. Kayla’s headaches were almost completely gone and she was sleeping through the night. Kayla is now doing very well in school, staying focused and she is no longer tired during the day.


I used to get three to four severe Migraines a month. I've been getting these since I was around 10 years old. These were the full-blown aura and vomit inducing kind. Some would last for days. I've been to many doctors and nobody has a definite answer to it. The only answer that all of them had has been to prescribe some medication and that was that. I have grown up watching my mother suffer from these same Migraines. She is frequently in the hospital emergency room or self-inducing Imitrex shots. I decided a long time ago that I would not take medications. They are not the solution.

Two months ago I was told about a product called Mangosteen Juice. Ever since then I NOR my mother have had a single episode.


26 years ago I launched a medical & surgical supply business in one of my husband's five pharmacies. Ironically, that began migraine headaches that got worse as I got older. They were consistently lasting 3 days out of every 10-12.I tried every new drug that could be prescribed, Xert, Immitrex. Fiorinal with codeine just to name a few.

In Nov of 2002, I began taking this magical botanical juice that contains the entire husk pureed of Mangosteen. And over a period of about 3 months, I noticed that my headaches were becoming less frequent and less intense. Valentines day was my 1 yr anniversary with no drugs and no Migraines after 25 yrs of suffering!. Just think, if this mangosteen botanical can help only 50% of people who are in pain, what a difference this can make in people's quality of life. In addition, my physician had me tested for risk of stroke and/or heart attack due to my father dying at the age of 63 with a heart attack and my C-REATIVE PROTEIN score (new biomarker) was a 7.1. The highest my physician said she had anyone of her patients ever score (obviously not a good thing!).

In February, when I returned for my yearly check-up, not only were my Migraines gone, but also my lab results with my C-Reactive Protein score was DOWN TO a 0.3! Now that's undisputable, scientific proof that the Xanthones in Mangosteen did what most other course of treatment would not accomplish.

Sandi from Arizona