Menopause Fatigue and Management

Menopause fatigue is a severe medical condition that can rapidly take over a women’s life if it is allowed to. Being incessantly weary and worn-out will not only makes you feel dire and ominous but it can initiate a pessimistic view of the future and cause harm to general health. Being aware of the most effective treatments is key to better handling this unavoidable symptom.

Without a doubt, when you are experiencing menopause fatigue it is practical and of common sense to speak to your general practitioner. Even if this dilemma is excessively bad, a general practitioner will be in the best position to administer suitable treatment drugs to help you prevent the occurrence of signs and symptoms, as well other complexities.

Other things that you can perform to help you combat menopause fatigue include:

  • To control and manage this form of fatigue, on a day to day basis, women are required to exert more effort to look after their psychological and physical health condition. Be especially mindful of developing self-control and a sense of balance on everyday issues that come along your way. Any moment you have invested too much of yourself, the mind and body tends to act in an unhelpful way and nerves often react like a cat on a hot tin roof.
  • It is also necessary to recognize that the mind and body require exceptional care during menopause stages in order to overcome the ups and downs that hormone imbalances generate. This would necessitate being heedful and watchful in setting reasonable limitations of yourself and creating a passive, nonviolent atmosphere.
  • Intake of energy supplements as well as vitamins and minerals will help certainly do much in improving fatigue connected to menopause. Most of the time, the body has levels of necessary vitamins and minerals which make it easily weak and fatigued. Hence taking vitamins and minerals in sufficient amounts, specifically magnesium, iron and B complex is affirmative action towards preventing and controlling menopause fatigue.
  • See to it that you also have enough time to relax. Indulging into some relaxation techniques such as breathing exercise will help to trim down menopause fatigue by reduction of stress. When a person gets stressed out and bothered it easily bogs her down, and it takes what bit of available power to deal with. Listening to relaxing music, reading, massages and long warm baths are excellent approaches to regaining your strength and relaxation.
  • Performing meditation, yoga, soothing activities and stretching can keep the mind and body relaxed and healthy, thus mitigating the effects of menopause fatigue. In addition, prayers and supplication are also an excellent way to regaining strength, and it can significantly reduce menopause fatigue because it uplifts your spirit.
  • While having to go through menopause stage, consuming unhealthy foods and drinks can also worsen this form of fatigue. It is important to watch over your diet because if not, this will obviously make matters worse. Foods and drinks that are high in salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol have a negative impact to the mind and body and these should be avoided or taken moderately.
  • Look into making use of of an anti fatigue mat at home or in the place of work. An anti fatigue mat is capable of reducing strain in the muscles and can also reduce the symptoms associated with menopause fatigue. Using an anti fatigue mat will provide you the external means of promoting good blood circulation to and from the heart.

These precautionary measures and techniques mentioned above can provide much relief from this specific fatigue, especially if executed in an approved manner. If in case it fails to provide you relief, its best to consult your general practitioner to obtain an exact diagnosis and information on other possible treatments.

What Are the Causes of Menopause Fatigue?

Menopause Fatigue

An experienced doctor always knows that a patient can better manage an illness if he has identified its root causes. This maybe easily concluded as common sense by a number because a condition such as menopause fatigue, is not a routine affliction for everyone of a particular age band; there are obviously factors which either speed up the oncoming of this process, or delay this process and the degree of effects felt.

Basically, the causes of fatigue and the causes of menopause fatigue maybe very similar in features and characteristics. Both causes can make the body weak and this can possibly lead to other health issues. So in order to manage fatigue, be it menopause fatigue, adrenal fatigue, extreme fatigue or chronic fatigue, discovering the root causes and evaluating management therapies would be prudent.

The causes of fatigue and menopause fatigue include:

  • Thyroid Abnormalities
    Problems in the thyroid gland may give rise to fatigue connected with menopause. Actually, thyroid abnormalities are one of the causes of fatigue which primarily affects women. Fatigue related to the abnormalities of thyroid gland occurs due to overproduction or overactive thyroid.
  • Metabolic Disorders
    People affected by metabolic disorders, specifically diabetes, are at higher risk of developing this form of fatigue. Metabolic disorders are one of the causes of fatigue which makes the body impaired in utilizing glucose which is essential for generating energy in the vital organs and the body.
  • Liver and Kidney Abnormalities
    People suffering from liver and kidney problems are often the usual candidates for menopause fatigue. These causes of fatigue take place due to the inability of the kidney to eliminate toxic substances out of the body, thus causing fatigue and weakness to be experienced.

Knowing the causes of fatigue associated with menopause is a great way in identifying and achieving excellent treatment. It will not only guide you in combating fatigue in general, but it also helps you improve your body’s energy level and wellbeing.

Mangosteen Juice: Natural Treatment for Menopause Fatigue

Apart from considering the aforesaid precautionary measures, which includes taking energy supplements, engaging in relaxation techniques, using an anti fatigue mat, as well as watching over your diet, the original Mangosteen Juice is also a great help towards combating menopause fatigue.

The original Mangosteen Juice is a natural health supplement as well as a natural energy boosting supplement. It is highly approved by many due to its numerous health benefits, specifically healing properties, anti fatigue being one of them. When it comes to fatigue associated with menopause, Mangosteen Juice serves as an energy drink which will help the sufferer regain strength and achieve optimum levels of energy in a short period of time. In fact, a regular cosumer of Mangosteen juice had this to say:

“I started mangosteen juice about 3 months ago. Into my second month I noticed the arthritis in my left knee did not ache anymore. I am 58 and exercise at least 3 times a week. I was diagnosed with the arthritic knee at age 40. Shortly after this alleviation of achiness, my restless leg syndrome was occuring less ever week. During the night it is the worst and I have had, before the juice, at least one or two sleepless nights in a week. I also have very dry skin, that has been peeling around my fingers and hands, close to bleeding. With the skin care line and the juice combined, it is no longer peeling and the rawness non-existent. One more benefit I must mention, is several times a month, I would wake and have a day of total exhaustion. I am sure there is someone that remembers the saying of "my blood feels like molasses". It dawned on me the other morning, after a good nights sleep, that I have not had one of those days since I started the juice. I am sure this is not the end of the story and I will continue to see the benefits.”

10/21/2009 -- Kathy from IL

Mangosteen Juice also contains naturally occurring high nutrients density based on essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals help strengthen the mind and body and keep the body in good physical condition. When there is enough vitamins and minerals supplementation, it is not easy to get fatigued, especially for menopause fatigue to invade or overcome the body. In addition, vitamins and minerals also help other vital organs to function normally and efficiently.

Highly potent natural antioxidants are also present in the original Mangosteen Juice. Antioxidants help stimulate the body to boost energy, as well as it maintains the immune system health. Apart from that, the antioxidants confined in Mangosteen Juice also help the body to become more active and healthy, thus preventing frequent attacks of this form of fatigue. In addition, antioxidants are necessary to delay the aging process and neutralize free radicals.

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