Mangosteen Juice Benefits

Mangosteen Juice Benefits as recounted in a patient.

Recently, a patient of mine (we'll call him William) came in to see me in terrible distress. For three days his mouth and lips had been burning "like fire." Now, the mucous membrane inside his whole mouth was as red as if he'd been burned with a flame or some caustic agent. Both the skin of his lips and the inside of his mouth were covered with tiny fluid-filled blisters. He could hardly talk because the inflammation appeared to extend into his larynx, and swallowing was very painful.

William doesn't waste money, and he never takes a day off work, so he'd been working through all of this process hoping it would pass, but it hadn't. When he became unable to swallow or talk, effectively,he needed help and came to the doctor. Allow me to let you in on a trade secret. When you go to your doctor, or your naturopath for that matter, all you get is his or her best guess. Health experts are paid for what they're presumed to know, not what they actually know.

Well, in William's case, I was stumped. So was my partner. We'd never seen anything quite like his problem before. In addition to his mouth lesions, his fingers, toes, and the soles of his feet were red and hot. In fact, the skin had started to peel off these areas of his body. The same day he came to see me, I sent William to an ear, nose and throat specialist. After a thorough examination which included a fiberoptic look deep into his throat, confirming the diagnosis that the disease process extended into the trachea and esophagus, the specialist admitted he also didn't know what was causing the problem. The ENT Specialist proposed hundreds of dollars of blood tests, but William declined most of them. After speaking with the first specialist, I also discussed William's predicament with a second specialist. No clear answer was forthcoming, although all three of us speculated on possible causes.

By default, we decided to give him prednisone, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug. After three days, the treatment made no significant difference and the skin had now come completely off his fingers, like paraffin wax after a hand treatment. I proposed a mangosteen juice formula to William who was, by this time, quite desperate and more than a little dehydrated. I suggested he swish one ounce around in his mouth and swallow it three times a day. William called me three days later. He was still sore, but he could now swallow and his ability to talk was improving. In about one week, his mouth and throat inflammation as well as the blisters had cleared up completely, and the skin that had peeled off his feet and hands had started growing back.

William is now completely recovered. Mangosteen juice did what modern medicine could not. In William's case, the first in which I had used mangosteen juice, I prescribed it in desperation as a last resort. Now, after experience with many patients, it is often the first intervention I recommend. View 6 min Video of Dr Templeman


Folk Medicine Remedies
For centuries, the traditional medical healers of India and Southeast Asia have known and employed mangosteen juice benefits.

In India, Thailand and China, preparations made from the rind (or pericarp) are used as antimicrobial and antiparasitic treatments for dysentry and other forms of infectious diarrhea.*

Mangosteen juice benefits do not stop here as the plant's astringent qualities are also useful in preventing dehydration and the loss of essential nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract of diarrhea sufferers. The Thai take advantage of the mangosteen juice benefits by using its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties to treat infected wounds, tuberculosis, malaria, urinary tract infections, syphilis and gonorrhea.**

It has long been recognized in Asia that the mangosteen has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in treating eczematous and hyperkeratotic skin conditions*** such as psoriasis. In the Caribbean, known as "eau de Creole," a tea made from mangosteen is used as a tonic for fatigue and low energy states, universal symptoms experienced by millions around the world. Treatment for these complaints by standard medicine and naturopathic interventions is lamentably ineffectual.

Brazilians experience mangosteen juice benefits by using a similar tea as a deworming agent and digestive aid. In Venezuela, parasitic skin infections are treated with poultices of the fruit rind, while Filipinos employ mangosteen juice benefits by using the extract to control fever. As is so often the case, science can take centuries to catch up with the wisdom of traditional medicine.

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*Kirtikar KR BD. Indian Medicinal Plants. Dehra Dun, India: International Book Distributors.;1999

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At this point, it may be helpful to draw an important distinction between the drugs of allopathic medicine and the Phytoceuticals in plant preparations used for healing. Drugs are developed as extremely potent single agents to alter a specific targeted physiological function. The greater the specificity, the more desirable the drug. In fact, at times pharmaceutical researchers have attempted to use only one half of a stereo-optic isomer, a molecule with mirror image halves. It's hard to imagine anything more specific than half a molecule!

By contrast, food supplements utilize the holistic qualities of plants. Multiple, often dozens of ingredients are used for their combined effects. In plants, rarely is any single ingredient present in sufficient strength or quantity to act alone. Hence, preparations from plants are rarely dangerous whereas virtually any drug, even in small quantities, is potentially lethal. The distinction is important because 106,000 people in the U.S. died from adverse drug reactions in a single year - when the drugs were properly prescribed and dispensed! View 3 min Video on Prescription Drugs

Lack of specificity, when we talk of a plant's benefits, however, doesn't equate to a lack of effectiveness. Synergy means that 2+2=8. In other words, two or more elements acting together produce a much greater effect than the sum of the effects of the individual elements. Synergy is why peanut butter and jam in a sandwich taste much better than either component consumed separately. Synergy is how the human immune system works. It is how plants protect themselves from microbes in nature, and it is also how whole plant phytoceutical preparations exert their effects in the body. Small amounts of many active ingredients blended over millennia by Mother Nature, acting together, have potent effects without toxicity.

Many of mangosteen juice benefits can only be explained as the result of the synergistic action of multiple ingredients which science cannot yet explain. Mangosteen juice benefits such as the ability to combat fatigue, to generate energy and to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol are but a few examples of, as yet, unexplained beneficial effects.

The mangosteen juice preparation used with patients has undergone rigorous toxicity studies. Lab rats were fed megadoses of the preparation for three weeks. After three weeks, no adverse behavioral or tissue effects were noted. No pathological observations were noted upon microscopic examination of the vital organs of the rats. Besides this laboratory evidence, no folk medicine warnings have emerged after centuries of medicinal use of the plant. Such warnings do exist for other harmful plants, and it is reasonable to presume that these warnings would exist if the mangosteen had proved dangerous.

As a result, while it is always recommended you consult your physician if you have a known medical condition or allergy before using any food supplement, there is no reason to believe that mangosteen juice is not safe for use by children and adults under any condition. However, wisdom dictates that when starting to use mangosteen juice you do not stop any medications that you are currently taking. There will be time enough later to reevaluate the use of any medications with your doctor when it becomes apparent that mangosteen juice benefits has replaced their effects.

Note: People using the drug Coumadin should begin their mangosteen preparation at the dose they intend to use for 3 days and have their INR level checked by medical personnel on the 4th or 5th day.

NOTE: One of the reasons for designing this website is to educate visitors on the benefits of daily consumption of Pure Mangosteen Juice. It is also a web site sharing resources and info about mangosteen juice benefits and Xanthones.

Mangosteen is a fruit. The health benefits from mangosteen due to xanthones have been shown in laboratory studies to be powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and to have other special properties.

However, laboratory results do not guarantee that the same will happen in the human body. Mangosteen is a supplement and not a drug; therefore, no one can say that mangosteen juice benefits include a cure, treat, or prevent any specific condition or symptom the way a drug prescription is administered by a qualified health practitioner.

The United States government, however, has determined and stated that increasing the amount of plant-based foods and supplements in our diet improves our health and decreases the incidence of chronic disease. Look at the available science on the mangosteen and then answer for yourself - Does mangosteen juice make sense for you?

The only way to find out what mangosteen will do for you is to begin taking it. In the case of mental illness, it is important to do this with the assistance of a qualified professional.

View 8 min Video on How to Order Mangosteen Juice at WHOLESALE

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