What can I do to help lupus and fatigue?

Lupus and fatigue symptoms may vary from severe, fleeting or persistent and can form a vicious circle. If you are tired, you don't feel like exercising and if you don't exercise then often you become tired and lethargic.

It is important to ensure a balance between exercise and rest - exercise and rest intermittently as the body allows. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is time to rest. Increasing stamina allows you to gain more strength and muscle tone. Remember that rest is also needed to restore energy.

What physical activities will I be able to continue with lupus and fatigue?
Activities that strengthen your stamina and don't cause stress to the joints and muscles are advised. These include swimming to provide an all-over fitness, walking and cycling. Jogging should be avoided as this may prove too strenuous. It is always advisable to ask the advice of your Physiotherapist and or Occupational Therapist when thinking of starting any exercise regime.

What changes will I have to make to my lifestyle due to lupus and fatigue?
Remember you are not alone in making changes, there are people who can help you. Everyone is an individual and will cope with lupus and fatigue in different ways. Lupus and fatigue itself can alter the way you will cope emotionally. This may also change from day to day. Talking to other people may be an important way to cope. This may be with family and friends, your hospital consultant, nurse other health care professionals. However, you may need to identify your condition with others who have had similar experiences; the testimonials below may resonate with yours.

The testimonials below will provide an up-to-date awareness of changes and developments in lupus treatment and care by supplementation.

What about work?
As with exercise, the most important thing is to listen to your own body; it will let you know when you need to take a rest. There is no doubt that some adjustment to your lifestyle will have to be made. However, how you learn to cope with these changes will be an important part of the process of adjustment.

Take time to think of the activities you did before you had lupus and fatigue. Changes may be necessary but these need not be negative ones. Learning to cope with your lupus and fatigue, and taking control of it and not letting it control you will enable you to act with a positive attitude. It may be that you cannot manage to work the hours you used to work. However, this may not be an option due to financial commitments. There are other ways to overcome this hurdle. You may be able to spread the hours you work over more days or be able to take a break in the day as many continental countries do. It is now more than ever crucial to look after your body, it is no good pushing yourself to the limit. Learn to pamper yourself a little, learn to accept help when offered and don't push yourself to do anything that may be unnecessary - some things can wait until tomorrow.

Remember the body also needs time to rest and rejuvenate and start again.

What changes will my family have to make due to my lupus and fatigue?
Lupus and fatigue may initiate the need for changes in your family life; some of these may be permanent, others may be more temporary. There may be some friction between families if for example, you are no longer able to do all the chores you used to be able to do. You may have to ask for and accept more help. Your family may be understandably worried about your health and go to the extreme of not letting you do any of the things you used to do. This will lead to you feeling undervalued and make readjusting your lifestyle harder. Try to think of how this change is affecting your family: they also will need time to adjust. Make sure you find time for your family and try to share your fears and anxieties with them. Consider how you would feel if the change was affecting them. Allow time for the things you enjoyed together before you had lupus and fatigue, and continue to enjoy them.

What about my sex life?
There is no doubt that your appearance and behaviour may change with lupus and fatigue. You may feel more sensitive to these changes and feel that your partner doesn't understand. It goes without saying that some relationships do end but this is a fact of life and happens even without an illness. You need to be able to communicate what you are feeling, what anxieties you or your partner have and if you can't solve these alone perhaps it is time to seek professional help.

Lupus and fatigue can certainly affect your sex life and the closeness of your relationship. There may be psychological and physical reasons for your sex life to become affected. Physically you may be experiencing muscle and joint pains and not feel able or want to move around. Pain can restrict the activity of love making, therefore, it is important to try and find ways to relax muscles and reduce pain. Massage, warm baths and relaxation may help. You may need to try different positions to put less strain on joints. Learn to talk to your partner about what is comfortable for both of you. Take into consideration the time of day you make love. If you experience early morning loss of mobility you might want to restrict your love making to afternoons or evenings. Fatigue as previously mentioned can affect 90% of Lupus sufferers. Therefore, if you are tired you will not enjoy lovemaking. However, talk to your partner and let them know why you don't want to make love. Being close to someone in their arms can also be a loving experience. Other problems that may be encountered are:

Drugs may be painkillers that make you feel drowsy. As with coping with the pain, find time when you have adequate pain relief without feeling drowsy. Some drugs, eg beta blockers, can diminish sex drive. It may be possible, on advice from your doctor, to change the brand of drug being used to one which does not have this effect. If this is not possible you should explain to your partner that your medication is responsible for your lack of libido and that you are not just 'cooling off' your relationship! With Raynaud's, the circulation of blood being restricted may also cause you to feel pain and uncomfortable during love making. Warm baths and a warm atmosphere can help.

Dryness - just as some people develop sore eyes and mouth you can also develop a sore and even sometimes ulcerated vagina. Ulcers should not necessarily inhibit lovemaking. Soreness and dryness may be overcome with longer foreplay to increase lubrication or by using lubricants such as KY jelly. If this soreness and dryness persist it may be necessary to seek medical advice. Don't be embarrassed, you will not be the first person to consult your doctor about this problem.

Social life and friendships
Your friends will react to your lupus and fatigue in a similar way to your family and it is up to you to decide how much or how little you think they need to know. As for your social life, let your body lead you in this. Do as much as your body allows and continue to enjoy your life like many others with lupus and fatigue do.

12/30/2008 -- Sheila from Ontario

I started drinking mangosteen juice march 2007 and here is my story. I was born with lupus but we did not know at the time. My mother had viral pneumonia when she was pregnant with me so that is how I contracted it. I was ill everyday with one infection after the other, asthma, allergies to almost everything, bleeding noses that had to be cauterized at the hospital, hemmoriged when I had my tonsils out and had to have a transfusion, had flesh eating disease at 5, flown to sick kids in Toronto before a Doctor knew what was wrong. When I ran my ankles and knees hurt so much with arthritis. My liver enzymes were so elevated at the age of 10, the doctors said it was that of a heavy drinker (result of drugs they put me on) The migraines were ferocious. I could not be in the sun more than 10 minutes without severe burning. If I caught a cold, it would always become pneumonia. I did not have many friends at school as a child due to all my illnesses. I could never participate in activities. All Doctors thought that I was creating illnesses. Some days the pain in my body was so severe that I would fall walking. Lupus was not diagnosed until after I was pregnant for the first time. I had my daughter Fionna. Three other pregnancies ended in miscarriages and when I was pregnant with my son, I was hospitalized at 6 weeks and remained there until he was born at 26 weeks. My body went into a toxic coma, his heart rate dropped to 54 and they delivered him by emergency caesarean. The Doctors did not think either of us would survive. After this pregnancy my lupus turned so severe- my kidneys suffered tremendously and my lungs had so much scar tissue that it was difficult to breathe without prednisone. By this time I was on 14 or so pills a few times daily and I could barely function through the day. This is only a mild summary of details and as time passed I was diagnosed with many ailments, tumours, fibroids, and cancer, 2 bouts with chemo and radiation. I am a Christian- believe that God will only give me only what I can handle and that in Heaven I will not suffer from illness any more. I am a kind, caring and loving person to my family, friends & to everyone I meet and always wondered what did I do so wrong to suffer so much, but when I saw how sick other little children were and they did not survive- I knew I had to keep fighting and living each day to the fullest. So this is why he made me to be so strong! I operate an Inn and a guest that stays a few times each year was here, knew that I was not feeling so well again asked how I am, I was just diagnosed with DCIS- Breast Cancer and I had 2 liver biopsies but they still were out on what was wrong there(I am not a drinker as they all seem to think with such a liver). She straight out said that she knew of a natural product that helped her sister-in-law and felt that maybe I should try it! Mangosteen juice. This was the second time I had heard about this. The first time was at a hair salon- the stylist had a poster about it and a man had just happened into the shop to pick up his wife- he was a distributor and gave me information. I listened to my guest- she introduced me to the spa where her sister-in-law went for it. I tried it, liked the taste and started the 21 day challenge. I felt relief from my arthritis and allergies right away and was not so fatigued. I had to have a MRI-as a follow up before surgery and we were all surprised at what was not there! My endocrinologist was amazed at the results of my recent blood tests. They showed almost normal ranges and liver test showed normal too - First time in my life! WOW!!! The Doctors were baffled and I told them I was drinking a whole fruit mangosteen juice, that I stopped all my prescription drugs and that I will never take them again. I had always trusted the Doctors and they never told me of the horrific side effects, only prescribed more drugs to counter act them. It has now been 21 months that I have been consuming 2 ozs each meal time and if I feel inflammation & pain I drink 2 ozs more instead of reaching for the drugs. For the migraines which use to be almost a daily event, are a rare occurrence(except when the weather is changing)but when I do feel one coming on - I take 4 ozs, if it is more severe 6 ozs. My kidneys function well- no more trips every 20/30 minutes. I can now go for long cars drives without the bathroom tours along the way! I use to dream of the day that I would not be so ill. I am completely drug free, even the levothyroxin- GONE. I still have lupus and fatigue, always will- but I have control of my health & my life! Did I mention the levels of energy that I have- My husband at times wishes that I did not! Every day I thank God for that day, for the mangosteen fruit, give thanks that Joe was a dreamer and made other peoples dreams come true. How could I not be a Distributor! I feel compelled to share mangosteen juice with everyone. As I mentioned, this is difficult to write about. mangosteen juice has given me and my family so much. I will never be without it ever again. That is not something I can say about the drugs!

11/23/2008 -- Heather from British Columbia

Aggressive – and supposedly terminal – breast cancer. I found a lump in my breast that grew from the size of a small peanut to 3.5 inches, or about 9 cm in less than a month. My friend Joan dragged me to the doctor in alarm, and the end of all of that was that unless I had a radical mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, I would be dead in 3.5 – 4 months, and the prognosis even if I did was not too good, either, because it was so aggressive. But that was everything my mother did, and it took her 7 horrible years to die. When I said I was going home to think and pray about it, they got really nasty...which just put me off more! I started with three quarters of a bottle throughout the day, lots of water and made sure my body was alkaline. I actually reduced the other supplements I had been taking because of lack of cash. The lump stopped growing. Then I lowered the mangosteen juice too quickly and the lump started growing again, so I kept on about 10 – 12 oz per day for the rest of the first month. The lump stopped growing. It slowly went away over the next 8 months, while I was taking 6 – 8 oz per day and lots of water till it was completely gone and that was over 2 years ago. I have stayed on 3 -4 oz most days, and have been noticing my dental problems are gone, I have been going through menopause without any problems other than the odd hot flush or flash, my eyesight is better, my skin is good (someone asked my husband when we were going to start our family – she thought I was younger than she is, she’s 38 years old. I’m 53! And that’s before the Glimpse!) , I don’t get colds and flus and allergies at all. I feel blessed, and it has saved my family a lot of money! Doctor’s and vet’s bills and if nothing else, about $15,000 for my funeral, my husband says! My best bonuses are the thanks and joy I hear from others: my husband who was told he should have the strongest anti-inflammatories and surgery for degenerative back damage from an accident, several so-called terminal cancer survivals, lupus and fatigue, oedema, fibromyalgia, dementia symptoms lessened, rashes, panic attacks, my old dog’s pain, arthritis and eyesight improved, friend’s reporting better skin and hair, wrinkles going all after using our delicious natural product. I don’t see how anyone can avoid doing this business when they know they could be helping people with the most valuable asset any of us have! Probably this juice has saved us well over a hundred thousand dollars in dental bills, medical bills, lost income and vet bills!

2/28/2008 -- Traci from Washington

I began taking mangosteen juice about three months ago and it has changed my life. I suffer from lupus and fatigue it is a disease that affects my immune system and all major organs. I feel much better, have more energy, no more stomach problems, and no more kidney pain as it cleans my system well. Thank you mangosteen!

12/19/2007 -- Audrey from Maryland

I started taking mangosteen juice a couple of years ago and discovered that my cholesterol dropped about 15 points in just 3 weeks of being on the juice. Don't ask me why 'cause there's no good reason but I got off the juice. A couple of years later I started having lower back pain, started feeling sluggish, general aches and pains. It was ridiculous. I told my husband, "I know exactly what I need to do. I gotta get that juice." The pain stopped within a week or so and I feel great. I drank too much and managed to run out before my next delivery. Boy, was I sorry. Aches and pains started creeping back into my back, etc. I won't ever be without my mangosteen juice again. Now I tell the world about it. I have a friend who has lupus and fatigue and she is now symptom free!

1/5/2007 -- Jane from United Kingdom

I am suffering from lupus disease. It is painful and has messed my skin around my face. I met this lady, a distributor and she handed me two CDs and a bottle of mangosteen juice. Within a week of taking the juice the pain had subsided greatly. The scars on my face are also improving. I signed up and got my own mangosteen juice. This is a miraculous juice that God has brought in our midst. I intend to go for a checkup after 90 days of taking it and I bet it will be different.

Michael from California

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Dicoid lupus. The topical steroids that I use only make things worse. Since I have been drinking the mangosteen juice the scaring on my face and back has almost dissipated entirely.

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