Lungs Back Pain

Lungs back pain is no joke. When these pains occur in the upper back, then it may be an indication of serious problems in the respiratory system, especially the lungs. Lungs are to be found in the rib cage next to the heart. Any anomaly in the lungs will therefore cause pain to the chest as well as to the lungs, commonly referred to as lungs back pain.

Back pain may be brought about by diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis, which causes inflammation in the lungs. People suffering from lung cancer and chronic coughs also experience back pain. Sudden injuries from accidents may also cause upper back pain. One stands a higher chance of experiencing back pain if there is history of back pains in the family.

Patients experiencing this pain should enlist the services of a qualified doctor who will make a correct diagnosis after taking X rays and MRI scan. Thus, the doctor is able to prescribe medication that not only relieves the pain but also cures the disease causing the pain. Chronic pain in the lungs may be remedied using massage, hot water and ice therapy and also using the physical and chiropractic theories. In order to avoid upper back pain, one should avoid smoking. Also, one should engage in regular exercises.

Treatment of upper back pain in the lungs usually takes a long time. Relying only on medication is not advisable because it only provides short term relief. Sometimes, even the doctors may fail to provide a permanent solution. In this case, one is advised to exercise regularly, avoid strenuous tasks, take medication when required and eat a balanced diet to stay in good health.

Lung Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States causing more deaths than breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer combined. Lung cancer has caused more deaths in women than breast cancer every year since 1987.

Women now account for half of all new cases of lung cancer. Between 1974 and 1994, lung cancer deaths increased 150% in women, while men experienced only a 20% increase.

Why are so many women dying of lung cancer? Research suggests that while women may smoke less cigarettes and inhale less of the cigarettes that they do smoke, women are 1.5 times more likely to get lung cancer than men. Although further research is needed, scientists believe the difference may be genetically linked.

Symptoms and Warning Signs

Unfortunately, the symptoms of lung cancer can take many years to develop which often leads to diagnosis at an advanced stage of this disease. Some of the symptoms that may occur include:

  • Smoker's cough that persists or becomes intense.
  • Persistent chest, shoulder, or back pain unrelated to pain from coughing.
  • Increase in volume of sputum.
  • Wheezing.
  • Nonsmoker's cough that persists for more than 2 weeks.
  • Change in color of sputum.
  • Blood in sputum.
  • Repeated episodes of pneumonia or bronchitis.

Other symptoms that can be related to late-stage lung cancer can include:

  • Fatigue.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Headache, bone pain, aching joints.
  • Bone fractures not related to accidental injury.
  • Neurologic symptoms, such as unsteady gait and/or episodic memory loss.
  • Neck and facial swelling.
  • Blood in sputum.
  • Unexplained weight loss.

Other signs and symptoms may be caused by the spread of lung cancer to other parts of the body, including headaches, weakness, pain, bone fractures, bleeding, or blood clots.

If you or someone you know experiences any of these signs or symptoms consult a physician immediately. Early detection can mean the difference between life and death for lung cancer patients--the 5-year survival rate for patients whose cancer is found while it is still localized (affecting only the lungs) is almost fifty percent.

If your physician is suspicious of your symptoms he can order screening tools such as CT scans and PET scans which can detect lung cancer earlier than conventional X-rays and increase your chance of survival. View 6 min Video on Back Pain and other Testimonials

Exercise eases back pain

More is better when it comes to alleviating lower back pain and lungs back pain - more exercise, that is. However, many people who suffer from back pain do not exercise, fearing it will exacerbate the problem.

A recent study found that exercising four days a week gave people greater relief from back pain than working out less or not at all. In the study, 120 people were randomly assigned to one of four groups for 12 weeks: One did a strength-training programme two days a week, one did it three days a week, and one did it four days a week. A control group did no exercise but participated in a two-week exercise familiarization programme.

Exercises in the programme included bench presses, lat pull downs and leg presses. Those in the four-day-a-week programme had the most reduction in pain - 28 per cent -compared to 14 per cent for those who exercised two days a week.

The four-day group also reported having a better quality of life and less disability than those who exercised less. In addition, it showed the greatest strength gains. The control group showed insignificant change in all areas. The study was presented recently at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Seattle.

3/30/2009 -- AL & Paula from FL

We were introduced to the Mangosteen Juice by my physician. We both had terrible acid reflux and we taking medications which I did not like and really were not working. I also had fibromyalgia and my husband had lower back pain. Within 3 weeks or so the acid reflux was gone for both of us and no more meds! Within 2 1/2 months my fibromyalgia symptoms were gone and I was pain free and my husband's residual lower back pain after having spinal decompression therapy for 2 ruptured disks was now a thing of the past! From now on, Mangosteen juice is what we reach for when we have a health issue. Drugs are a last resort for us! We are so grateful and blessed that we have a 'natural' alternative with no side effects to be healthy!

Fibromyalgia Acid Reflux Back Pain Pain

1/11/2009 -- Astrid from NC

All my life I have had over eighteen surgeries ranging from open heart surgery, hip surgery, and back surgery. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had almost given up hope on medicines that would make my condition worst. I am allergic to almost everything that has wheat in it and my hands break out with blisters in the palms from allergic reactions. Mangosteen has made a gigantic difference in my life in the month that I have been taken it. I have more energy and when I drink the Mangosteen juice and have notice less breakouts from my allergies since I have been taken it. I used to have back pain, neck pain, and hip pains which have gone away in a month of drinking the juice.

Multiple Sclerosis Back Pain Food Allergies Heart Disease

12/12/2008 -- mary from FL

I had a severe bicycle fall. I landed on my face. My tooth went through my lower mouth (completely puncturing the lower lip. I took off all of the skin on my lowere and upper lip. My mouth was swollen about three times its normal size. My friend, who is a distributor, like me, remembered he had some sample packets in his briefcase in his car. I immediately poured this on my mouth and swollen knee (which was severley abrased). The pain and swelling went away within minutes. In two days the scabs were healed and falling off my mouth. it was amazing. I continue to put mangosteen juice on the scar and it is diminishing. Hardly noticeable. I also have come off my diabetes medicine and anti inflammatory for back pain and leg pain

Cuts Bruising Diabetes Back Pain

11/4/2008 -- Bonnie from Ontario

As a woman who is mother, friend, daughter, entrepreneur, fitness and health lover, I am so happy with the on-going benefits my family and I continue to experience every day with mangosteen. I love mangosteen juice, it is savored by my family. We love it and enjoy it with every meal. I also enjoy training my body, however the last few years have been challenging given a number of traumas experienced within my family - but we are now enjoying many rapid positive changes as a result of the mangosteen juice, and I continue to be amazed. I no longer experience the aches that would awaken me from my sleeps, and I'm beginning to sleep again after years of insomnia. My joint pain is almost completely gone, and for the first time no back pain or cramps during my menstrual cycle. For my son, he's now in the black belt club - and more energized than ever. He was not a morning person before, but now singing in the morning and concentrating better than ever in school. Even the teachers are remarking on his progress. Our happiness, focus, and physical well-being means everything to my family and I - so for that alone - I highly recommend mangosteen juice to anybody searching for improved physical and mental well-being. I researched the mangosteen fruit a great deal before drinking it, and feel confident in adding it as a nutritious source of superfruit and xanthones. It's amazing. Mangosteen beverage will be part of our meal plan every day. I encourage you to try it, and want to share it with everybody I know now, I'm sure that you will love it too.

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10/12/2008 -- Jean from MN

My husband, 15 year old daughter and I have been using XanGo Juice a couple of months now. In those few month it has helped my husbands migraines A LOT, my daughter has now been taken off her medicine for ADHD and she had no signs of her Ragweed allergy this fall, and what it has done for me, I no longer feel tired all the time, my Sinus are clear - I can breath when I sleep, and my Arthritis in my right knee is not there anymore, also my lower back pain is gone. We decided to become Independent Distributor's to get this wonderful juice at wholesale price. We have been telling everybody about it, now they rae customers or they have become distributor's. God has blessed us in more ways than one. Peace Jean

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9/25/2008 -- Mel and Catherine from Washington

We are both 70. My wife is off two blood pressure med, her skin is prettier, nails stronger, and she has more energy. My chronic back pain is gone, more energy, less allergies, no flus or colds, and we both feel we are staving off or eliminating serious health issues from occurring. We saw results in less than 2 months, and we started in Sept/05.

Blood Pressure Skin Energy

3/3/2008 -- Shirley from Iowa

My experience with mangosteen juice started in the spring of 2006. I had been seeing a physical therapist for TMJ, neck & back pain and fibromyalgia. I had improved more with his help in soft tissue mobilization than with any of the other medical treatments I had tried over the 20 plus years I had back pain. However, I still had pain and saw the PT on a regular basis. We had talked about how I didn't like the side effects of medicines and one day he gave me his wife's business card for a whole fruit mangosteen juice. I investigated the juice and really liked what I saw. I started taking the juice regularly the beginning of May and within 6-8 weeks I was pain free and able to do a landscape project at our house pain free. Also since drinking the whole fruit mangosteen juice I've noticed a significant improvement in my immune system. I work around children a lot at a school and church and frequently got respiratory ailments. Since I've started drinking the mangosteen juice I am a lot more healthy and have significantly reduced my antibiotics. For me that's amazing. I feel so much better. Praise God for the mangosteen fruit.

TMJ Back Pain Fibromyalgia

12/19/2007 -- Audrey from Maryland

I started taking mangosteen a couple of years ago and discovered that my cholesterol dropped about 15 points in just 3 weeks of being on the juice. Don't ask me why 'cause there's no good reason but I got off the juice. A couple of years later I started having lower back pain, started feeling sluggish, general aches and pains. It was ridiculous. I told my husband, "I know exactly what I need to do. I gotta get that juice." The pain stopped within a week or so and I feel great. I drank too much and managed to run out before my next delivery. Boy, was I sorry. Aches and pains started creeping back into my back, etc. I won't ever be without my mangosteen juice again. Now I tell the world about it. I have a friend who has lupus and she is now symptom free!

Cholesterol Back Pain

9/23/2007 -- Mercy

I used to have Urinary tract infection almost every month and my doctor said this is because I have chronic bacterial infection. He put me on antibiotic 3x but it did not clear. The antibiotic messed up my digestive system and I started having acid reflux. I also had lower back pain, leg cramps every night and bec. I'm menopausal, I also had hot flashes and insomnia. That's when I decided to try mangosteen bec. I read from some books that it has anti bacterial properties and that it may also balance my hormones. After a week of drinking 2 ounces 3x a day, my lower back pain and leg cramps disappeared and after a month, I was sleeping like a baby. My husband is very skeptic but I was also adding the mangosteen on his protein shake. After 3 weeks, he told me that he doesn't get a headache anymore. Friends that I have told about the juice and started drinking, most of their symptoms like migraine, gout, insomnia, acid reflux have disappeared. I've been drinking the juice for 10 months and I haven't had 1 UTI.

UTI Acid Reflux Joint Pain

7/19/2007 -- Michelle from Wisconsin

I had chronic back pain that was caused by a car accident 22 years ago when I was 16. I see a chiropractor regularly but the pain never quite went away. I started taking mangosteen juice in January, 2007. I was taking 2 ounces 3 times a day. After about one week of being on the juice I noticed that my back pain was gone. I have now cut back to 1 to 2 ounces twice a day. I've been on the juice for almost seven months now and just recently noticed something else. I used to have awful nerve pain around my teeth when I was brushing. The dentist said this was due to the gum line wearing away just not brush too hard. I've noticed that this pain is also gone and I have to give the credit to the mangosteen juice because I've made no other changes in my lifestyle.

Back Pain

5/10/2007 -- Barbara from USA

Over the years I had experienced blood clots in my lungs and in the poplital artery of my left leg. I had DDD in my lower spine resulting in chronic back pain. I had arthritis and/or burcitis in my shoulders, elbows, knees and neck. I also have COPD (chronic lung disease which is a combination of bronchitis, emphysema, arthritis), and I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrilation while taking Vioxx. In the winter of 2005, I was on 12 - 15 medications and Oxygen Therapy 24/7. I was so weak and tired. I started drinking the original mangosteen juice in early Spring, and within a few weeks was able to get off the arhtritis, burcitis and acid reflux medications (with my doctors supervision). Soon I was able to reduce the amount of heart medication, and eventually get off it all together. By the fall of 2005, 7 months after starting to consume the mangosteen juice, I was off all but one medication, and off oxygen. For almost two years now I have been pain free, and working, and living again! God Bless our mangosteen juice. I will never be without it.

Arthritis Blood Clots

1/16/2007 -- Rosemarie from British Columbia

I have had RA since July 2000. I had chronic pain 24/7 and lost the ability to do many things such as stand and walk any great distance. Life had become one great misery. My lower back hurt continually because my knees could no longer straighten out. By my third bottle of the mangosteen juice, my lower back pain was gone. By 90 days my chronic pain was rapidly decreasing. I have used this juice now for the past 18 months continuously and I notice that strength and health are coming back into my body. I do not ever want to be without this juice. Not only is it giving me back my health, but it also supplies me with the ability to put food upon my table and pay my bills. It has given a quality of life back to me that I was beginning to think would never happen again.


12/26/2006 -- Rhonda from Colorado

I tried the juice only because my husband was not doing well. He had high blood pressure, lower back pain and upper back pain. He's been on medications for at least 22 years. Now his blood pressure is doing well and so is his neck and back pain. We have been on the mangosteen juice for about six months and we will keep drinking mangosteen juice for years to come. Thank you mangosteen.

Back Pain Blood Pressure

10/9/2006 -- John from Idaho

In 1992 I started having lower back pain. The pain continued get worse and finly in 2001 I couldn't do my job any longer. My legs were tingling, my feet burning and in my back there was pain, pain, and more pain. Finally I found a spine specialist who knew exactly what was causing the pain: degenitive disk S1-L5 was so far gone it was pinching my sciatic nerves. The only relief I was able to get was a direct nerve root injection in the sciatic nerve. But they only work for about 6 months, and they cost $2600 per injection. Two weeks ago my youngest daughter stopped by to visit and had a bottle of mangosteen with her. After 3 days of taking 3oz a day I noticed the pain in my spine was gone. I repeat GONE. This is my 2nd week taking mangosteen, the numbness and tingling in my legs and burning feet has totally left, my reflux has cleared, and my blood pressure is normal. Im hooked for the rest of my life, which two weeks ago didn't look to be much longer.

Back Pain

10/2/2006 -- Klas from Sweden

Since July of last year I've had problems with an inflammation in my back (spine). I got a chance to start taking the mangosteen juice in August of 2006. My back pain and the inflammation went away in only 11 weeks time.

Back Pain Inflammation

7/16/2006 -- Charito from California

I have been using Mangosteen Juice since January 2006. I'm practicing RN. I noticed my back pains have disappeared, the pins and needles sensation in my feet disappeared after about one month on it, so was my acid reflux and recurrent UTI. It's the best product I've ever seen, better than most of the modern medicines I have observed my patients use. I wish I can tell all my patients about this product, and I will, after all, prevention is always better than a cure.

Back Pain Acid Reflux

6/27/2006 -- Mario from New Jersey

My back pain started 3 months ago at the right flank. It kept me awake all night and caused me depression thinking that it might be worst. My doctor tested my blood and found out that I have gout. 2 weeks ago, I started drinking mangosteen. after a week of drinking, my back pain was gone.

Back Pain

2/16/2006 -- Katie from Nebraska

I am a 28 year old stay-at-home mom that has suffered from pretty intense back pain for the last approx. 12 years. The kind of lower back pain that feels like a knife is being stuck in you. Just about one year ago to the date I started taking mangosteen juice and I couldn't be more thankful. Just recently I decided that I could do without taking the mangosteen and save the two bottles I was using a month for customers. That was the wrong idea because within 3 days I was down in the back and scolding myself for thinking my back had mysteriously cured itself after 12 years of dealing with back aches. So immediately I cracked open another bottle and am once again pain free and able to enjoy life to the fullest with my girls!

Back Pain

2/11/2006 -- Charles from California

For over 15 years, have had to deal with chronic neck and upper back pain, due to sport injuries when I was younger. I am still very active riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, etc. Not wanting to slow down and live my life in sitting on the couch, I have seen numerous chiropractor's and specialists over the years with very little long term results. To make matters worse, I was taking anti-inflammatory's to help with pain, like Advil, Bextra, and Ibprofen at least once or twice day, usually four or 5 tablets at a time. Not good for the stomach, Big Time Acid Reflux problems. So, then I started taking Acidplex to help my stomach. To make a long story short, I was introduced to the mangosteen juice. I was still very skeptical that it would help, but all the research was promising. Wow, after drinking the juice for only 3 weeks I was experiencing great pain relief and my stomach was almost 100% better. I have been drinking the mangosteen juice for over 6 months now, my over-all health has much improved and I am completely off both prescription drugs. This is a great product and I encourage everyone to try it and see if it can help you. Also, my 13 year old son and his skateboard buddies just love it. Now he get his own bottle of mangosteen juice.

Back Pain Acid Reflux