Lower Back Pain, Recognizing its Causes

Lower back pain maybe accepted as common placed as one of those sniffles you get in the mornings or a really bad headache that comes upon you on a really hot or stressful day. This is not surprising as according to the National Institute of Health, approximately seven in eight individuals have suffered lower back pain at least once in their lives. While a lot have episodes of back pain, the majority of these attacks are not basically life threatening in nature. In fact, pain in particular areas of the back are regularly the result of over-stretching of muscles and sprains.

Lower back pain differs in type, location, severity and can range from mild to severe. If you have suffered from the intense kind of pain in your lower back, you will certainly agree that any person experiencing it would be only too keen to just do about anything to relieve the pain, or lessen the severity, as well as stiffness. But its important to note that, the management for this medical condition is in fact very much reliant on the fundamental causes. Hence, to be able to bid ‘sayonara’ to your lower back pain for good, it will necessitate initially to have an idea on the triggering factors of this pain in the back.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Lower Back Pain

This is one of the fundamental causes of lower back pain and the major reason why numerous individuals suffer severe pain in their lower back. Even though this medical condition is relatively uncommon, it is vital to keep in mind that this condition can be exceptionally grave and typically requires urgent medical assistance.

The main root of Cauda Equina Syndrome is a strained nerve on the lower section of the spinal cord. Quite often this syndrome is not only painfully excruciating, but it also damages the normal functions of the bladder, as well as bowel movement. If this condition is left untreated, it might permanently damage the affected nerves.


Another cause for lower back pain is the swelling of the soft joints in the spine. Osteoarthritis is a very common kind of arthritis that gives rise to such pain. On the other hand, younger individuals who experience lower back pain due to joint swelling and soreness, maybe diagnosed of having the medical condition known as Ankylosing spondylitis, a condition that cause rigidity and tautness in the affected region.

A combination of physical therapy, exercise and anti-inflammatory drugs are the most common treatment.

Trapped Nerve

A trapped nerve in the spinal cord is the main fundamental cause of this kind of lower back pain. This can take place in approximately one for each twenty cases of lower back pain.

You may recognize that the back nerves are affected since you will actually feel the pain next to the path of the nerve. More often than not, sufferers experience a tingling sensation down to the legs and feet. And occasionally, the ache you experience in your leg is far more serious than that on your lower back.

Other Fundamental Causes of Lower Back Pain

Other fundamental causes of lower back pain involve the ovary, tumor and kidney problems.

Ovary Problems
In actual fact, some ovary problems contribute to lower back pain, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. However, an exact diagnosis with the use of gynecologic testing and examination is the best means to confirm if these ovary problems are the prime suspects to pain in the lower back.

Kidney Problems
Different kidney problems such as kidney stones, hematoma in the kidney and even infection of the kidney are regularly connected to lower back pain. Diagnostic examinations in this situation will entail analysis of the urine, imaging studies of the abdominal region or sound-wave tests.

Tumors either benign or malignant that emanate in the spinal cord, pelvis or bone of the spine are other causes of lower back pain. Tumors of these regions are identified by making use of imaging tests, like nuclear bone scanning, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as well as X-rays.

After reviewing the many causes of lower back pain, it is to be acknowledged that it may not be as simplistic as once imagined to be, such as a sniffle or a really bad headache. By recognizing the exact causes and the triggering factors, you will find it easier to pursue a preferred treatment with peace of mind.

Various Forms of Back Pain Relief and Back Pain Remedies

Maybe you swung your golf club harder than usual or you lifted really heavy objects or worse still, you may have sat in a chair which does not provide adequate back support for too long a period, all of which resulting in lower back pain or back pain in general. And now, you maybe wishing to turn back the clock, and the incident never happened, so that the pain will go away.

Take heart! There are actually many forms of back pain remedies which offer back pain relief, sooner than later.

A number of these back pain remedies can be implemented in the comfort of homes, providing supportive management to an aching back. Very often, a complete bed rest will offer adequate back pain relief as it can ease the damage experienced within the back muscles. Ice pack application can also provide assistance in alleviating or lessening the pain felt in back muscles. In addition, ice therapy decreases the ability of the nerves to convey excruciating stimulus.

Furthermore, taking a hot bath can also be an excellent back pain relief. This group of back pain remedies increases the suppleness and flexibility of the muscles. Pinpoint massage can also be excellent treatment for back pain, as well as lower back pain.

Deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques have also been found to serve as back pain remedies because it can loosen up inflamed back muscles. A supple, drooping mattress may aggravate the deterioration of back pain. Hence, investing in a firm, coil spring mattress would be a perfect solution, in ensuring adequate back support when sleeping, as well as provide a pathway to experience back pain relief.

On the other hand, if it is not within your means to afford a proper mattress, a three-quarter-inch-thick plywood placed in the midst of the mattress and box spring may also help out to some extent.

Back pain relief and back pain remedies as discussed above, are just some of the ways to address lower back pain, back pain or any pain in the back. These treatments are highly recommended to any individual who likes to be proactive in seeking self help modalities.

Mangosteen Juice Can Also Prevent Lower Back Pain

It is a fact that there are various treatments for back pain. They can easily be divided to general back pain remedies or modalities to provide back pain relief. Other treatments include the use of prescription drugs, rest and relax therapies and home based remedies. All these treatments have been known to provide relief, but at times to achieve complete relief, it may just take a bit more investigation into the matter.

Apart from these treatments that have been discussed, different types of alternative medicines and natural methods of treating back pain are becoming very popular. Many individuals prefer the usage of alternative medicines because they know it to contain less or no harmful substances, nor toxins.

One naturopathic medicine for lower back pain is Pure Mangosteen Juice. Pure Mangosteen Juice is prepared with the highest of standards by Wild Flavors, a 100 year old German manufacturing company of functional beverages; Pure Mangosteen Juice is milled from the whole Mangosteen fruit and mixed with nine other fruits to provide a plethora of health benefits that can only occur in the cradle of nature.

Other than possessing high nutrient density and superior antioxidant quality, the anti-inflammatory components of Mangosteen Juice are also responsible in preventing and alleviating back pain. One consumer who faithfully used the juice to address her back pains, had this to feedback:

“In 2001, after 3 years of doctors visits, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. The most common symptoms of endometriosis is pelvic pain. The pain often correlates to the menstrual cycle, but a woman with endometriosis may also experience pain that doesn't correlate to her cycle. For many women, the pain of endometriosis is so severe and debilitating that it impacts their lives in significant ways. Endometriosis can also cause scar tissue and adhesions to develop that can distort a woman's internal anatomy. In advanced stages, internal organs may fuse together, causing a condition known as a "frozen pelvis." The cause of endometriosis remains unknown. A treatment which fully cures endometriosis has yet to be developed, and there is no overwhelming medical evidence to support one specific type of treatment for endometriosis over another. Also, in 2005, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. For the last 11 years I have lived most days with severe pain, unable to do many tasks without severe pain. I was taking many over the counter pain medications daily just to try to get through the day. I have been drinking the Mangosteen Juice for about a month and a half and I now have no more pain from either condition, I no longer need to take any medications for the pain! I will never be without the Mangosteen Juice!”

10/12/2009 -- Stephanie from AZ

Through regular, daily consumption of Mangosteen Juice, you will feel more keyed up and be better equipped to face the day with a constructive and optimistic attitude. It may also make you feel less anxious and calmer, as the juice has been reported to bring brain chemistry to a healthy status. Overall, your general health status will improve by incorporating Mangosteen juice into your daily diet in fixed amounts.

However, although Mangosteen Juice holds great promise in treating lower back pain, it is always good practice to first seek advice from your doctor to ensure that you do not have any other medical condition which may prevent you from taking a fruit based health supplement. Mangosteen Juice contains no contraindications and can be used simultaneously with allopathic drugs, although without the side effects, as its all natural. Mangosteen Juice being totally fruit based is safe for use by children and adults under nearly any medical condition; usually the only reason a doctor may advise you against it is when you are known to have some fruit based allergy, else, its as straightforward as drinking pure orange juice or apple juice.

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