Lower Back Pain Remedy

Lower back pain is a universal problem, lending reason to the numerous lower back pain remedy options out there. This malady affects almost ninety percent American citizens at some point in their lives, with fifty percent of these citizens having more than one episode. Actually, low back pain is usually not a result of some specific illness, but more so a symptom that may suggest itself from a range of various processes. In about eighty five percent of citizens with low back pain, even with comprehensive clinical examination, no exact root of the pain can be recognized.

Lower back pain can be the result of numerous underlying causes, and with time, the pain will usually subside. In some cases, it is attributable to strain placed on the group of muscles in the back. The pain can also be due to damage to the joints and ligaments or disruption of the vertebrae. Notwithstanding the cause, pain in the lower region of the back is not something to easily disregard, given the fact that everybody makes use of their lower back muscles to some extent in their daily routine of life.

On the other hand, in a few cases, lower back pain can also be the result of an unrelieved medical condition. More often than not, the sufferer is not aware of its progress, seeing that it usually takes place over a significant span of time. Chronic pain in the lower back is highly severe in comparison to acute pain in the lower back that is induced by trauma. The causes of this condition can embrace rheumatoid arthritis, spinal disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis, and even cancer.

In order to lessen or stop the pain, as well as discomfort, understanding and evaluating the varying lower back pain remedy will be an initial start. There are different approaches when it comes to the treatment of lower back pain. Some offer fast relief, while others will take a few days to obtain full relief. If you have damaged your lower back or are experiencing back pain, here are a number of proposals to alleviate the pain.

Ice and Heat Treatments

Lower Back Pain Remedy

Application of heat and ice is just one of the most common lower back pain remedy. The moment you have recognized early signs of back pain, it is advisable to keep yourself relaxed by applying either heat or ice. If there is any presence of inflammation, ice application will be most suitable. The heat application is only applied if there is no inflammation and either way, these remedies are used in intervals of 30 minutes on, and thirty minutes off.

Stretches and Exercises

You can choose from various types of stretches and exercises as a form of lower back pain remedy. Stretches and exercise deliver pain relief especially in the lower portion of the back. If the muscles are strengthened through stretches and exercises, there is a good chance that your back pain will also be relieved.

In addition, stretching enhances blood flow and helps in warming up group of muscles. There are many varieties of stretches that are appropriate for lower back pain, but you should not perform them immediately. You will need to consult first with your health specialist and obtain suitable advice regarding the stretches and exercises appropriate for your condition.

Prescription Drugs Therapy

A common lower back pain remedy in the form of prescription drugs are NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Naproxen Sodium or Ibuprofen. NSAIDs help to decrease or lessen lower back pain, lower back inflammation, swelling and even severe back pain brought by some damage or injury in the soft tissues. You can use these drugs under the supervision of your medical doctor or in accordance to manufacturer’s directions/conditions.

Furthermore, understanding the original root of lower back pain is also vital prior to obtaining any lower back pain remedy, as this will usually bring greatest success in obtaining best relief in any chosen therapy. Management for back pain and discomfort usually requires a few days to obtain total relief. However, prior to starting any lower back pain remedy or any form of pain management, you need to firstly seek advice from your medical doctor.

According to some studies, consumption of enough daily fluids, specifically water, can also help reduce pain in the lower back, because the spine is reliant upon the hydraulic components supplied by water. Seventy five percent of the weight in the upper body is supported by the back muscles alongside your spinal cord. In addition, consumption of foods that are rich in Vitamin D will also serve as progressive lower back pain remedy. Research has established its efficacy in lessening back pain, as well as in preventing the early onset of osteoporosis.

If none of the above mentioned methods of lower back pain remedy work for you, you may engage into surgical procedures as a final resort. Its to be noted though that surgical procedures are relatively complex, and often entail lots of risks. Its advisable then to take surgery into consideration only if you are left with no other choice. However, this decision will not be solely your own, as your surgeon will also inform you if you really need it for your condition. If your surgeon discourages you on surgery due to the risks or apparent lack of benefits, it would be best not to compel ahead with surgery. Back specialists who perform surgeries are experts in their fields, and surgery as a form of lower back pain remedy should only be done if the surgeon analyses the success rate to be worth your while.

Without doubt, lower back pain can be very disabling and limiting your daily activities. Those who observe its inception should be sensitive to its progress, and be ready to use any form of lower back pain remedy, as long as your medical doctor who has examined you does not discover some other underlying cause to your malady.

Things To Do In Case of Severe Back Pain

Apart from the forms of lower back pain remedy considered above, there is also the treatment of severe back pain. For the most part of back pains which are not the direct result of physical injury, medical attention is usually not required immediately. However, you ought to take safety measures when severe back pain does occur, whether it develops progressively or its comes about unexpectedly due to some incident.

Once a back injury of this nature takes place, using methods associated with lower back pain remedy in an inappropriate or offensive way may actually worsen the condition. If you are not vigilant or watchful, you may also add more damage to the affected area, and take a longer time to make recovery.

If you experience severe back pain that you do not regard as a medical emergency, the following remedies may be applied:

  • Put down your face to the floor to ease heaviness on your spine.
  • Be watchful that your bearing does not place much pressure on your back.
  • Dissent from any lifting, twisting, bending or unexpected upper body movements.
  • When standing up, employ your hands to carry the weight of your back in order to prevent lunging frontward.

Gradually attempt back exercises and stretches, but discontinue if pain increases.Ideally, seek the advice from a medical expert to see what else ought to be done.

Mangosteen Juice, Naturopathic Lower Back Pain Remedy

When it comes to back pain, there are still other remedies that may be used. Aside from the conventional forms of lower back pain remedy discussed above, natural remedies and alternative medicines are also noted to provide relief. Before prescription drugs and other therapies were invented, natural remedies and alternative medicines were the primary forms of pain management. According to research, natural treatments are quite effective and well received because it contains less or no side effects, nor harmful toxins that might somehow worsen the medical condition on the long run.

One natural lower back pain remedy is Pure Mangosteen Juice. Mangosteen Juice comes from the rind and seeds of the native fruit in Southeast Asia, the Mangosteen. According to many published studies and research, the Mangosteen rind contains highly potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and many biologically active compounds necessary for healing; it is also well noted for natural pain management and a natural treatment in the prevention of cancer and other deadly diseases.

In recognition of these health benefits coming from daily consumption of pure Mangosteen Juice, one consumer had this to feedback:

“In February, I got Bell's Palsy. Half of my face paralyzed. At first I wasn't too worried because I got this same condition in my twenties and it went away on its own after about a week. But now at age 45, it appeared it wasn't going away. 3 weeks later after seeing a general physician and getting a neurologist and ENT specialist referral, there was no sign that my paralysis was going away, it was actually getting worse. That's when I was introduced to mangosteen juice by my fiancée. I took 2 oz. of mangosteen juice 3 times a day and I started to feel a difference 2 days later. Then, over a 7 day period, the paralysis reduced progressively and went away completely. I was so relieved that I was not going to become part of the statistics of people who remain with this condition permanently. Before this event, I was one of those people who was skeptical about a juice that could have such properties. But unfortunately it sometimes takes a bit of desperation in your life to try things you would otherwise not believe because it's not part of mainstream. Since then I've helped people use mangosteen juice for joint pains, arthritis, diabetes, Back Pains etc... Even my daughters who are on a 1 oz. daily prevention dosage, increase their intake to 3 oz. a day when they get the sniffles during flu season and get better in a couple of days. My 16 year old states having more focus in school and less fatigue since she started drinking mangosteen juice.”

11/18/2009 -- Pierre from Quebec

The anti-inflammatory components of Mangosteen Juice also help ease lower back pain, sciatica pain, as well as severe back pain related to peripheral neuropathy. This all natural juice can also promote joint flexibility, enhance intestinal health and develop a healthy respiratory system.

Although Mangosteen Juice holds numerous health benefits, it is still important to seek medical assistance from a qualified doctor as your first treatment option when seeking lower back pain remedy. Mangosteen Juice contains no contraindications, hence it can still be used with any other medications that your doctor prescribes. There will be time enough later for your doctor to observe your progress and wean you off from any allopathic medication, with Mangosteen Juice eventually becoming a mainstay in preventive medicine by choice.

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