Insomnia Causes, Understanding Them

Insomnia causes should become a prime concern when you see yourself incapable of gaining a relaxed sleep at night or you experience a perpetual habit of getting up sleepless in the middle of the night.This is a logical train of events that triggers your thoughts as to why you maybe contending all of a sudden from insomnia, and you seek to discover or recognize the reasons behind it.

Not getting to the root of the problem is also unpalatable, as you are clearly not in favor of worsening the situation with unsuitable treatment procedures or worse still, risky approaches of correcting it. A number of individuals are often taken aback when confronted with information on insomnia causes. Let us investigate these unforeseen circumstances that may be interfering with your sleep.

Psychological Insomnia Causes

In most individuals, insomnia causes are often the result of:

  • Anxiety, a mental condition in which the affected person experiences increased apprehension, tension, and feeling of uncertainty, worry, fear and helplessness. This maybe due to the impacts caused to you by other persons at the office where you work, or financial worries or various other causes. According to a number of experts, anxieties on a daily basis, as well as more-severe anxiety problems, is one of the known psychological insomnia causes, as this is known to alter your sleeping pattern.

  • Insomnia Causes

  • Stress or how efficiently a person handles any physical, emotional, economic, social, or other aspect that needs a response or adjustment. The reasons as to why stress may arise is due to concern about health, work, school or family, which keeps the mind on the go even at night during sleeping hours, resulting in difficulty of sleeping. Stressful life events are also insomnia causes including a job loss, divorce, and death of loved ones.
  • Depression, a specific mood disturbance portrayed by feelings of hopelessness, discouragement and unhappiness that often leads to sleep deprivation. You might experience too much sleep or feel difficulty sleeping if you are down in the dumps due to depression. It is considered one of the psychological insomnia causes primarily due to chemical imbalances in the brain; in addition, unwarranted worries that go together with depression may keep a person from relaxing or be conducive enough to fall asleep.
Additionally, insufficient good night's sleep can make these very similar psychological tribulations possible, and a vicious cycle may build up. Specialized counseling from a medical doctor, sleep specialist or therapist would then be suitable in search of insomnia cures and can really help individuals deal with these problems.

Physical Insomnia Causes

The physical insomnia causes are many, but not limited to the following:

  • Genetic components are often related to insomnia and some studies have concluded that it is one of the culprits towards insomnia causes. Insomnia troubles do give the impression to run in a few families and it can be inherited by children.
  • Decreased levels of melatonin are most noticeable insomnia causes. Melatonin is the hormone that promotes good sleep and once it is altered, expects changes in the sleeping habit or pattern.
  • Health conditions are also physical insomnia causes. If you experience chronic pain, difficulty in breathing or having to urinate more often than usual, you are at high risk of developing insomnia problems. Other health conditions associated to insomnia are cancer, diabetes, arthritis, health disease, GERD, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer's disease and lung disease.
Addressing these insomnia causes is the best possible means in finding appropriate insomnia cures. Always see to it that you pay attention to the factors causing you insomnia; this is the best approach prior to seeking any treatment and also to be on the path of recovery for a good night sleep.

What is an Insomnia Quiz?

Once you have addressed the root of insomnia causes, taking an insomnia quiz is also a good approach to verify insomnia attacks prudently. If you are experiencing problems falling sound asleep, then why not consider taking the insomnia quiz?

Basically, an insomnia quiz will help a person to verify whether he is suffering from insomnia or not. It consists of a series of questions regarding your feelings towards sleeplessness and other related factors. Some sample questions that can be found in an insomnia quiz which are answerable by a YES or NO includes:

  • Does it take you an hour to fall sound asleep?
  • During the night, do you often get up and hardly find yourself getting back to sleep?
  • Have you been suffered sleepless night for more than six months?
  • Do you feel satisfied with the numbers of hours of sleep you get in the night?
  • Do you often experience frustration?
  • Does your awareness and thought go towards the clock and you begin wondering when you will be able to get sleep?
If your answers are YES in the above sample insomnia quiz, then you are affected by insomnia. However, these set of questions are just a basic help in diagnosing insomnia on your own, obviously a further evaluation with the help of a specialist is still required.

What are the Available Insomnia Cures?

Again, addressing the root of insomnia causes will be most effective when seeking the right insomnia cures. So once you have identified the possible causes of your insomnia, you may consider taking into account the following insomnia cures.

  • Consider taking a warmth bath prior to going to bed. A warmth bath is considered one of the most relaxing of insomnia cures, however don’t over do it. Also, a warm bath will help to calm the body and also help remove the presence of toxins from the body.
  • Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed is a well-thought and effective approach among insomnia cures. Warm milk is capable of relaxing the nervous system as it contains calcium, which directly works on jagged nerves to help them relax. As a result, a good night sleep is usually achieved successfully.
  • If you have the time, and already frequently feeling sleep deprivation, why not try to experience the good effects of a rejuvenating body massage? Massage helps to work out the tension in the body and muscles, as well as help you to obtain a relaxed and restful night.
Insomnia is a possible manifestation of a disorder, even though for the majority of us find it as the outcome of anxiety, tension and stress that we experience daily. Seeking medical help should always be the first step as it will help verify the insomnia causes and the medical practitioner will also be able to recommend all the possible insomnia cures or even recommend treatment drugs to assist you in getting the needed sleep.

What are the Good Effects of Mangosteen Juice to Insomnia Sufferers?

A number of us may have come across many forms of insomnia cures and understood the benefits offered. Also, by taking an insomnia quiz, we may obtain an initial diagnosis regarding our sleep issues. Notwithstanding these, if you really want to obtain restful and sound sleep at night, one highly recommended option to consider is the regular consumption of the original Pure Mangosteen Juice.

Mangosteen Juice maybe the ideal choice for insomnia sufferers due to its huge number of health benefits, many of which center around improving cognitive functions. In fact, a regular consumer of this remarkable juice had this to say:

“I am so grateful for this product since I started taking the mangosteen juice in late 2007 I have been pain free. I suffered from Carpal Tunnel from many years of computer work. I had a horrible pain and numbness in my wrists and arms. I could not even hammer a nail in a wall or even give my wife a massage without severe pain. I was on the verge of surgery when a good friend of mine suggested I tried mangosteen juice. I have been pain free and the numbness has never returned since I stated using this wonderful product. Just ask my wife how happy she is that I can massage her neck and shoulders again. I have seen help in the area of sleep as well. I have never slept so well after many years of Insomnia.”

5/8/2009 -- Brian from AZ

The primary reason of Mangosteen Juice that helping insomnia sufferers is obviously its natural healing properties, which include natural anti insomnia and antioxidant constituents. The natural anti insomnia properties are responsible in helping a person achieve satisfied hours of sleep.

If a person regularly consumes Mangosteen Juice, it is feasible to put off the attacks of insomnia, especially if the insomnia is linked to psychological problems such as anxiety, depression or stress. In addition, Mangosteen Juice is capable of relaxing the nervous system, diluting the tension that is felt and making it subside.

In addition, the natural antioxidants of Mangosteen Juice work well in stopping the impact caused by harmful free radicals. Free radicals often alter healthy brain chemistry, which then may result in sleep issues. If regular consumption of Mangosteen Juice is established, a person can be anxiety free about insomnia, as the juice helps to neutralize these free radicals and prevent greater damage to cognitive functions. Also, these natural antioxidant properties help boost the immune system of insomnia sufferers.

These reasons in themselves are quite enough to measure Mangosteen Juice as one of the best natural insomnia cures. However, do remember to also consider addressing the root of insomnia causes prior to using the original Pure Mangosteen Juice, so as to obtain the desired benefits.

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