Herbal Supplements for Health

Herbal supplements for health? I can do without them, so do I really need to take them? I have heard this argument more than a dozen times before.

The problem with most people is that they base their health on how they feel. Just because you feel healthy and in perfect fit now, does not mean you do not need supplements.

When it suddenly strikes - an illness, a health problem, a sign of old age, weakness - we begin to search for a dietary or herbal supplements for health to help us get out of the hole we have unfortunately dug for ourselves.

Health Heart Supplements

In food processing, as when making flour or noodles, we lose 60-90% of most heart healthy vitamins. We degrade proteins by frying and high heat and our factories hydrogenate oil which first zaps all omega-3 (really vitamin F-3) by transforming it into toxic trans fat.

Science shows that a heart healthy diet is one with relatively unprocessed foods with veggies and some fruits, and rice or grains that retain some of their original kernel-structure to slow digestion. Such 'whole' foods became scarce in Western diets, which is why health heart supplements have become a reality for overall well being. If you can't recognize part of the original food, the item is processed or refined. Some eggs, liver or fish are probably also vital for most of us.

What is the Mangosteen?

Southeast Asian Fruit, Mangosteen

Garcinia Mangostana (mangosteen), a fruit from Southeast Asia, first came to our attention because of centuries of use by traditional medical practitioners.

Mangosteen has a sweet, white pulp surrounded by a purple rind, or pericarp. The complete mangosteen contains more than forty nutritionally active components called xanthones. Mangosteen juice has captured the attention of natural and traditional health care providers across the globe, especially more so with those who are seeking a herbal health supplement for a variety of conditions, including heart related issues.

Mangosteen: State of the Science

For three decades, scientists from across the world have been studying the xanthones from mangosteen. The way the body uses xanthones can be broken into three categories.

Category 1
Antioxidant. Xanthones are one of the most powerful sets of naturally available antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and other reactive oxygen species (ROS) by donating an hydrogen. Gamma mangostin, a potent xanthone, has four biologically available hydrogens, not just one of your average herbal supplements for health out there.

Gamma Mangosteen

Reactive Oxygen Species

Additionally, ROS are three-dimensional structures, requiring neutralization by a molecule that “fits” their structure. This is why mangosteen, which provides more than forty different antioxidants, provides the body with a powerful arsenal to fight oxidative damage.

Category 2
Anti-inflammatory. Several xanthones have been determined to be powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Gamma mangostin has been shown to inhibit cyclooxygenase and prostaglandin-E2 synthesis in vitro.

Category 3
Special Properties. Individual xanthones also have health properties unique to themselves. To date, some of the special properties found in xanthone research, both in vitro and in animal models, include ulcer healing, antimicrobial, antitumor, and insulin sensitizing properties.

Mangosteen: Clinical Uses

Mangosteen Recommended by Health Care Professional

Many of the key studies on xanthones conclude by saying they expect the mangosteen to be found a major source of health. In the meantime, the personal experiences of more than a million people who take mangosteen supplements daily are helping shape our clinical understanding of its use. Although there maybe a number who make and sell mangosteen juice as one of the many wholesale health supplements out there, the exact recipe and quality of manufacture plays a critical, if not, all encompassing foundation towards seeing any improvement in a debilitating health condition.


Disease prevention has never been the motivator that it should be. Preventive science is based on an understanding of disease pathology and nutritional function.

We must move forward, intelligently, based on the information we have. A staggering number of conditions, including the top five killer diseases, are now directly linked to oxidative damage and chronic inflammation. Effective prevention must address both of these pathological processes.

With demonstrated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the mangosteen becomes an obvious choice to provide the body with the raw materials necessary to prevent or slow these disease processes. By intelligently complementing herbal supplements for health, we are giving our bodies what they truly need.

Active Disease

Mangosteen’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are also key to currently active symptoms. Case reports and personal experiences support the use of mangosteen in allergies, asthma, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety, diabetes, eczema and other skin conditions, fibromyalgia, gastritis and reflux, high cholesterol, hypertension, inflammatory and irritable bowel conditions, lupus, menstrual pain and dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, prostate health, and sleep disorders. View 6 min Video of Various Mangosteen Testimonials

Every year the toxic effects of drugs cause increasing disability and earth. The question to us is this: If we could use a natural, healthy supplement, why would we use a toxin? You are being asked to consider mangosteen as a healthy alternate or adjunct to your current treatment choices.

Supplement vs. Drug

Mangosteen juice is a supplement, and not a drug. This is an important distinction. Suggesting mangosteen is similar to promoting whole foods or vitamins or prescribing drugs off label. Remember, anytime a drug is prescribed for a condition for which the FDA has not approved it, or when you use a higher dose than what is approved, the drug is prescribed off label.

We all make medical decisions based on two sources of information: the available science and personal experiences.

The mass experiences with mangosteen will drive research to determine why it is so effective. But we do not have to wait to benefit. Should the sailors have waited for double-blind citrus studies while they died of scurvy?

The science is unparalleled for a supplement so recently available. The personal experiences of those taking mangosteen are both clinically intriguing and make sense based on disease pathology and the function of the xanthones. As a supplement, no one can say the mangosteen will do anything specific for anyone. If it makes sense for disease prevention or symptom improvement, try it.

How You Can Help

Support those who wish to try mangosteen. Help them by closely following their active conditions within your area of expertise (monitoring blood pressures, blood sugars, cholesterol, anemia, etc.) Many people find they need to decrease or stop medications after starting mangosteen. It is dangerous for this to take place without the assistance of a proper healthcare professional.

Mangosteen is not one of the average herbal supplements for health out there, but neither is it being claimed that it will cure, treat, or prevent any condition or symptom. Look at the available science of the mangosteen, look at the causes of disease, and look at the experiences of those who are already taking mangosteen. Then answer for yourself - Does mangosteen make sense for you?

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