Help with heartburn is best achieved by introducing self-care remedies.

'Help with heartburn' may sound like it, but heartburn is simply a painful condition involving the upper digestive system, and not the heart itself. Oftentimes, the pain radiates from the middle of the chest, hence the symptoms are frequently confused with those of heart attack.

The truth is, heartburn is a condition connected to the excessive production of acid in the stomach, usually signaled with heartburn indigestion symptoms. Heartburn got its name from chest pains near the heart region, brought by stomach acid that goes up into the esophagus. This chest pain can be easily confused with angina, but the heart has nothing to do with it.

All our esophagus have a one-way valve that acts as a defense from stomach acid coming up the esophagus to the mouth or buccal cavity. When a small volume of acid from the stomach escapes up the undefended esophagus, the resulting chemical burn causes modest to severe pain, herein known as heartburn. On the other hand, if this sphincter becomes overwhelmed, stomach contents can be forced back up the throat and also cause burn. This condition on the other hand is called gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Help with heartburn strategies are sometimes hard to apply, especially when heartburn sufferers cannot commit to following the needed steps towards controlling the pain and recovery. Statistics reveal that anyone can suffer from heartburn, but the focal group of people affected by it are more of the older ones and pregnant women.

For older people, the main reason why they suffer heartburn or experience heartburn indigestion symptoms is because the muscle in their esophagus has become weak. For a pregnant women who is experiencing early pregnancy heartburn, this is due to the swelling of the uterus which causes more pressure to the stomach, causing stomach acids to spill and easily reach the esophagus.

Help with Heartburn Strategies and Techniques

help with heartburn

Many drug prescriptions are available now to help with heartburn, including drugs to treat heartburn indigestion symptoms and early pregnancy heartburn. However, not all of them maybe as effective, and consultation and feedback with your physician will help in finding the right one, at the right dose. Allopathic medicine has been proven to help with heartburn, although not without their side effects.

Some of these are over the counter drugs work by neutralizing the stomach acid. Among these are antacid drugs, which are considered as the first line of defense against heartburn indigestion symptoms. An antacid drug comes in various forms, such as liquid, tablet or even foam. The active ingredients in antacids are generally sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, calcium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide. These active ingredients of antacids work together in stopping heartburn indigestion symptoms and eventually provide help with heartburn.

Apart from this drug, self-care remedies can also be a good help with heartburn. Especially for pregnant women who are suffering from early pregnancy heartburn, introducing self care remedies maybe the best possible help with heartburn. This is because a pregnant woman cannot just go about ingesting any drug for some condition, as it may cause harm to the growing fetus inside her womb. Hence, its best to take special note and practice self care remedies such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol, stop smoking and staying away from foods that trigger heartburn.

Pure Mangosteen Juice can Help with Heartburn.

Many studies and research published at PubMed have verified that Pure Mangosteen Juice other than being a potent source of high antioxidants, also has compounds which exhibit anti-tumor activity, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitical, anti-viral, anti-fungal and most significantly, anti-inflammatory properties.

Pure Mangosteen juice protects our body against free radicals by killing viruses, fungus and bacteria. It also lessens and reduces inflammation and helps tremendously the body’s natural healing process. In fact, Pure Mangosteen Juice has time and again proven to be matchless in the abundance of powerful human health benefits.

Drinking Pure Mangosteen Juice on a regular basis is as safe as drinking freshly ground orange or apple juice, as it is found not to contain any harmful substances; in fact, it is also known not to have any contraindications. This is no wonder, as it’s based on an edible, delicious fruit which has been enjoyed for its taste for milleniums in South East Asia.

However, can Pure Mangosteen Juice help with heartburn by putting off heartburn indigestion symptoms and also help pregnant women in prevention of early pregnancy heartburn? Such help with heartburn, maybe really good news for heartburn sufferers; this is what Maureen from Canada said:

“I have been taking mangosteen juice since July 04. I experienced immediately a sense of well being and energy and was able to wean myself off of anti-depressants that I had been taking on and off for many years. I was also able to cease taking anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed to me for lower back pain. I was also on a prescribed medication used for Parkinson's patients to control a condition known as Restless Limb Syndrome to help me sleep at night when this condition would bother me the most. I was able to cease taking that as well and now enjoy a wonderful deep sleep throughout the night and wake refreshed. I no longer have chronic fatigue during the day. I was also able to stop taking antacids used to treat heartburn. I can't say enough about this product and what it has done for my health. This product has certainly changed my life! “

Maureen from Canada

Basing from this testimonial, it may become obvious that Pure Mangosteen Juice is truly a miraculous health supplement. The naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties of Pure Mangosteen Juice are a great help with heartburn, as they don’t only provide pain relief, but being natural, there are no side effects to them.

So if you are drinking Pure Mangosteen Juice on a daily basis, it can also help you to prevent heartburn indigestion symptoms. For pregnant women who are suffering from early pregnancy heartburn, regular consumption of Pure Mangosteen Juice may also help in controlling the acid production in the stomach.

On an important note, although consuming Pure Mangosteen juice is known to boost good health, it should not be taken as a substitute for essential medicines; always consult your doctor when it comes to drug prescriptions. Doctors are qualified to know when to increase, reduce or take you off a prescription altogether; in the meantime, you may evaluate Pure Mangosteen juice to see what good it does for your body.

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