Pure Mangosteen juice as part of heartburn diets.

Why are heartburn diets so important? At one time or another, nearly everyone has suffered from heartburn and it typically has something to do with your heartburn diets. In fact, you may know it all very well, the feeling of heartburn. That burning and scorching feeling that grabs hold of your lower chest after you consume something you know you shouldn't have. What frequently follows is that bitter or sour taste of acid reflux in your mouth and throat. If you are lucky, that sour taste may be over in just under a minute, but if you are not that lucky, you will continue to experience the bitter or sour taste for hours.

Yes, thousands or even millions of us are very much aware of the embarrassment caused by heartburn, a situation in which gastric acids goes up into the esophagus area. The heartwarming news is that heartburn is very much preventable if you follow stringently highly recommended heartburn diets.

In general, heartburn is caused by lots of foods and keeping away from these foods will help in stopping heartburn. The instant cause of heartburn is the acidic gastric juices which leave the stomach and later on go up to the esophagus. When the acidic gastric juices reach the esophagus it will cause pain and inflammation, a condition called esophagitis. Another situation where heartburn occurs is during pregnancy. In case of pregnancy, the baby is pressing up against the base of the diaphragm and eventually squeezing the stomach. An irregular occurrence of acid-regurgitation or simply experiencing heartburn indigestion symptoms is quite normal. However, constant heartburn for two weeks or more is regularly a sign of a more serious health problem. According to experts, the most frequent principal causes of heartburn are hiatal hernia and GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Some heartburn diets

When we say Hiatal Hernia, it is a situation where a division of the stomach protrudes upward into the chest through the opening in the diaphragm usually only occupied by the esophagus. This means that it exerts too much pressure on the LES valve stopping it from closing correctly. The primary cause of Hiatal Hernia is unknown but experts come up with its causative factors which include constipation, abdominal muscle strain, obesity, smoking and pregnancy. In addition, GERD is described as malfunction of the muscular valve, known as the LES or the lower esophageal sphincter, which is located at the base of the esophagus. Basically the primary function of this valve is to confine the acid in the stomach and avoid it from leaking back up the esophagus. If in case that valve doesn’t work correctly, heartburn and acid reflux can occur.

List of Heartburn Diets

Anyone suffering from chronic heartburn requires to follow special heartburn diets. Heartburn diets are considered as the most important factors in preventing heartburn indigestion symptoms and the heartburn itself. So, if you are able to recognize the types of foods that causes heartburn within you, yet you still want to enjoy them from time to time, of course you may still consume them but you need to take heartburn drugs prior to ingesting these foods that you enjoy eating so much. The most favorable time is taking such preventive drugs fifteen minutes before ingesting something. This way, it helps stopping heartburn. In fact, there is no basis why people who suffer from heartburn should also suffer from excluding their much loved types of foods from their meals.

You can incorporate in your heartburn diets the types of foods you like, provided that you consume it in a moderate manner and in small quantities. Therefore, in stopping heartburn always keep in your medicine cabinet the prescribed heartburn drugs as well as being mindful of heartburn diets which are largely preventive.

Some experts in this field have also come up with the different forms of heartburn diets and it maybe prudent to take note of the following:

Stay Away from Acidic Food and Carbonated Drinks

The acidic foods are citrus fruits, tomato-based products, gooseberries, tomatoes, rhubarb, acidic pickles, vinegar and unripe fruit. While the carbonated drinks includes cocoa, orange juice and coffee. These varieties of foods must be avoided if you are experiencing heartburn constantly, with the objective of stopping heartburn occurrences. On the other hand, the carbonated beverages cause upward pressure on the LES, increasing the possibility of heartburn. So be extra vigilant on the carbonated beverages you drink and some of the recommended beverages which you may include in your heartburn diets are herbal teas, water, Mangosteen juice and non-citrus fruit juices.

Reduce Consuming Spicy and Fatty Foods and Trim Down Alcohol Consumption

Very fatty foods such as fried chicken, fried pork including candy, promote heartburn indigestion symptoms and should be avoided or consumed in moderation. So in stopping heartburn, go easy on sausages, pate, mayo, butter, full-fat cheese and meat pies. The same applies to extremely spicy foods which include chilli, mustard, black pepper, curry and other forms of hot spices, as well as raw garlic and onions. While cutting down consumption of alcohol is very vital for people who suffer heartburn or those who are just recently experiencing heartburn indigestion symptoms.

Pure Mangosteen Juice and Heartburn Diets

A number of us maybe familiar with the different health benefits offered by Mangosteen juice. Numerous benefits include the prevention of infections, skin allergies, cancer, gastrointestinal disorder; but there is one other thing which makes Pure Mangosteen juice extraordinary, and that is in its power and strength of stopping heartburn.

In fact, a testimonial coming from an individual who used Pure Mangosteen juice in treating his heartburn had this to say:

“I said goodbye to my Heartburn... If I feel some coming on, I just take a 1/2 ounce of mangosteen juice, and it's gone... “

7/7/2008 – Gregg

This is very true. The Mangosteen juice has been recommended by many physicians, including those who have used it and experienced its health benefits. Apart from the health benefits it offers, you can also enjoy the refreshing fruit punch taste of the Mangosteen with nine other ground fruits within the juice.

According to some research and studies, the health benefits offered by Pure Mangosteen juice is really a miracle. Why so? Simply because Mangosteen juice contains essential compounds which work synergistically in preventing the onset of various diseases. Therefore, if you are wondering how Mangosteen juice helps in stopping heartburn as well as preventing heartburn indigestion symptoms, one contributing factor is the strong anti-inflammatory properties of Mangosteen juice in pain relief.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Pure Mangosteen juice also help in preventing irritation in the gastrointestinal area. This way, if the irritation is prevented there will be no possibility in the gastric content reaching the esophagus. Also, with the anti-inflammatory properties of Pure Mangosteen juice, the gastric substances are exclusively confined in the stomach, making it to not rise up all the way to the throat, neck and mouth. Therefore, incorporating Mangosteen juice in your heartburn diets may be the most effective solution in preventing the incidence of heartburn indigestion symptoms, as well as stopping heartburn.

In the end, by following essential heartburn diets and integrating Pure Mangosteen juice in your daily consumption before meals can put off the agony brought by heartburn.

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