Headaches in Children, How Does One Manage It

It is said that headaches in children comes in various degrees; what causes headaches maybe the usual question for anxious stricken headache sufferers, but its to be noted that this medical problem is generally not serious. Just like grown-ups, these little kids can also develop headaches, be it chronic headaches, migraines, tension headaches or stress-related headaches. However, these headaches affecting children usually manifest dissimilar signs and symptoms.

In a few rare cases, headaches in children are attributed to infections, some form of injury in the head and high levels of anxiety. This is probably a good reason as to why parents need to take special note on their children headaches warning signs, as this is the key in finding appropriate treatment and prevention. Once warning signs are noticed, do not hesitate to seek advice from a medical expert in order to obtain a proper diagnosis. In addition, headaches in children can typically be cured with treatment drugs and other preventive measures or home based measures.

Minimize Children Playtime on TV and Computer

According to a number of reliable sources, extensive usage of the computer or television is a primary reason on what causes headaches within children. Headaches in children are developed through prolonged exposure to computer and television, and this is obviously not a healthy habit to the growing body and mind of children, as the computer and television screen emits radiation and light that can give anyone headaches. In order to minimize the playtime of your children with these innovative technologies, as well as to prevent or stop headaches in children, it is important that parents set time limits to computer and television usage.

One suggestion to be successful in this is to educate your children to engage in outdoor, indoor activities such as ball games or board games. This can be very helpful, you are not only helping to prevent headaches in children, but other than their eyes receiving a well deserved break, they are also forming new habits to improve their general well being. Although using the computer is not a bad thing as it also helps children to develop academically when engaged in research and project work, its important to also limit their exposure.

Limit the Consumption of Caffeine, Soda and Chocolate

Caffeine, soda and chocolate contain trigger substances that can cause headaches in children. These food items have also shown to re-wire the brain of children to become chemically dependent or sensitive very quickly, thus making headaches possible to occur at anytime once too much consumption is established.

The best way to help your children limit their intake of caffeine, soda and chocolate, is to explain to them that excessive consumption of these foods can cause them unwanted headaches, and it is not healthy to their developing mind and body. Parents will find it prudent to formulate a plan to start scaling back slowly on their consumption of these trigger food substances, in order to prevent or stop altogether headaches in children.

Disregard the Butler, the iPod did It

Headaches in Children

It is a fact that children these days possess so many handheld gadgets. These gadgets are naturally a means of enjoyment, but using them for extended periods of time can definitely be the cause of headaches in children. Among the more innovative gadgets these days, the MP3 player is found to be usually the main reason for headaches in children, particularly when the device is used at excessive sound levels.

Based on a number of reliable studies, the ears of children are very sensitive to mildly loud genre of music and auditory vibrations, and when music coming from the ear phones are turned on too loud, it can easily cause ear canals damage, resulting in the ears ringing and leading to headaches in children.

In order to take preventive measures, it is recommended to allow your children to only use their MP3 players when there are no classes and only in limited period of time. Its also helpful in explaining to them that using MP3 player with high volume can make them experience headaches and other health problems which may not go away if permanent damage occurs to the ear canals.

Preventing the Episodes of Headaches That Lead to Headache and Nausea

Headache and nausea can appear simultaneously, especially if the headache becomes a migraine and your body begins to suffer from it. The train of events that usually happen after this will be the nerves of the stomach being affected, thus bringing about nausea.

If in case headache and nausea is due to the effects of headaches, there are a few effective treatment drugs, whether over-the-counter or prescription drugs that can help you alleviate the effects of these headaches. Keep in mind also that when you are taking treatment drugs, you have to drink sufficient amount of water, as at times dehydration can also give rise to headaches.

Furthermore, an existing health problem can also set off headache and nausea. In this case, it is very important to immediately seek advice from your family doctor, as the headache and nausea may actually be a symptom of something else that is taking place within your body due to your pre existing condition.

Natural remedies may also be utilized to prevent headache and nausea. Acupuncture and homeopathy are some of the natural remedies which have been shown to be effective, in not only for preventing headaches, but also for other types of ailments. At times these natural remedies may seem more attractive to the cost conscious consumer, as they are usually lesser in cost than visiting a doctor and paying for both consultation and medicine.

Mangosteen Juice is a Suitable Remedy for Resolving Headaches in Children

Yes its true, the original Pure Mangosteen Juice is not only applicable for adults, but it is also a preferred remedy that can easily be used for alleviating headaches in children.

The original Mangosteen Juice has been specially formulated to give an indescribable, fruity taste that causes any of these children who consume it, to immediately fall in love with it, imagining it to be the next best thing to ice cream or sweets; the children would want more and more of it, and being a food substance, it presents no dangers even if consumed more than usual, just like drinking more of freshly squeezed orange does no harm to anyone.

Other than being a fabulous, taste worthy juice, the main feature of this juice is its numerous healing properties and essential nutrients that help children develop stronger bodies and sharper mental abilities; the other benefit is the juice protective nature in naturally beefing up the immune system of any consumer, protecting the body daily from invading microbes, as well as help to achieve relief from aches and discomforts.

Without a doubt, the original Pure Mangosteen Juice is a natural remedy for resolving headaches in children, especially if parents are hesitant to use treatment medications which come along with negative side effects.

Its common knowledge that treatment medications are formulated using potent chemicals that can cause damage to the growing vital systems of children, particularly if used in a disapproved manner. So as an alternative, parents may decide to let their children drink an all natural food substance such as Mangosteen Juice on a regular basis, in order to combat the effects of headaches. One consumer who benefited from daily consumption of this juice had this to say:

“I am 52 years old and have suffered from frequent Headaches for my entire adult life. In my mid twenties I gave up on a medical solution and resigned myself to living with them. The Headaches would occur at any time, several times a week, especially at night. I kept a big bottle of aspirins handy at all times. A week after drinking the juice I noticed that I was not experiencing any more Headaches. This is the beginning of my third month on the juice, and the Headaches have not returned. I got rid of the aspirin bottle. I also have a significant boost in my energy levels.”

Ronnie from Louisiana

Apart from being a suitable treatment to resolve headaches in children, Mangosteen Juice can also be used in the prevention of headache and nausea. The various healing properties of Mangosteen Juice are responsible in preventing the episodes or attacks of this problem, and it will also provide the needed assistance in achieving optimum health.

Just be sure to make it a habit to drink Mangosteen Juice on a consistent basis in order to receive its full effects and to obtain quality results; this can be easily appreciated because Mangosteen Juice is a plant based substance, and its a known premise that plant based substances take a period of time to present its benefits to the human body. The key then is consistency and maintaining or increasing the consumption levels.

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