Headache Rack, Setting Up One

A headache rack is not without its uses; whether you are beleaguered by headache discomforts or only seldom disturbed by a case of the sniffles, your headache cabinet is most likely the primary place you resort to for assistance. But have you ensured that the contents found within are the most excellent selections for your wellbeing?

In general, a headache rack is designed for the protection and preservation of headache medicines. Whenever you purchase an over the counter medications for headaches, this headache rack becomes beneficial, as it is also serves as a storage place for medicines.

Some headache racks come in small sizes, because it may be the ideal size that can fit pleasantly in your home, although there are larger ones available for those who need the space, especially when its for more than one person within the household.When you have installed a headache rack at your home, ensure that you clear it out once a year to dispose of headache medicines that are outmoded, or have faded labels.

Without engaging in this annual ‘spring clean’, you could end up taking potentially unsafe medicine. In fact, an outmoded ingredient of medicines can become dormant or even deadly, resulting in an upset stomach upon consumption. Therefore, you should always check the labels and expiry dates of each medication that you keep in the headache rack, so as to prevent any possible complications or problems.

That being said, what are some suggestions to include in a headache rack? Here is the list of medications that a headache rack should ideally have.

  • Pain-Relieving Medications
    Painkillers should be one of the most important contents of a headache rack. Headache pain may arise at any time of the day, hence, keeping ibuprofen or paracetamol in a headache rack can help you lessen headache pain and discomforts.However, you must also keep in mind to take only the recommended dosage.

    Excessive intake of painkillers can lead to stomach upset and other complexities. Also, there is a high possibility to become dependent or addicted to these drugs. So as a precaution, be sure to indicate within your headache rack the right amount or dosage of medication that should be taken coupled with an approved frequency.

  • Anti-allergy Medications
    Allergic reaction can trigger headaches in children and adults, that’s why keeping antihistamines in a headache rack can help you reduce the attacks due to allergy. For headaches in children induced by allergic reactions, its advisable to keep the liquid forms of antihistamines, and the tablets form for adults.

    The mechanism of action of antihistamines medications is suppressing overproduction of histamine in the body. However, these drugs usually contain a sedating effect that can ‘worsen’ the condition. Hence, be aware or receptive to this when taking them.

  • Headache Rack

  • Cold and Flu Medications
    Keeping an all-in-one cold and flu medication in a headache rack is also a good idea. It helps alleviate painful joints, headaches, a blocked nose and cough, a great advantage indeed in not having to take separate medicine for every illness. This trims down the hazard of having to take a plethora of paracetamol-based medications at once.

    An all-in-one cold and flu medication in a headache rack can also help prevent elevated temperatures and headaches in children. If you have children at home, taking this step maybe vital as this helps to ensure their well being and prevent other complications.

The above mentioned treatments are just some of the medications you should plan to have within a headache cabinet. Its perfectly plausible to add other types of medications within, provided that they are beneficial to health and wellbeing. In addition, its wise to keep your headache cabinet clean and secured, in order to avoid unnecessary eventualities.

List of the Medical Causes of Headaches

Severe but rare causes of headaches are due to cancer of the brain and skull. According to medical experts, cancer can grind down bone or it can develop outsized tumors in the brain, leading to headaches or other aches and discomforts. Ache from cancer can be unbearable or mild. Neurological medical issues similar to a stroke must be perceptible if a brain growth is big enough to produce daily headaches.

Head Trauma
Head trauma is one of the known causes of headaches that can create constant, daily headaches, particularly if a concussion results. Post concussion syndrome is more often than not an indication of a more severe head trauma and can bring on chronic, daily headaches coupled with exhaustion for a couple of months.

Neurological injury from head trauma, which is extremely sluggish to nurse back to health, can lead to chronic headaches on a daily basis for numerous months or even a couple of years. Subarachnoid bleeding can create short term, daily headaches, and may even result in death, if medical management is not sought promptly.

Posture and Lifestyle
Poor posture and lifestyle risk factors are also well known causes of headaches that could encourage repeated headaches. These include the intake of prohibited drugs, deprived posture while working, frequent contact to smoke or strong odors, continuous mobile phone usage, every day exposure to bright lights, eye damage, elevated stress situations, sleeping on your abdomen, constant dehydration, sleep deficiency, graveyard schedules and heavy intake of caffeine, all or any of which can carve up the likelihood of daily episodes of headaches.

Infections and Other Medical Conditions
Infections like brain swellings and meningitis are also result in severe but rare causes of headaches. Infections frequently generate serious pain and discomforts. Medical conditions that amplify intracranial pressure like hypertension, kidney problems and glaucoma can also lead to headaches each day.

Mangosteen Juice and Its Healing Properties

Alternative treatments and therapies are well thought of to be the safest way of treating numerous forms of headaches. The natural elements of these treatments are due to the active or main ingredients, which bring about their effectiveness or efficacy. In addition, alternative treatments and therapies take advantage of the natural essentials of the environment for human health, such as plants and herbs.

That being said, the original Pure Mangosteen Juice is one of the most noteworthy, alternative remedies for addressing headaches in children and adults, because it features a host of enormous numbers of benefits to health. The unique, anti-inflammatory properties are one of the known healing properties which are responsible in preventing and controlling the inflammation that contribute to headaches. In fact, one regular consumer of this acclaimed juice had this by way of testimonial:

“My husband suffered from Headaches almost everyday, he has tried all medications and has just suffered through them for about 15 years. Since taking mangosteen juice, his Headaches are pretty much gone. I broke out in a rash on my face and neck in May 2006, all summer I've been battling this and have taken tetricycline for 2 months. Doxycycline didn't clear up at all. After 5 days of mangosteen juice, there was significant clearing.”

9/29/2006 -- Nancy and Jeff from Michigan

Mangosteen Juice is also capable of preventing other medical conditions that set off headaches. These include psychological problems, cancer, allergy, GI problems and other problems common in life. Apart from that, the original Pure Mangosteen Juice can also productively control high blood pressure and heart problems, which are also contributing factors to headaches.

For these reasons and many others yet unknown, this all natural juice may be the perfect natural treatment for headaches in children and adults; also because there are no contraindications with this juice, when combined with other treatment modalities, it becomes more effective.

In addition, always keep an unopened bottle of the original Pure Mangosteen Juice in a headache rack to preserve its potency and efficacy; an unopened bottle of the juice has a shelf life of 1 year. Once opened, it has to be refrigerated, and consumed within thirty days.

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