Right foods for acid reflux – what are they?

Right foods for acid reflux maybe your biggest concern if you are suffering from acid reflux; also you would know that there are certain types of food that you must avoid, because they have tendencies to exacerbate your condition. Why? For the reason that they are either too acidic or fatty which makes the digestive systems to work harder, reflexively producing more acids to address this situation.

Fortunately, due to public feedback from those who have suffered from this condition and educated medical advice, there are good and safe foods for acid reflux that you can implement in your diet. These recommended foods for acid reflux are the types of food that you must consume religiously, since they will not cause the lower esophageal sphincter to slow down.

Right foods for acid reflux are very vital because by now, you may have realized from your experience that certain foods for acid reflux may set off the symptoms in you. As such, the first thing to do to minimize or even stop acid reflux, is to lessen or even stay away from foods that you have identified to cause acid reflux.

In truth, lots of people approach the management of acid reflux like the quest for the Holy Grail. They turn out to be so bogged down with various opinions that it results in confusion or even disillusionment at times. When they reach this stage, quite often they are more likely to depend on the convenience of prescribed drugs to treat the symptoms of acid reflux, than be more willing to look for a more permanent treatment.

Our society today has become far too dependent on pharmaceuticals drugs to control the symptoms of certain diseases. Prescription medications indeed have their place, but there are often also natural means to treat, if not cure ailments. It would look like that the medical society, in general, is more concerned with the treatment and management of symptoms than the eradication of disease itself.

Basically, when we analyse natural methods of treating certain conditions like acid reflux, sooner or later it will dawn on the individual that life style modification is a must; this will include a proper diet together with established self-care remedies.

Eating the right foods for acid reflux is obviously the most important thing to prevent the occurrence of acid reflux. However, even if you are not eating the food that causes acid reflux, from time to time, acid reflux can still be triggered. The foods for acid reflux is not about only knowing what food to avoid to prevent acid reflux trigger, or the exact food to eat for acid reflux relief, but also how much to consume for each meal. Acid reflux can easily take place after consuming a heavy meal of non trigger foods. Therefore, a good acid reflux food plan is to eat lesser for every meal but have more frequent meals in the day.

Common Causes of Acid Reflux

foods for acid reflux

What are the different causes of acid reflux and what causes acid reflux often? Treatment centers list many causes, but physicians are not always exactly sure on what causes acid reflux, as people and circumstances vary. Since the root cause of acid reflux is due to an increase of acid content in the esophagus, acid reflux may build up for a range of reasons.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common causes of acid reflux is the trigger foods for acid reflux itself, and this may vary from person to person. Consuming large meals or lying down right after a meal can activate symptoms of acid reflux, such as a difficulty in swallowing or a dry cough.

Smoking is another bad habit that causes acid reflux since it may contribute to the disease by reducing the muscle function of the lower esophageal sphincter, thereby increasing the secretion of acid; it also destroys the muscle reflexes in the throat, decreases saliva production, which also functions in neutralizing the effect of acid and last but not least, it also damages the mucus membranes.

Other common causes of acid reflux include being obese or overweight, side effects of taking ibuprofen or aspirin, ingesting muscle relaxers, taking blood pressure medications, snacking close to bedtime, eating a heavy meal, bending over at waist and lying down right after meal.

But did you know that among the numerous causes of acid reflux, one of them is performing strenuous exercise? When performing exercise, it sometimes increases the pressure in the abdominal cavity, making it to produce more gastric acid.

Apart from eating the right foods for acid reflux, identifying what causes acid reflux will direct you on how to treat it and what corresponding course of action you will take. It is essential to determine the root causes of acid reflux prior to engaging in certain lifestyle changes and prior to introducing drugs to treat the symptoms. Therefore, it will certainly help if you seek expert consultation from your physician, as they are also very familiar on what causes acid reflux.

Mangosteen Juice is One of the Foods for Acid Reflux treatment

If you have already carried out the consumption of good foods for acid reflux, as well as introducing a lifestyle change, it maybe also time to investigate Pure Mangosteen Juice consumption to address the root causes of acid reflux in your body.

Being one of the most nutrient dense substances in the world, and being also natural at that, Mangosteen Juice is known globally to offer a plethora of health benefits. That being said, Mangosteen Juice also fights off acid reflux disease, very often by getting to the root of the problem, whatever it maybe.

Since Mangosteen Juice is also rich in potent anti-oxidants and one of the very few naturally occurring anti-inflammation substances in the world but without the side effects, it has a unique ability to work against the build of disease conditions and reverse the breakdown that takes place daily in our bodies.

Hence these numerous properties found in Mangosteen Juice can certainly be potent in reversing the causes of acid reflux. It also functions to repair the damage caused by acid over production, as it aids in healing the inner membranes of the alimentary canal naturally.

Among the many who have tried the juice, rarely do you hear that the juice has done nothing for them. Nearly always consumers have been surprised to the juice being nothing short of a miracle worker:

“I had asthma pretty much right after I was born. I had all the allergies on this planet too. To make a very long and painful story short (you asthma & allergy people know what I mean), I tried everything under the sun. Hyper-sensitizing shots over many years. Pills and Sprays that knocked me out of my shoes. Back in the 70's these pharmaceuticals where extremely nasty and toxic, most still are. None of the pharmaceutical treatments ever worked and all the other sprays only gave temporary relief. This had become a "life-style" that limited my every move and was harming my body with cortisol, steroids etc. with side effects to my whole system. Cut to three years ago in 2006. I said "had", because when I was introduced to the whole fruit mangosteen juice, little did I know what "Xanthones" were and what they are capable of. Here comes the kicker: I started drinking 1 oz. three times a day and I was asthma & allergy-free for the first time in my life after only 3 weeks. I didn't even dare jump up with joy and believe what had happened. My snoring and teeth-crunching went away, my congestion, my inflammation, my asthma, my allergies, my cholesterol dropped significantly, my Acid Reflux - gone. I slept like a baby for the first time in over 15 years. My energy was NOTICEABLY higher after only THREE days. Little did I know then, to thank the outrageous amounts of ant-oxidants for the higher energy, in this magnificent juice. Nothing ever before has had such a broad and remarkable consequence to my health and to my life. To all of you still sitting on the fence, my wife and I were huge skeptics too. At our first meeting, we were sitting tight with our arms crossed ready to run for the door. But when we heard Dr. Sam Walters educate us on the health benefits of the xanthones, which are unique to the mangosteen fruit, we had to give it a try. All I can say is, knock yourself out with tons of research in the internet, go to a presentation - with an open mind please. You have NOTHING to loose and EVERYTHING to gain. Try it! I am confident you will LOVE the results and never look back. Ken Breeze from Germany, now Arizona USA”

3/27/2009 -- Kenneth from AZ

Clearly, Pure Mangosteen Juice is a good health supplement to take daily and it is certainly one of the many good foods for acid reflux that you should consider in getting back your good health.

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