Fibromyalgia Trigger Points

Fibromyalgia trigger points have become common place in nearly all who suffer from fibromyalgia. Research and studies conducted on fibromyalgia show that its diagnosis is based on two major criteria. The first criteria highlights constant and extensive tenderness on muscles and joints that last for more than three months, while the second criteria entails slight tenderness and pain felt at the fibromyalgia trigger points when a minimal amount of pressure is applied on the specified trigger points.

Basically, fibromyalgia trigger points will became painful when touched, and there is to be at least eleven trigger points to be confirmed hurtful when touched to conclude positively on the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Moreover, the pain should only be seen to be confined at these trigger points and there should not be a distribution of pain and tenderness to other parts of the body when pressure is applied.

When a person is noted to be suffering from this condition, only a trained medical expert can perform the assessment and examination. The expert will usually perform assessment on the fibromyalgia trigger points and will note for pain and tenderness at these trigger points. If during the examination the expert confirms evidence of pain in more than eleven trigger points, then a positive diagnosis for fibromyalgia will be established.

There are by and large eighteen trigger points, which are arranged in nine pairs. A pair of trigger points can be located on either side of the body at each of the following areas:

Where Are The Fibromyalgia Trigger Points Located?

Fibromyalgia Trigger Points

  • At the back the ear where the muscles of the neck stick on to the base of the skull.
  • A pair of trigger points can be found about in the middle between the tip of the shoulder and the foot of the neck.
  • Fibromyalgia trigger points can be at the spot where back muscles fix to the blade of the shoulder.
  • In the right and left of breastbone, just underneath the collarbone.
  • In front of the neck and above the collarbone.
  • Fibromyalgia trigger points are placed in both forearms and at the crease of the elbow.
  • On the outer left and right of each buttock.
  • On the superficial higher leg just at the rear of the bony portion of the hip. This fibromyalgia trigger point can be noticed when an individual is standing.
  • A pair of trigger points is located on the inside of each knee.

What Are Active and Latent Fibromyalgia Trigger Points?
Fibromyalgia trigger points can be categorized as being either active or latent. Active trigger points or dynamic fibromyalgia pain points cause tenderness in spite of whether or not force is placed to them. The tenderness is regularly illustrated as scattering or scorching from the trigger point.

On the contrary, latent fibromyalgia trigger points or dormant fibromyalgia pain points do not cause tenderness upon pressure. However, it may limit movement or cause weakness of muscles. The individual who suffers from latent fibromyalgia trigger points may only turn out to be attentive to pain when pressure is applied unswervingly over the points.

Understanding Lupus Fibromyalgia

Once an individual is diagnosed of fibromyalgia, it is important to look deeper into the root of the problem to better confirm if fibromyalgia or other related conditions are also present. It’s commonly understood that fibromyalgia can be a triggering factor in the development of other diseases. In fact, we have lupus fibromyalgia which being also a rheumatic condition can affect muscles and joints in the body. This condition will also be better understood when a person is able to distinguish its signs and symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Lupus Fibromyalgia

  • Intense Muscular Pain
    • This pain is not just due to fatigue and stress. Instead, it is an intense tenderness in the fibromyalgia pain points and even a simple touch can cause much pain. In lupus fibromyalgia, this pain can be easily transmitted to the nervous system, resulting in an excruciating sensation.

  • Extreme Exhaustion
    • When a person has lupus fibromyalgia, she will not just feel ordinary stress; instead she will often experience extreme fatigue, even without carrying out any slight or strenuous activity. Also, the fibromyalgia trigger points or fibromyalgia pain points become more painful, resulting in the affected individual to become weaker.

  • Altered Sleeping Pattern
    • A number of medical experts have concluded that sleep deprivation is a sign of insomnia. However, if sleep disorders occur often and regularly restrict your daily activities, it is then a sign of lupus fibromyalgia. Lupus fibromyalgia often alter the system in the body that encourages sleep.

    Understanding the signs and symptoms of lupus fibromyalgia will certainly help a person to differentiate it from fibromyalgia. It is also a better way of managing the condition, as there is a greater understanding of its signs and symptoms. As a result, the chances of improving the condition will be less challenging.

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