Fibromyalgia Pressure Points

Recognizing fibromyalgia pressure points is the key to forming a diagnosis for the condition. These maybe also referred to as characteristic features located in the body that are utilized in assessing and evaluating fibromyalgia. Upon physical assessment, these pressure points are noted to be much more tender than in the similar areas found in a person without the condition. For this reason, it is at times termed as fibromyalgia tender points.

Basically, fibromyalgia pressure points are palpable by hands, with a modest and steady amount of pressure. To obtain a good diagnosis, the pressure applied is roughly kept to nine pounds, the same amount of pressure to just blanch the thumbnail of the medical expert. In bringing forth tenderness in the fibromyalgia tender points, a few may perform a circular motion palpation, while others may utilize a spring-loaded pressure gauge known as dolorimeter. The former may be regarded as more efficient and precise. Although the level of tenderness can be measured, the number of fibromyalgia pressure points areas are more analytical.

As enumerated by the American College of Rheumatology on fibromyalgia decisive factor, the nine pairs of fibromyalgia pressure points exist at nine areas in groups of muscles that are oppositely positioned in the body. Hence, the points will include the following:

  • The first pair of pressure points is located in the neck. It is actually found in front of the cervical spine.
  • The second pair of fibromyalgia pressure points is positioned in the neck area. It is around the prominent bone.
  • The third pair of fibromyalgia pressure points is again located in the neck region however this third pair is below the head.
  • The fourth pair of fibromyalgia pressure points is located in the upper back of the body.
  • The fifth pair of fibromyalgia pressure points is positioned in the junction of the neck and shoulder.
  • Fibromyalgia Pressure Points

  • The sixth pair of fibromyalgia pressure points is located in the elbow.
  • The seventh pair of fibromyalgia pressure points is at the outer quadrant of upper buttocks.
  • The eighth pair of pressure points is found in the hip. It is basically under the buttocks.
  • The last pair of pressure points is located in the knee which is above the joint.
Each of these fibromyalgia pressure points or fibromyalgia tender points is almost the same size of a penny. It requests the skill of a medical expert to efficiently trace each point. When tested, the unaffected individual should only feel a modest amount of pressure in these points. On the other hand, people with fibromyalgia would experience tenderness or pain at the manipulation areas.

At this time, medical experts trust in the medical history of the affected individual, looking for signs and symptoms, as well as chief complaints, physical assessment, and an exact physical examination of fibromyalgia pressure points, since there are no presented laboratory examinations for diagnosing this condition. Tenderness pointed in more than eleven pressure points with overall pain in nearly all areas of the body for a duration of more than three months, is the decisive diagnostic factor for fibromyalgia.

Adopting the Best Diet for Fibromyalgia

Upon positive diagnosis of fibromyalgia using the fibromyalgia pressure points, it is advisable to adopt the best diet for fibromyalgia. Given the fact that fibromyalgia is a very painful health condition, it can certainly affect your life in various harmful ways. According to most medical experts, there is no known cure for this condition; nonetheless, there are a number of helpful ways to help combat the condition.

Adopting the best diet for fibromyalgia is simply one of the most effective coping strategies. Actually, the most advantageous pospect in following a good diet is that it is also part of a healthy diet. In people affected by the condition, adopting the best diet for fibromyalgia will surely improve their condition and will also help them develop their overall health condition.

So what is the best diet for fibromyalgia?

  • Increasing intake of magnesium, while lessening magnesium antagonist is considered one aspect when formulating the best diet for fibromyalgia. Magnesium also helps lessen the pain in the fibromyalgia pressure points.
  • Another point when pursuing the best diet for fibromyalgia is consuming the right amount of red meat and decreasing intake of dairy products.
  • Staying away from fortified cereals is a great help in ensuring the best diet for fibromyalgia. According to a number of experts, fortified cereals contain an unbalanced combination of artificial minerals and vitamins.
  • Decreasing intake of sweets, yeast and consuming a great amount of homemade food with no preservatives are all considered part and parcel of maintaining the best diet for fibromyalgia.
  • Staying away from distilled or filtered water is again necessary when ensuring the best diet for fibromyalgia. Experts claim that distilled or filtered water washes out necessary minerals from the body.
Knowing how to adopt the best diet for fibromyalgia, and having sufficient awareness of fibromyalgia tender points are clearly effective methods in gaining a measure of control over fibromyalgia. The diet itself will not only help affected individuals minimize tenderness and pain, but it will also help improve the flexibility of the muscles and joints.

Mangosteen Juice Helps Minimize Pain in Fibromyalgia Pressure Points

There are so many ways in minimizing the pain and discomforts of fibromyalgia. Some often rely on the different types of prescription medications. Others prefer using various physical therapies and natural modalities. All these treatment options are some of the possible ways of controlling the tenderness in the fibromyalgia pressure points.

Apart from these treatment options, people with fibromyalgia can also make use of the original Pure Mangosteen Juice. Drinking Mangosteen Juice helps stabilize the pain in the fibromyalgia pressure points as it contains natural anti inflammatory properties. The natural anti inflammatories are very active and potent, and have been fedback to lessen the agony of people suffering from fibromyalgia. According to one regular consumer of Mangosteen Juice:

“I have a hereditary autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. With this disease comes symptoms I've suffered with since I was a teenager. Some of these symptoms were Fibromyalgia pain, depression, hair loss, frequent viral, bacterial and fungal infections, shortness of breath, palpitations, and severe fatigue. Many evenings it took everything I had to get off of the couch to make dinner. There were many times I had a difficult time properly taking care of my house, my family and myself. But after beginning on the mangosteen juice just 6 months ago, I am pain free, able to think clearly, able to effectively finish activities and duties and have a steady energy all day long. I’m able to sleep better and wake up refreshed in the morning. I've noticed a change in my hair and skin. I don't have as much hair loss, in fact, my hair is shinier and growing at a much faster rate. My skin is smoothing out and less dry. I am currently off all prescription medication (Armour Thyroid) since approximately 2 months ago. Initially, I started off taking 8 ounces of mangosteen juice daily. Energy was felt after Day 1 and other symptoms relieved over the following 3 weeks. Currently, I take 6-8 ounces a day with a quality multivitamin/mineral. I have found it's very important to be consistent, taking the mangosteen juice at least 3 times daily and with plenty of water. Mangosteen juice has dramatically changed my life and my health. I call it "liquid gold" and will never be without it.”

11/10/2006 -- Regina from California

In addition to the natural anti inflammatory properties, Mangosteen Juice also contains vitamins and minerals. It also contains natural magnesium, which is a great help to fibromyalgia sufferers. As we are presently aware, magnesium is one necessary fibromyalgia health supplement that helps minimize the discomforts and pains of the condition; this natural mineral also help strengthen the affected muscles and joints.

As at 2005, the FDA has yet to approve any medication to treat fibromyalgia specifically. For that reason, doctors and other therapists have experimented with many medications and modalities to control the symptoms of this terrible affliction. Unfortunately, few have produced any lasting help, and review studies indicate that fewer than 45 percent of patients have been effectively helped by any intervention.

According to some medical experts, the original Pure Mangosteen Juice has shown greater promise and effectiveness with many fibromyalgia sufferers; servings are suggested at 3 times a day with meals and may need to be increased to several ounces per serving, before relief can be experienced.

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