Fibromyalgia Natural Cure, What We Know Now

Fibromyalgia natural cure is a subject of special interest to those afflicted by fibromyalgia, which technically is defined in many health circles as a chronic condition noted for its combination of widespread pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fatigue, and multiple tender points on the body.

Although, it is usually not a life-threatening health issue, it cannot be dismissed that this condition causes permanent damage to joints, muscles and bones, thus lending itself to the terminology of being a chronic condition. People with fibromyalgia often feel tired and suffer tender points. Tender points are located on the back, shoulders, legs, arms, hips or neck that hurt when touched.

Basically, anyone can be afflicted with fibromyalgia, but it is more common in middle-aged people. People with autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid arthritis are predominantly expected to develop fibromyalgia. Statistics also show that there are approximately four million people in the United States alone who suffer the discomforts of fibromyalgia.

To lessen the discomfort and pain brought about by fibromyalgia, your first step naturally is to visit a specialist on this condition. However, apart from a doctor’s visit, there are also some options of fibromyalgia natural cure that you may put into action. Some of these cures can help reduce severe fatigue, chronic headache and extreme muscle pain. They include:

  • Practice Body Awareness
    Many who struggle with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia become used to ignoring their bodies, as its viewed as a means of coping with the pain.

    Fibromyalgia Natural Cure

    Fibromyalgia natural cure entails practicing body awareness by identifying your body’s signs connected to becoming overwrought or tense. In such a case, you may utilize relaxation techniques or take an exercise in the early hours of the day, before the stress turns out to be uncontrollable. Simultaneously, you do not want to dismiss that protective lack of awareness regarding the pain. Take deep breaths from time to time and try your very best to sit calmly and keep your mind on to how you feel. Practice becoming skilled at where you sense stress first; Once you gain knowledge of that, you can every so often examine to make out if your body is displaying tension.

  • Learn Stress Management Techniques
    Learning how to manage your stress is a great way in reducing fibromyalgia discomforts. It is actually a good fibromyalgia natural cure that helps the body in becoming relaxed and calm. Such techniques involve breathing, meditation and visualization. According to some studies, these techniques help reduce the level of neuro-chemicals flowing in the body and help reduce pain and stress caused by fibromyalgia.
  • Physical Therapy
    Another fibromyalgia natural cure is the use of physical therapy. Basically, physical therapy helps lessen stress, minimize muscle tension and alleviate the pain brought by fibromyalgia. Some of the best physical therapy include massage and stretching.
  • Good Self Care
    This is probably considered the most excellent fibromyalgia natural cure as this approach enhances also the well-being and overall health status of the individual. Good self care entails consuming healthy foods and maintaining a nutritious diet, cultivating regular sleep habits, receiving sufficient amount of exercise and giving yourself grace.

Fibromyalgia natural cure options are considered very helpful because it helps eradicate the agony caused by fibromyalgia discomforts. Some of these approaches are easier to execute and quickly deliver help and support. Hence, having a positive view on fibromyalgia natural cure options can work hand in hand with other forms of treatment for fibromyalgia.

What are Fibromyalgia Supplements?

In addition to fibromyalgia natural cure, taking fibromyalgia supplements is also well recommended to reduce muscles and joints discomforts. Some of these include:

  • Valerian Supplements
    These fibromyalgia supplements are based on herbs found in nature. They have anxiolytic and sedation effects that help in calming and relaxing nerve muscles. Valerian supplements work by improving inflamed joints and muscles, as well as improving the quality of sleep.
  • Magnesium Supplements
    Experts have mentioned that fibromyalgia is manifested by bowel and bladder difficulties, so it is very important to include magnesium as fibromyalgia supplements. Some good sources of magnesium are fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, cocoa, coffee, tea and spices. Through a good intake of magnesium supplements and foods rich in magnesium, any magnesium deficiency connected to fibromyalgia will be better addressed. In addition, enough intake of magnesium rich foods may also be viewed as a form of fibromyalgia natural cure.
  • Multivitamins Supplements
    In view of the fact that fibromyalgia pain is connected to nutritional deficiency, consuming multivitamins supplements will also help attend to the problem. Multivitamins being fibromyalgia supplements are rich in minerals, which are very helpful in reloading nourishment into the body.
  • Kava Kava Supplements
    Anxiety related to fibromyalgia can be also addressed through consumption of Kava Kava supplements. Kava Kava as fibromyalgia supplements help calm nerve muscles, thus preventing fibromyalgia discomforts. It is a well-liked form of health cure for people who suffer from stress, anxiety and muscle pains.

These fibromyalgia supplements have one aim, which is to reduce the pain and swelling of joints and muscle, and eventual eradication of fibromyalgia signs and symptoms. Similar to other forms of fibromyalgia natural cure, these supplements help enhance the well-being and health condition of the affected individual.

What is Fibromyalgia and Diet?

While fibromyalgia is still a hot topic and being actively researched by the medical society, certain indicators suggest that there is a strong connection between fibromyalgia and diet. It may appear to be basic common sense, but boosting your body with a healthy diet, high in fibers, minerals and vitamins can have an incredibly helpful effect on the checklist of fibromyalgia symptoms that you maybe experiencing.

On the flip-side of the coin, there are more than a few common food items that are easily available at various pantries, but which offer no clear benefits to health. In people affected by fibromyalgia, these food items can in fact deteriorate the severity of fibromyalgia symptoms. Read on for substandard food items that have been known to have a negative impact when considering fibromyalgia and diet.

  • Carbonated Beverages
    In connection with fibromyalgia and diet, carbonated drinks have been known to further worsen the condition. Carbonated beverages increase the level of acid in the body, which then cause fatigue and more muscle pain in affected individuals.
  • Chocolate
    Chocolate is another factor when evaluating fibromyalgia and diet because chocolate can also worsen fibromyalgia. As we know, the main ingredients of chocolate are caffeine and saturated fats, which are believed to deteriorate the symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • Alcohol
    Even though studies prove that several types of alcoholic beverages can perk up health when consumed in moderation, there is proof that fatigue and pain can also become exaggerated by alcohol.

Even though health care professionals may disagree on what are the exact reasons for cause of fibromyalgia, many are still not too familiar on the precise role between fibromyalgia and diet. To compound this uncertainty, not everyone's symptom acts in response in a similar way.

What is the Connection of Pure Mangosteen Juice to Fibromyalgia?

When it comes to fibromyalgia, several treatment methods maybe be utilized such as fibromyalgia natural cure, taking fibromyalgia supplements or taking medication prescribed by a medical expert. In fact, in the medical society, anti inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed to control joints and muscles pain, while other approaches involve the use of specific therapies or other treatments options.

Apart from these treatment options, consumption of the original pure Mangosteen Juice on a regular basis will also help rejuvenate the body and better help eliminate fibromyalgia discomforts. Mangosteen Juice is anchored in the medicinal value found within the whole Mangosteen Fruit, a fruit known especially in rural village medicine for its huge numbers of health benefits and is commonly found in Southeast Asia.

The original Mangosteen Juice is derived by pulping the whole Mangosteen Fruit together with nine other fruits, which is then used in the treatment of fibromyalgia; because the juice contains natural anti inflammatory properties without the side effects, this helps soothe any inflammation in the body, especially within the joints and that resulting in muscle pain. One consumer of Mangosteen Juice who used it for fibromyalgia had this to recount:

“I have Fibromyalgia but I can’t tell it now. I was at a point in 2005 where I could barely move off the couch. I had chronic fatigue, my muscles burned, I had migraines daily, swollen hands an feet, insomnia so I couldn’t rest for more than and hour and a half. I also had painful IBS and UTI’s and lived on 12 different medications. I began the juice one afternoon and within ½ hour my 4 day old migraine had disappeared and has never come back. When I woke up the next morning for the 1st time in months my back didn’t hurt and my hands were not swollen. When I stood up my feet didn’t hurt with the stabbing needles that had been there before. The inflammation had begun to disappear. I began sleeping through the night and got an amazing amount of energy as well. I had been dehydrated and cold all the time. Now my skin has changed and my body temp is back to normal. I can mow my own lawn again and run up the steps.”

4/23/2006 -- Lora from California

In addition, the natural anti-inflammatory properties of Mangosteen Juice also help lessen the pain related to peripheral neuropathy, as well as sciatica pain. Mangosteen Juice, containing a vast array of nutrition that can only be found in fruits, can also help improve the quality of joint elasticity and balance the production of neurotransmitters in the brain; neurotransmitters are responsible in sending pain messages and are connected with pain and inflammation.

Therefore, consistent consumption of Mangosteen Juice on a daily basis just before meals, may prove to be an effective fibromyalgia natural cure; the pain and discomfort caused by fibromyalgia will significantly become easier to endure. All the pain confined in the muscles and joints will become controllable and manageable. And of course, your well-being and overall health status will also improve just by simply incorporating Mangosteen Juice in your daily diet.

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