Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Diseases

Fibromyalgia and thyroid diseases share common signs and symptoms, including low energy, over-tiredness, melancholy, brain fog, and unstable levels of joint and muscle tenderness. A large fraction of the projected 20 million individuals with thyroid disease end up also being classified with fibromyalgia, showing a possible worsening of condition and a significant link that will need discussion with a medical doctor.

According to the vast majority of experts in this field, fibromyalgia and thyroid diseases are both believed to be autoimmune in nature. A varying school of thought among some of the experts is that fibromyalgia is a major indication of an inactive metabolism, and is therefore classified as one variation of dysfunction of the thyroid.

Quite recently, the relationship between fibromyalgia and thyroid disease has stepped up. It's long been publicized that roughly 20 percent of sufferers of primary thyroid disease continue to develop fibromyalgia. Furthermore, two related thyroid conditions, thyroid autoimmunity and thyroid hormone resistance, conditions wherein the levels of thyroid hormone may be normal, are also connected with fibromyalgia.

In a number of areas, fibromyalgia plus thyroid disease are overlapping health conditions for the reason that signs and symptoms are very much alike. Both fibromyalgia and thyroid diseases feature an autoimmune component that are connected with major symptoms that transform sooner or later, with manifestations that wax and wane, deteriorating in period of constant worry.

Furthermore, fibromyalgia and thyroid disease together cause cognitive problems, weight fluctuations, diffused muscle pain, troubles affecting the memory, difficulty concentrating on certain things, poor or restless sleep, depression, shortness of breath, fatigue, allergic symptoms, augmented frequency of depression and sensitivity to medications and environmental stimuli. In women, both fibromyalgia and thyroid disease become worse during the menstrual period.

Fibromyalgia plus thyroid disease are well thought-out to be a cycle of symptoms-based health condition, and both problems are believed to cover a few subtypes. These two health conditions are also recognized or assumed of being activated or aggravated by infectious agents, yeast infections, food allergies and chemical exposure or sensitivity. In addition, fibromyalgia and thyroid disease is also connected with the autoimmune syndrome gluten sensitivity, which is sensitivity to the protein constituent of rye, barley and wheat.

Fibromyalgia and Thyroid

Fibromyalgia almost affects a good number of individuals all over the world, somewhat close in statistics to thyroid diseases. Addressing both fibromyalgia and thyroid disease can be daunting, as both by themselves are receiving much attention by way of research and new drugs. Both conditions should also not be taken for granted as they can develop into a more serious problem. Hence, it always recommended to consult your doctor in times you observe manifestations of both disease or if in doubt as to which condition maybe affecting you predominantly.

Fibromyalgia Medicine – One Method of Managing Fibromyalgia Discomforts

The general consensus among many is that when treating health problems, it should be done one at a time. Fibromyalgia and thyroid disease are two different health problems that share common signs and symptoms. Both conditions can be treated in many ways, but fibromyalgia has been especially known to be effectively treated using natural fibromyalgia medicine.

Natural fibromyalgia medicine is capable of reducing fibromyalgia discomforts and better help control the early symptoms of fibromyalgia. As a matter of fact, using natural methods in the treatment of fibromyalgia is far more effective, as they do not contain the negative side effects to both mind and body, including the vitals systems. Some of these include the use of:

  • Siberian Ginseng
    • This natural fibromyalgia medicine is considered an energizing herb that can help out to resolve the exhaustion connected with fibromyalgia. It can also be used in the treatment of fibromyalgia and thyroid disease, as this herb also helps balance the production of thyroid hormones and help minimize the pain in the muscles and joints.
  • Garlic
    • It is one of the good sources of natural anti inflammatory agents, which help to lessen soreness and tenderness of muscles and joints. Garlic is a natural fibromyalgia medicine and can also be used in the treatment of thyroid disease that is triggered by the condition. In addition, consumption of garlic or supplements that are rich in garlic contents can help trim down the early symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • Dandelion and Licorice Root
    • Both natural remedies help lessen the intensity and frequency of pain, and boost the function of connective tissues. Licorice root specifically acts as a natural fibromyalgia medicine because it is believed to act in the system like cortisone, but without harming the system.
    Natural fibromyalgia medicine may assist you in becoming more purposeful and cut your level of pain and discomforts. If other types of treatments fall short, a trial of medicines maybe tried. There are lots of various forms of medicines that have been made known to aid in reducing the pain connected to fibromyalgia.

    Restore Your Health by Drinking Pure Mangosteen Juice

    After having gained sufficient information on fibromyalgia and thyroid disease, it is now the right time to deal with the problem itself, including the early signs of fibromyalgia. Managing fibromyalgia, mainly the major manifestations might be difficult at times if you don’t know where to begin and how to care for it.

    Though, experts in medicine often prescribe fibromyalgia medicine as the initial treatment, more often than not these medicines manifest various side effects that have been known to worsen the problem. For that reason, it maybe considered safer to use alternative or naturopathic medicine for fibromyalgia and thyroid diseases, as well as the early symptoms of fibromyalgia and other related problems.

    One natural remedy that has gained tremendous attention for fibromyalgia and thyroid diseases is the original Mangosteen Juice. The Mangosteen Juice is a potent natural health supplement that contains natural, active healing properties which aid people suffering from various forms of depressed health, especially fibromyalgia.

    Not only that, the original Mangosteen Juice also features stacks of essential nutrients and health benefits that help facilitate fast recovery. In fact, one regular consumer of the original Mangosteen Juice had this to recount by way of feedback:

    “My story probably starts the same as many others. A friend gave me some mangosteen juice. I took it until it was gone, and I truly thought nothing had changed, nothing had happened. Then over the next few days, all my rheumatism, lymphedema and Fibromyalgia aches and pains came back with a vengeance. Since the changes had been so gradual I hadn't noticed that my considerable discomfort had almost completely disappeared! Then I remembered, too, that I had done some hand sewing just before my bottle had run out, threading the needle and making the quick little knot on the very end of the thread, as easily as I had years ago, before my knuckles became frozen with rheumatoid arthritis. As all the aching returned, I spent several sleepless nights and had to once again rely on painkillers to get to sleep. For almost a week before I ran out of juice, I had slept like a baby, without needing any medication at all. Needless to say, I called my friend right away.”

    Judith from Canada

    If both conditions, fibromyalgia and thyroid disease affects you, it is recommended to consistently drink Mangosteen Juice on a daily basis, 4-6 ounces or more, so as to help decrease your pain and discomforts. The natural healing properties of Mangosteen Juice is responsible for restoring health and in repairing damaged organs, muscles, joints and tissues.

    Also, the original Mangosteen Juice is capable of detoxifying the body. It works by eradicating harmful chemicals accumulated inside the body, hence this would require that you consume sufficient amount of water alongside with daily juice consumption. The water is essential in flushing out all these harmful toxins that are being knocked out daily by the juice.

    Trying out Mangosteen Juice on a regular basis if you are affected by the discomforts of fibromyalgia and thyroid disease maybe an easier alternative than many of the other available options out there. Mangosteen Juice has the ability to minimize the early symptoms of fibromyalgia and thyroid disease, and can help restore quality health again.

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