Fatigue Mat, Why Use it?

Did you know that a fatigue mat can be of assistance in putting off numerous common pains and aches from your legs and feet to your neck and back? Such a mat could assist you in decreasing several of your limbs and joints aches, particularly if you are standing on your feet for extended hours. This mat is not to be assumed that its only good for use at the work place, as there are significant life-sustaining benefits when utilizing them in and around the home.

Basically, a fatigue mat or simply anti fatigue mat is all about ergonomics, individual well-being and protection in a station work or activity atmosphere, be it in the place of work, residence or during leisure time. A fatigue mat quickly conveys relief for pain, plus provides security and comfort to any individual who has to bear long hours on his feet. Based on research, a fatigue mat shares a general purpose in lessening fatigue, physical and emotional stresses plus pain. In fact, this mat successfully delivers a safe and sound, faultlessly cushioned area of work for the feet.

When you use such a mat, much of the fatigue and aches that build up in the different parts of the body is reduced. The mats provide individuals a softened surface to stand on, than the solid and firm floor. Standing on a solid and firm floor for extended hours is usually the reason for joint pain, and sooner or later this will cause back and leg issues to develop.

Aside from cushioning, a mat of this nature also delivers calm recoil which promotes the fine movement of muscles, hence also enhancing an easier flow of blood to and from the heart. Due to greater efficient activity of the muscle, the inequity of contracted blood is practically eradicated.

A fatigue mat is also specially designed to be substance resistant. They are not easily affected by strong chemicals such as acids and bleach, and they are designed to be easily cleaned in the event of any spill. In addition, an anti fatigue mat is also able to withstand temperatures greater than 250 degrees celcius.

Who Are The People Have Need Of A Fatigue Mat?

Fatigue Mat

  • Those working on an assembly line or at a packing table would be the perfect candidates for a fatigue mat.
  • People who are working in hospital facilities, as well as laboratory workers are recommended to use such a mat because it will not only reduce leg fatigue, but it can also help lessen adrenal fatigue.
  • Grocery clerks and kitchen workers are also the type of people who most likely need use of this mat. Seeing that their field of work requires prolong standing, an anti fatigue mat will provide them comfort and ample cushioning.
  • Workers at manufacturing facilities are at higher risk of developing adrenal fatigue, so they are highly encouraged to use a fatigue mat.

What Are The Advantages of a Fatigue Mat?

  • Fatigue mat is more than competent in the promotion of worker welfare and wellbeing.
  • Fatigue mat can possibly improve productivity and enhance worker self-esteem and spirits in place of work.
  • Fatigue mat is able to lessen back, ankle, leg, foot fatigue, as well as spinal compression.
  • The mat promotes proper blood circulation and prevents adrenal fatigue.
  • This mat also prevents extended contact to vibration, extreme cold or heat.

Clearly, such a mat promotes the wellness of the individual using it, whether in the place of work or at home. It can significantly improve the performance of workers, as well as provide a more comfortable environment.

Mangosteen Juice Consumption Also Helps Promote Well-Being and Health

Apart from the health benefits of a fatigue mat, you can also put your faith in the original Mangosteen Juice, as it also promotes wellness and improves the health status. Mangosteen Juice is a natural health supplement and when consumed on a regular basis, it will significantly improve physical and health condition. In recognition of these benefits, one regular consumer of the original Mangosteen juice had this to feedback:

“I am an amputee of 6 years. I was infected with a strain of the Flesh eating disorder which i had gotten from cutting my leg on the Rock oysters behind my house in Weymouth, Auckland. Because of the unusual medical disorder i endured a lot of pain, quarantined at times in Middlemore hospital, an enormous regime of medication in the effort to try and cure it. It was truly a global effort by the infectious team resulting in months of hospitalization as a medical journal case. 11 ops (Multiple biopsies) 13 epidural and some of the most expensive drugs were used to combat. As a result my kidneys began to fail and after five months i said that’s enough cut it off since there is no known cure. My ongoing daily routine now involves the taking of 900mg SRTramadol daily (Phantom pain), 25mg Amitriptylene daily (Pain), inhibace plus 12.5mg daily ( High blood pressure), Felo 10mg daily (excessive sweats), imigran 100mg daily (Migrains)and Citalopram 20mg daily (antidepressant). Chronic Fatigue, high blood pressure, cholesterol and walking around docile every day was my norm. So after trying so many herbs , vitamins and natural alternatives i had accepted that medication would put me in an early grave. Well when first approached about mangosteen juice i was a skeptic and more so when i heard it was MLM. I was given some singles mangosteen juice and the only reason i took it on board was because it was for free from my brother in law. After two weeks of taking 30 mls every morning i noticed more energy and then the feeling of being so docile began to disappear and i felt that i was actually getting my head back, meaning functioning and clear. On the third week my body told me that something miraculous was going on so i began weaning of f one medication every two days. To date after taking the product for two months i am taking only my Tramadol for phantom pain and an occasional imigran for headache if i feel it warrants it. Blood pressure , cholesterol, excessive sweats, Pain and antidepressants are all in the past. Mangosteen juice not only healed me it also gave me a new way of life. I use to dream and visualize about goals and where i was going in life, i hadn’t dreamed for over 6 years , now i getting back to dreaming and achieving – I've got my head back. Clid Boon (Amputee)”

3/19/2009 -- Clid from Auckland

Basically, the Mangosteen fruit pericarp is known for centuries for its vast number of health benefits, including healing properties, essential nutrients, highly potent antioxidants and many more. The Mangosteen Fruit is a very well known fruit in Southeast Asia for its delectable taste and especially recognized as the Queen of Fruits for its exceptional taste. The original Mangosteen Juice is made by pulping the whole Mangosteen Fruit and mixing with nine other fruits to improve on taste, efficacy and retain a fruity flavor.

With regard to fatigue, be it adrenal fatigue, chronic or extreme fatigue, menopause fatigue, generalized fatigue or simply normal fatigue, Mangosteen Juice is more than capable in preventing these, and can even eliminate them in due course. Mangosteen Juice possesses anti fatigue properties which are responsible in preventing the occurrence of fatigue, body aches and pains, as well as physical stresses. In other words, Mangosteen Juice is an all natural energy boosting drink which improves the body’s energy levels, by working right down at the cellular levels to improve on metabolic activity!

Mangosteen Juice also contains numerous essential nutrients and highly potent antioxidants. The Mangosteen Juice naturally occurring essential nutrients particularly the vitamins and minerals help the body to improve in health and remain in good condition. It improves bodily functions and enhances proper circulation, thus keeping the body strong and active. In addition, the highly potent antioxidants of Mangosteen Juice help strengthen the immune system and neutralize harmful free radicals that we are exposed to daily due to the pollution all around.

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