Who are the famous people with ADHD?

It has been said that a number of the most famous people with ADHD have either experienced severe symptoms of this psychological disorder or would have met the criteria for being diagnosed. To several individuals, it is heartening to know that famous people with ADHD are capable of accomplishing great things. Yet for other individuals, this may also deliver a false sense of optimism and even deliver the wrong message.

Why? There are individuals who would like people to believe that just because someone is having attention deficit disorder, this person has some special advantages and endowments, almost like an X-man from the movie X-men. On the other hand, there are also individuals who have had first hand experience with ADHD, that such a thought is based on a false premise and is false optimism.

Naturally, this topic is open to debate and discussion, and probably at the end of it all, it may not be conclusive. Although there are numerous famous people with ADHD who achieved ground breaking changes to human society, such a phenomenon may just be the cream on a cake, and is the exception, rather than the norm for those with ADHD.

Its to be noted that famous people with ADHD do very well in some things and some of them have even created mini ripples in the progress of human society. However, not all with ADHD or being primed to reach the annals of famous people with ADHD and this is basically a fact of life.

The following is a short, non-exhaustive list of famous people with ADHD. Read through!

  • Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor of the telephone
  • Terry Bradshaw - Retired NFL Quarterback and Sports Commentator
  • Harry Belafonte - Actor, Composer
  • Hans Christian Andersen – Author
  • Beethoven – Composer
  • Andrew Carnegie - Industrialist and Philanthropist
  • Winston Churchill - Statesman
  • Leonardo Da Vinci - Who doesn't know 'The Last Supper' & 'The Mona Lisa'
  • Abraham Lincoln - Former President of the United States
  • Thomas Edison - Inventor of the light bulb.
  • Michael Jordan - Basketball Player
  • Prince Charles - Future King of England (Who would have guessed?)
  • Lewis Carroll - Author of the book Alice in Wonderland
  • Cher - Actress/Singer
  • Benjamin Franklin - Politician, Inventor
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower - Former President of the United States
  • Admiral Richard Byrd - Navy Aviator
  • Stephen Spielberg - Director, Film Maker
  • Bill Cosby - Actor
  • Albert Einstein - The icon of genius.
  • George Burns - Actor

As you may have noticed from this list, many of these famous people with ADHD were incredibly gifted, amazingly artistic, geniuses on their own right and inventive in many aspects of life.

What is ADHD?

Famous People with ADHD

Maybe you are wondering how these famous people achieved these great things in spite of their condition. But before you come to any conclusion, it is important to know what is ADHD in general.

Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a psychosomatic term presently applied to anybody who meets the DSM IV diagnostic criteria for hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. The diagnostic criteria are one-sided or subjective and consist of behavior which might be caused by a wide range of aspects, ranging from brain deficiencies to allergic reaction to giftedness. ADHD, as at this time is defined, is an extremely personal description, not an exact disease.

What is ADHD and their effects then? Controversy and bewilderment is caused by the leaning of a number of mental health professionals to presume that everybody diagnosed with ADHD have a number of unexplained, irremediable brain defects. This view had its roots in the very initial group of ADHD individuals, who suffered from inflammation of the brain known as encephalitis.

However what is ADHD to some experts? Some experts have defined ADHD as a biological condition caused by an imbalance of chemical neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby creating or generating one or more of the major symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity.

In other words, no matter how what is ADHD is being defined as, it can only result in one of two consequences and thats is either trouble or great achievements. As mentioned above, famous people with ADHD achieved great things but everything will also depend on the support given to them and the nature of the person.

What is an ADHD Patch?

What if someone informed you that ADHD could be managed without the hassle of pills? What if you came to know that your child could concentrate and perform in school well devoid of having to undergo the discomfiture of standing in front of the nurse's agency for his every day meds? Issues such as expediency and solitude have impelled lots of parents to reflect on a recent form of ADHD medicine. But is this truthfully a safe and successful alternative? Let's reflect on the pros and cons.

The ADHD patch has become the poster child recently to many ADHD experts. Regularly used for smoking termination and contraception purposes, an ADHD patch is now available as well. This more popular ADHD patch is known as Daytrana and currently the only medicine approved to be applied as a patch for ADHD treatment. Methylphenidate transdermal system is its chemical name, and it excites the CNS or central nervous system.

However, the ADHD patch is not always that handy. It begins functioning only a couple of hours after it is applied, and doesn't come to a halt until a few hours after it has been detached. Lots of children build up skin sensitivity to the ADHD patch. This may be more than just an agonizing problem.

Is this new ADHD patch medication really out of harm's way, effective and the best choice? While a person ponders over this, are stimulants, notwithstanding what shape they come in, truly the best medications for ADHD? There are alternatives in natural medicines for ADHD, and a number may opt to try them for the sake of safety.

Did Mangosteen Juice create all the Famous People with ADHD?

The headline above maybe a dumb question, as obviously the famous people with ADHD in the list above would not have known about Mangosteen Juice. That being said, it is wise not to dismiss a natural approach in treating ADHD, as quite often plant substances are devoid of any negative side effects and address the root causes rather than the symptoms alone.

Mangosteen Juice maybe a better alternative than most medications out there because it works on many fronts in the human body. Because Mangosteen Juice is dense in a variety of complex phytoceuticals, it brings with it a holistic approach to medical intervention and management of many medical conditions.

Due to its high natural antioxidant content, Mangosteen Juice also works by neutralizing free radicals that daily enters our bodies; it also helps to normalize brain chemistry and improve on nutrition absorption in the gullet, all positive indicators for those struggling with ADHD or any other mental challenge. As a result, symptoms of ADHD such as hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention are better managed and even negated, if Mangosteen Juice is consumed on a regular basis on a predetermined amount.

Mangosteen Juice may not result in your child becoming another one of the famous people with ADHD, but it is a refreshing alternative for many who wanted that option, other than prescription drugs. One mother who used mangosteen juice with her ADHD son, has this to recount:

“Mangosteen juice for depression is an area that I saw immediate (well almost - ½ hour) results with, in my ADHD/ODD, sleep deprived, unmotivated 17 year old son. After refusing medications for depression, my son tried the Mangosteen juice as a taste test basically upon receiving our first order. Within a half hour he returned from his bedroom hide-out, energized, talkative and clearly uplifted (he even cleaned out my refrigerator and cooked dinner that night!). A couple hours later he indicated that he thought "this stuff" really helped. My son's 8 years of Ritalin use has been discontinued. He now sleeps better, has greatly improved school attendance. He is consistently working out at the gym, eating better and generally feeling better. I strongly suggest that you give this a try with your child. Encourage consistency in using Mangosteen juice and base amounts on child's size. My son is a big boy (although he has lost 20 pounds since resuming a more active, healthy lifestyle), & takes an average 2-3 ounces each time he uses it, is 2 - 3X per day. Now keep in mind I didn't say this cures everything....the obsessive compulsive side of my son has had to slow him down on the juice a few times when he drank close to a whole bottle one day!”

12/7/2004 -- Cathie

Is it possible that the famous people with ADHD as mentioned above, would have accomplished greater feats if only they had known of this juice in their time period? Thats a question where we will never know the answer, and only the future can answer that question, as this juice gets into the hands of many a ADHD sufferer, and time will tell what great things these will henceforth accomplish.

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