Extreme Fatigue, Recognizing their Causes

Extreme fatigue is not a new problem. Experiencing tiredness from time to time is quite normal, however poor energy levels and constant fatigue that inhibits day to day life is time and again an indication of this condition. Fatigue caused by physical and psychological problems, severe illness, and nutrient deficiency warrants a consultation with health experts and follow-up management.

If you were to make a diagnosis for yourself, you might not feel that there is something wrong with your health condition. However, the reasons for extreme fatigue are not as noticeable as those of normal fatigue. Listed below are several of the causes you might not be tuned in to.

  • Depression
    Numerous individuals are ill with depression and they are most of the time unaware of it until it develops into a real disorder. Generally, depression is the major cause of extreme fatigue and even chronic fatigue syndrome, which when left untreated, will lead to low self-esteem, feelings of meagerness, as well as vague aches and pain.
  • HIV
    Extreme fatigue is a regular dilemma for people with HIV or people infected with AIDS. There are lots of factors that add to HIV-related extreme fatigue, such as eating and sleeping problems, low levels of energy, depression, as well as respiratory problems. In fact, extreme fatigue is the major complaint from those infected with HIV.
  • Poor Diet
    A diet that is poor in low-carbohydrates and high protein plans can give rise to extreme fatigue because the body is attempting to adjust to insufficient nutrients. On the other hand, a diet that is high in carbohydrates and sugar can also result in extreme fatigue because they are the reasons for peaks in blood glucose levels, followed by a quick crash and some physical symptoms.
  • Extreme Fatigue

  • Heart Disease
    Not having the exact diagnosis for heart disease will frequently be spotted when an individual is just dragging around with not enough energy to carry out any task. When an individual is diagnosed with some heart disease, his or her heart cannot carry out the task it should and this leads to extreme fatigue. In addition, heart disease is also one of the leading contributing factors of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Infections
    Research shows that infections and viruses are causative agents that result in extreme fatigue, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. When people succumb to infections or viruses, their body is very prone to becoming weak because these infectious agents often damage the cells that supply energy to the body.
  • Genetic Defects
    Extreme fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome have been connected with genetic materials involved in the sympathetic nervous system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. These genetic materials control reaction to distress, strain, pain, injury, and other traumatic events.
  • Low Blood Pressure
    Hypotension or low blood pressure is also another contributing factor to extreme fatigue. A sudden drop of blood pressure when the individual stands up can result in nausea, lightheadedness and fainting, which will then lead to extreme fatigue. In addition, low blood pressure also adds to the problem of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Stress Hormone Deficiencies
    A low level of stress hormone produced in the adrenal glands can lead to extreme fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. Cortisol is the stress hormone, upon dropping in levels can cause an alteration in energy levels. In addition, low levels of cortisol causes impairment and weaker response to physical and mental stresses such as exercise and infection.

Being aware of all these factors responsible for causing extreme fatigue and even chronic fatigue syndrome is essential when deciding to find suitable treatments. In fact, the best way to control or cure a disease is to determine their root causes, as well as the signs and symptoms. In the case of extreme fatigue, signs and symptoms are at times not visible and only the causes put on an appearance. So, identifying the leading causes will lead you to the right path of management.

Two of the Best Treatments for Extreme Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When dealing with fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, there are two best approaches to consider. Taking into consideration consumption of the original Mangosteen Juice, as well as usage of anti fatigue mats will help you regain your energy and become more active again. Actually, these are the two recommended approaches that can help you alleviate stress and fatigue.

Anti fatigue mats being one recommended approach when dealing with fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome is capable of alleviating stress, body aches and pains caused by long hours of standing. Usage of anti fatigue mats promote the well being of every individual under severe stress and fatigue.

Anti fatigue mats have numerous health benefits; a number of them include the increase of productivity and circulation, lessening of spinal compression and prolonged exposure to heat and cold, reduction of foot, ankle, leg and back fatigue, as well as ample support for the body’s muscles. Hence, anti fatigue mats are both useful in the office and at home.

As mentioned earlier, the other approach is consumption of the original Mangosteen Juice daily in fixed amounts just before meals, and this also helps deliver relief and boost energy levels within those having to contend with extreme fatigue or affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. Mangosteen Juice is a powerful, all fruit, energy boosting beverage that can help the entire body achieve optimum levels of energy. In recognition of the benefits of Mangosteen Juice consumption, one consumer had this to feedback:

“I experience bronchitis for nearly 15 year, at first it only occurred in the fall and as the years went by it would come on in the spring as well. With increasing episodes and by the end of 2005 I had experience bronchitis 8 times in one year, often triggered by allergies. Time and again I experienced bad reactions to the medications the Drs. would prescribe. I was run down, always tired and starting to experience high blood pressure and ached with arthritis in my back. My cousin appeared one evening in Jan 2006 and set this beautiful bottle on the kitchen table and said, "You are sick all the time. I bought this bottle for myself but why don't you see if it will help you. It helped my friend’s daughter who had cancer. It's called mangosteen juice". With little faith it would help, I took as he instructed 1 oz a day. I was one of the lucky ones...in just 3 days I felt I had a new lease on life; it was as if a huge cloud had lifted, and I have tremendous energy and there was this feeling of peace and clear thinking. . Now 2 1/2 years later I can’t imagine being without the original mangosteen juice, I have not had one occurrence of bronchitis, allergies, high blood pressure, my arthritis is less painful and seldom do I experience a sleepless night. The poor souls around me had to hear about this fantastic juice and I nearly drown everyone with it and my excitement. I was broken hearted when everyone else didn’t have the same immediate reaction to the juice. But for the many that did stick to the mangosteen juice for the long term reaped more phenomenal blessings then my own story could produce. It just took time. The fact is, it works differently for each and every person. Often, it’s not what you are taking it for that changes first.”

9/25/2008 -- Ann from California

The main component of Mangosteen Juice that alleviates fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome is its anti fatigue properties. These anti fatigue properties are very active because they are in their natural form, enabling them to work effectively in combating many types of fatigue.

Apart from anti fatigue properties, Mangosteen Juice also contains a highly potent antioxidant content. These highly potent natural antioxidants delay the aging process and help strengthen the immune system. Once the immune system of sufferers are boosted or increased, it is more difficult for infectious agents to invade the body successfully. Hence, the body remains active, healthy and fatigue free. In addition, the antioxidants confined within Mangosteen Juice are capable of neutralizing many forms of free radicals that we are exposed to daily, primarily due to pollution.

Vitamins and minerals also play a key role in gaining control of fatigue, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. As such, Mangosteen Juice has a naturally occurring vitamins and minerals content that can only be derived from fruits, which help the body become healthier and stronger. The vitamins and minerals within

Mangosteen Juice are highly active and powerful because they are formed from nature and have taken millenniums to be crafted precisely in the crucible of nature for the benefit of our bodies. As Mangosteen Juice, unlike other forms of health beverages, works at the cellular levels, the health benefits and well-being brought about by regular consumption are telling and hard to dismiss.

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