Early pregnancy heartburn and why it happens.

Of all health conditions related to pregnancy, early pregnancy heartburn has been one of the most common, affecting more than half of all pregnant women around the world. Despite the fact that indigestion and heartburn during pregnancy are of serious concern, symptoms can vary from being ill-timed and slightly irritating to annoying and even painful.

In the early on-stages of pregnancy, you will experience certain physical and emotional changes; early pregnancy heartburn is one of the physical symptoms that can even last through the whole term of pregnancy. If in case you’re not pregnant and experiencing heartburn symptoms, then this may indicate that your period is approaching. Conversely, if you suspect that the heartburn is a sign of early pregnancy heartburn, it is recommended that you instantly use a pregnancy test kit for confirmation.

Actually, for first-time heartburn sufferers, the unusual symptoms can be shocking, mainly during a first pregnancy, when women are naturally more worried about the changes that take place within their bodies. But with some premonition and a bit of education at the beginning of their pregnancy, women can be equipped with a list of common early pregnancy heartburn symptoms to look out for, and ought to be ready, if and when they occur.

Initially, when you are pregnant, the uterus begins to enlarge and sets pressure on the other organs, including the stomach. This enlargement of the uterus can cause the process of digestion to significantly slow down. To fight this slowing down, your body may increase its production of stomach acid to assist the process of digestion. As a result of the sluggish emptying of the stomach, you may undergo mild to severe heartburn throughout the early stages of pregnancy. In such a situation, it may help you to consume some soda crackers and sip sparkling water. This should offer fast heartburn relief to some extent.

In addition, early pregnancy heartburn symptoms also include the following, which regularly happen after eating; they include an acidic taste in the back of the mouth or simply in the esophagus, a feeling that food is trapped in the esophagus or other painful and difficulty of swallowing, a burning feeling in the chest right at the rear of the breastbone, tightness or chest pain after leaning down or bending over shortly after eating, and nausea after eating.

List of Good Foods for Heartburn Especially during Pregnancy

early pregnancy heartburn

  • One of the simplest good foods for heartburn during pregnancy is a red apple. The moment you feel that an attack is coming, consume a slice of red apple. This particular fruit is well regarded as one of the many good foods for heartburn during pregnancy, as well as being effective for fast heartburn relief.
  • Another good food for heartburn not only for pregnant women but also for all those who are suffering from heartburn, is water itself. Water is very vital after any snack or meal that you consume. Actually, it can create a fixed seal between the LES or simply lower esophageal sphincter and the stomach. The sphincter works in keeping the food and acid in the stomach.
  • Honey is also considered as one of the good foods for heartburn, especially during early pregnancy. You may use honey on a daily basis as a simple alternative treatment. Honey is perhaps the oldest remedy for early pregnancy heartburn and is still probably the most efficient known alternative in generations past for heartburn. All you need to do is consume a tablespoon of honey three times each day. In addition, honey has healing properties that can repair and soothe a destabilized sphincter due to pregnancy and also a fast heartburn relief.
  • You may also want to purchase Aloe Vera in juice format. Aloe Vera has long been recognized for its amazing healing powers to tissue and skin. And that is mainly the reason why it is very useful for a sphincter that could be injured and weak during pregnancy. Aloe Vera juice can be bought in any health food store and it is recommended as a remedy for early pregnancy heartburn and a fast heartburn relief for heartburn sufferers.

Pure Mangosteen Juice Combats Early Pregnancy Heartburn

Whenever fruit products like the miraculous Pure Mangosteen juice make impressions in the news, and as more people value the benefits of following a healthier way of life, the willingness and compliance to try it considerably rises. By liquefying and softening the rinds, seeds and the fleshy tissue of this Southeast Asian fruit together with nine other fruits to improve on taste, a delicious Pure Mangosteen fruit juice is produced, which has been indicated as possessing a plethora of medicinal advantages.

Cindy from Georgia who used Pure Mangosteen juice had this to say:

“I have been taking mangosteen juice for 6 weeks and I love the taste and the benefits have been remarkable. I have had a very hard time sleeping as I am in menopause and I am now only waking up once a night as opposed to 5 times and being wide awake. I feel so rested. I have heartburn and acid reflux and am off my Previcid and I have had chronic back pain for about 2 -3 years and my back pain is gone. I am sold on this product.”

Cindy from Georgia

Clearly Pure Mangosteen juice is great for fast heartburn relief and included as one of the good foods for heartburn, especially for women who are in their early stages of pregnancy. The fact is that regular consumption of Pure Mangosteen juice minimizes the acid production in the stomach.

Apart from the truth that the uterus of pregnant women is enlarging and it has a possibility to rise up into the esophagus, Pure Mangosteen juice can provide a sense of well being for the proper functioning of internal organs in this critical period of procreation. In a sense, Pure Mangosteen juice is a fore runner, in preventing early pregnancy heartburn.

Of special note, Pure Mangosteen juice is made by crushing the whole Mangosteen fruit, together with the seeds and rind, and has been mixed with nine other fruits to bring a divine taste. Daily consumption of this juice will be more of a delight than a wince of disgust.

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