Dog skin allergies, understanding the various treatments

Dog skin allergies maybe one of the most common forms of allergies associated with dogs allergies. Numerous dogs exhibit this form of allergy especially when they are newborn, or develop them later due to multiple reasons. In fact, dogs with allergies can be hard to manage from a pet owner’s point of view, as lots of dogs suffer from itchy, dry skin and rashes on an unceasing basis. Other dogs suffer from rashes and can progress to dog skin allergies that arise unsuspectingly overnight for no visible reasons.

To give an idea on how common dog skin allergies are, it is expected that in the lifetime of all dogs, about ten percent will suffer from dog skin allergies. Hence, this allergy to chemicals or other substances in the atmosphere, also referred to as atopy, maybe considered an ordinary predicament for pet dog owners around the globe.

Dog skin allergies or dogs allergies can be caused by a variety of familiar allergens, for example, when the time of seasonal changes, they may be affected by pollen, or they may show symptoms of dogs skin allergies when exposed to common household chemicals or compounds, including dust, mold, plants and grass, or even fine hair or feathers.

Usually, symptoms of dogs skin allergies will appear between the age of five months and two years, but this range is only a guide, as there are extenuating situations where dogs are found with allergy symptoms for the first time, even outside this age band.

Dogs Allergies Symptoms

Dog skin allergies

The protein in the saliva and dander of a dog is mainly the root cause of dog allergies. It has been said that all kinds of dogs have dander. Although this maybe the case, this may not be the primary reason why your pet dog suffers from an allergy or allergy symptoms.

Some dog skin allergies symptoms to anticipate are reddishness of skin, particularly around the mouth and eyes, and incessant licking of the paws. A bald patch is a sign of allergy that came about from regular itching and scratching. Some dogs with allergies also start to smell very bad. When a dog continues scratching or scraping its ears and they smell ghastly, it could be an indication of infection in the ear. In serious cases, dogs can lose their appetite resulting in digestive problems and eventual weight loss.

Steps to Prevent Dogs Allergies

  • Keep your dog outside or confine the dog in a room where there is no carpeting or furniture. Clean the room on a daily basis.
  • Clean your dog regularly since this will chuck out at least a few of the allergens in the hair.
  • Freshen up or wash your face and hands after playing with dogs.
  • Use allergen free bedcovers which can be of great help for dog skin allergies symptoms.
  • Usage of a high-quality air filter provides assistance in removing the airborne allergens.

Easing and Treating Dog Skin Allergies Symptoms

There are more than a few measures that pet owners can take to help alleviate the different dog skin allergies symptoms. They include:

  • Offer Relief with Oral Medications
    Many dogs suffering from mild or moderate dogs skin allergies will benefit from a dose of Benadryl. This type of medication is given every eight hours to minimize the symptoms of dogs allergies. Benadryl is not among the most powerful medications for this condition. Therefore, more severe allergies will call for injections or prescription oral medications.
  • Anti-histamine and Hydrocortisone Medications for Dogs with Allergies
    Anti-histamine and hydrocortisone medications will provide assistance in stopping the response of the body’s immune system to the allergen that is affecting the skin of the dog. Hydrocortisone sprays are obtainable at most pet drug stores or pet stores, and even at the pet section of major supermarkets.
  • Bathe the Dog Using Dish Soap to Eliminate Dog Skin Allergies
    Lots of plants and chemicals leave remains or oil on the skin and coat of dogs, which maybe the triggering factors of an allergy or pose simply as irritants. Eliminating the irritating residue or oil from the dog’s skin will help alleviate any dog allergies symptoms in several cases. Dish soap must be employed to eliminate the oils, which will not be eliminated by the usual shampoos.

When Is It an Urgent Situation?

In a small percentage of dogs allergies cases, an allergic reaction can become lethal, as the dog may undergo anaphylactic shock. Contact dermatitis is not normally the reason for triggering a lethal dog skin allergies response. In fact, a lethal allergic response to dogs with allergies is usually caused by a vaccination or medication, or even an insect bite.

The signs of an acute systemic reaction of dogs to allergens include inflammation of the paws or face, breathing difficulties, salivation and panting, loss of consciousness, severe vomiting and finally seizure. If any of these kinds of symptoms in dogs with allergies are present, it is a high possibility that the dog is suffering from acute and lethal reaction; anti-histamine drug and urgent veterinary attention will be needed in this situation.

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