Diabetes test kit, Understanding its Usage.

In the life of every diabetic, the diabetes test kit is a vital part of maintaining a quality of life and in many cases, continued survival; this is because, the device measures and calculates the volume of glucose present in the blood and urine.

Hence the diabetes test kit serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it can provide assistance to a diabetic individual to determine and assess if he or she is testing positive for diabetes. Secondly, this kit can also be employed to check the level of blood glucose for those who have already been identified as diabetic.

Basically, there are numerous forms of diabetes test kits in the mass market. One type of diabetes test kit measures glucose by way of immersing the test strips in a urine sample. The urine sample will cause a reaction to take place within the wet test strip, and a color change can be observed which indicates glucose content in the urine sample. The colors usually vary from either blue to green or green to brown. The color that is present in the wet test strip will be then compared to a chart that is integrated with the test kit, and the outcome is then evaluated in a few minutes.

Finger-stick mail-in kit is another form of diabetes test kit. This kit consists of lancets, vials, plastic capillary tubes and instructional details. Using this kit regularly requires a diabetic individual to prick the sterile finger with a lancet and extract a blood sample into the capillary tube. The blood sample then is placed on a vial which has already been labelled, and then mailed to the specific laboratory unit. Results are typically obtained within a couple of days. This particular form of diabetes test kit is suitable for those diabetic individuals who prefer a cost-effective and highly accurate option.

Furthermore, several meter based diabetes test kits offer a color marking on the back as a reference. When the mark is completely tinted, the diabetic individual can be sure that they have placed the required quantity of blood to the test strip.

Other forms of diabetes test kit are armed with indicators that test the amount of blood sample to make sure its sufficient to begin testing and produce a precise result, while some test kits are equipped with an alarm that is built with a programmable system to remind the diabetic individual all through the day on the exact time to perform testing of blood glucose levels.

With the leaps and jumps in technology recently, there have been diabetes test kit made available in the market which makes use of advanced technology to deliver faster results. These kits are actually blood glucose meters in digital form. These digital blood glucose meters are very simple to operate because they are compact and very easy to read.

In order to make the meter test kit work, simply activate the monitor. Make use of a lancet to prick your sterile finger and then apply a sample of blood to the test strip. Slot in the test strip in the selected slot of the blood glucose meter and usually results are presented in just a few seconds.

Even if you are not experiencing any forewarning signs of diabetes, it is wise to carry out a self-test using any of the diabetes test kit mentioned above, especially more so if you are forty five years old and above. Even though you may not have diabetes running in the family, its best to be prudent and take preventive measures, as diabetes is the end result of a slow process taking place in the body, and an early test can help much in preventing the condition to fully bloom.

What is a Diabetes Medical Supply?

Diabetes Test Kit

A diabetes medical supply consists of the essential necessities in diabetes management. Diabetic individuals should recognize that controlling diabetes comprises of many activities. It usually comprises of an hourly administration of insulin, regulating the dosage of insulin, maintaining an exact diet and periodic consultation with their physician, all contributing to a good management regimen for the illness. The diabetic client must keep in mind the import of permanent access to a diabetes medical supply anytime, anywhere.

A blood glucose meter is probably considered as the most vital instrument in the management of diabetes. Without this particular instrument in your diabetes medical supply, it would be impossible for a diabetic client to check levels of blood glucose, given the fact that a diabetic will need to monitor blood glucose for at least three to seven times, each day.

However, putting together a diabetes medical supply and other diabetes test kit will come at a substantial cost. Hence, to mitigate the cost of these supplies, you will need to have enrolled in some health insurance. The final cost will be dependent on the kind of health insurance and its coverage. Most expert co-coordinated medical industries are also known to provide tailored assistance for delivering high-quality diabetes medical supplies at very affordable prices or even at times at no cost at all.

What Are Feline Diabetes Symptoms?

Feline diabetes symptoms will differ depending upon the category and phase of the illness. The common symptoms of diabetes in cats are excessive thirst and excessive urination.

Similar to human beings, managing weight is a major component as well as regular exercise. Exercise and weight reduction are good factors for the cat to regulate the level of blood glucose. Also, engaging in particular treatments recommended by your vet will provide great help in preventing the occurrence of feline diabetes symptoms. But you have to make sure that your cat is not overfed and is obtaining regular physical exercise.

    Feline Diabetes Symptoms
  • Increased appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive thirst
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Excessive urination
  • Weight loss

  • Progressive Feline Diabetes Symptoms

  • Loss of appetite
  • Liver disease
  • Poor hair coat
  • Secondary bacterial infections
  • Dehydration
  • Vomiting

These feline diabetes symptoms are controllable and manageable if pet owners are observant of their pet cats. As mentioned earlier, you can help your pet cat further in achieving a good health status if you consult your vet on a regular basis.

Mangosteen Juice – The Preferred Choice for Diabetics

Mangosteen Juice is one naturally occurring food supplement with medicinal value that has helped many diabetics manage their condition better. Mangosteen Juice is one of the most nutrient dense substances in the world, and it has been well received among diabetic patients for its ability to normalize blood glucose level, without having to contend with the negative side effects of a similar acting drug.

One regular consumer of Mangosteen Juice had this to recount:

“I introduced Mangosteen juice to a colleague of mine who is very worried about her mother who has Diabetes. As the Diabetes level was at 12, her mother had to go for monthly blood test to check her sugar level. My colleague bought a bottle from me for her mother and within a month, her Diabetes level dropped from 12 to 7. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with the result and so is my colleague.”

10/21/2008 -- Cecilia from Sarawak

Apart from a diabetes testing kit and other diabetes medical supply, Mangosteen Juice can also be integrated one’s diet, just before taking a meal. This juice will not only normalize the blood glucose levels but it will also boost the immune system.

For feline diabetes, pet owners may also use this juice to manage and treat feline diabetes symptoms. A regular consumption of Mangosteen Juice is very effective as it helps the blood glucose level of your pet cat to be stabilized.

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