Using diabetes supplies effectively

Diabetes supplies, as the name suggests, is connected with diabetes. Diabetes is a severe, unrelieved disease. Without any ongoing management of the disease, an individual with diabetes can suffer from severe complications that may involve loss of eyesight, damage in the peripheral nerve or a stroke and even a heart attack!

Hence, daily monitoring of the disease and even hourly monitoring of glucose levels are very important. By acquiring sufficient diabetes supplies, a diabetic will be able to assess their blood sugar levels within the comfort of their home or at any other place they maybe. Being able to ascertain the exact diabetic supply to purchase, is a skill that will be mastered eventually by any diabetic patient.

A great help towards lowering the cost of diabetes supplies is by using health insurance. If you are already covered by health insurance, its practical to check with the relevant authorities at your place on using this facility. Conversely, if you have not acquired health insurance, these diabetic supplies will be at your everyday expenditure. Applying for a suitable health insurance that covers your diabetic supplies, maybe the prudent thing to do at this juncture.

Self testing of blood glucose levels has become a function similar to brushing one’s teeth or combing your hair everyday, thanks to diabetic supplies. In addition, such testing allows the diabetic to decide on further options involving diabetic diets and diabetic drugs that can help further alleviate the spikes or troughs in your blood glucose levels. With accurate and sufficient diabetic supplies, diabetes is a highly manageable condition.

Since diabetes supplies are quite expensive if you are not covered by health insurance, it maybe also a good idea to drop a line to some pharmaceutical industries that offer great discounts for individuals suffering from diabetes or for those individuals who come from low income brackets.

In addition, you may also verify with any diabetes help groups at your area, which maybe connected to some governmental organization or other welfare services to minimize the cost of your diabetes supplies.

Some basic guidelines to follow with your diabetes supplies:

Diabetes Supplies

  • Create a listing of the diabetes supplies you previously had, due to your doctor’s prescription. Recently diagnosed diabetics must be given a listing that consists of all essential medications and any supplementary materials needed by a diabetic individual.
  • Note what diabetes supplies you require to purchase and what other supplies your health insurance will cover. Lots of newly diagnosed individuals on diabetes will be given a meter and other meters for free every year, seeing that the old one requires replacement.
  • Store diabetes supplies correctly. Various types of diabetic management have special storage cabinets. Type II diabetes usually requires a drug that can be effortlessly stored in a cabinet. On the other hand, Type I diabetes may require special forms of drugs to take every day and differing tests to utilize.

Forewarning Signs and Diabetes Symptoms

There maybe many occasions where diabetes symptoms could be disregarded by those that are about to succumb to the diabetes condition. The usual reason as to why the tell tale signs of diabetes go ignored, is because of a lack of knowledge of the condition, or even at times, a careless attitude to one’s health condition, until it becomes a disease needing medication. In the subconscious minds of many, prevention is not as as ‘sexy’ as a cure.

The early diabetes symptoms are almost the same for both Type I and type II diabetes, but it is the swiftness of the beginning signs, where there is a variation. The beginning of Type 1 diabetes is fast, and it typically attacks individuals at a very youthful age. The signs of diabetes in Type II have a tendency to set in more slowly, and this type of the illness is inclined to have an effect on individuals at the age of thirty or older.

The signs of diabetes include recurrent urination, extreme thirst, unpredicted weight loss, tiredness, tingling or numbness in the legs, feet or hands and general weakness. When you observe yourself suffering from any of these diabetes symptoms, particularly if they look as if to come on all of a sudden, you have to seek your doctor’s advice or go for a full body check. This illness can tear down your vital organs, and take away the quality of your life, if left untreated.

Whether you have by now started to experience the signs of diabetes or not, you can obtain help from utilizing dietary aids. These can be of special assistance in treating this illness prior to its beginning or before it gets unmanageable and uncontrollable.

Recognizing diabetes symptoms early is very important as this can be the key to finding immediate treatment. In addition, all the forewarning signs of diabetes and diabetes can be fruitfully controlled by means of a thorough self-care plan of insulin, diet and exercise.

Mangosteen Juice, a must for Diabetes Supplies

Patients using the mangosteen supplement report the following:

  • Decreased fasting blood-sugar levels after one to two weeks of use
  • Decreased 2-hour, postprandial blood-sugar levels
  • Improved energy levels

  • Decreased appetite and even weight loss
  • Decreased requirements for hypoglycemic medications (as judged by their physicians)

  • Decreased pain from neuropathy
The mangosteen contains several classes of phytonutrients that could be used by the body to help regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, namely xanthones,, catechins and proanthocyanidins. Most of the studies on these phytonutrients are preclinical, which means that they are done in laboratories with animals or in test tubes. They do not involve human subjects. Preclinical studies indicate potential and not proven benefits for humans, and we cannot conclude that the results obtained will necessarily be seen in humans.

For the catechins, while most studies on carbohydrate metabolism are preclinical, some studies have been done with humans. However, the best way to see what value the juice may have for you is to try it for yourself and see what your body does with the fruit’s nutrients.

One regular consumer of Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback:

“I had a severe bicycle fall. I landed on my face. My tooth went through my lower mouth (completely puncturing the lower lip. I took off all of the skin on my lowere and upper lip. My mouth was swollen about three times its normal size. My friend, who is a distributor, like me, remembered he had some sample packets in his briefcase in his car. I immediately poured this on my mouth and swollen knee (which was severley abrased). The pain and swelling went away within minutes. In two days the scabs were healed and falling off my mouth. it was amazing. I continue to put mangosteen juice on the scar and it is diminishing. Hardly noticeable. I also have come off my Diabetes medicine and anti inflammatory for back pain and leg pain.”

12/12/2008 -- mary from FL

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Apart from the usual diabetes supplies, Mangosteen Juice can also be added into your arsenal to control this condition. The Mangosteen Juice has shown in many testimonials in helping with glucose control in Type II diabetics. This positive effect in blood glucose control seems to rise from the juice capacity in decreasing insulin resistance in the vital tissues of human body.

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