Chronic fatigue treatment, Nature’s Approach

Chronic fatigue treatment has been around for awhile, although traditionally speaking, treatment involving drugs has been the mainstay. If you suspect having this condition, there are some pertinent questions that you may need to consider. For example, are you incapable of completing daily activities due to poor energy levels? Do you experience severe fatigue even when you have taken some rest? Is it very hard for you to enjoy your day because of tiredness? If so, then its highly probable you are contending with this condition and you are among the millions of people all over the world who also suffer from chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue is a somewhat less understood illness, that at this point in time, it has no known confirmed cause and proven cure. This does not mean that this medical condition is not without help though. There are numerous treatment drugs that a medical doctor can prescribe to better handle the symptoms of this illness but for the most part, using some effective, natural chronic fatigue treatment to provide assistance in easing the signs and symptoms is gaining awareness and acceptance.

However, prior to starting any chronic fatigue treatment by means of natural means, it would make sense for you to discuss the method with your general practitioner first. This will be of greater significance if you are by now taking prescription drugs for your condition. There is always that possibility of certain herbal medicines having contraindications with some of the conventional prescription drugs, making the illness harder to address or becoming worse. Listed below are some of the natural chronic fatigue treatments.

  • Fish Oil
    In fish oil, you will most likely find all the essential fatty acids that contain lots of health benefits. The major benefit of fish oil is it reduces stress and fatigue, as well as it helps to alleviate pain and cognitive problems. Recent studies have recommended fish oil to be good chronic fatigue treatment because it can reduce depression, a known cause of chronic fatigue, significantly. In addition, fish oil is very helpful for individuals who have heart disease.
  • Chronic Fatigue Treatment

  • Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B12 is considered excellent chronic fatigue treatment because it enhances brain functions, and it reduces depression. Vitamin B12 is usually found in some natural supplements, fruits and vegetables, fish and even in some lean meats. According to a number of studies, people who always experience chronic fatigue or even menopause fatigue have low levels of B12 in their body, and sufficient intake of this particular vitamin will help ease this fatigue.
  • Lavender Oil
    Lavender oil is calming and comforting in cases of mental fatigue. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and is capable of alleviating pains and fatigue caused by stress. In fact, it can both relax the body and mind, as well as uplift the spirit, making it a highly effective for chronic fatigue treatment. In addition, lavender oil is soothing for people with insomnia, mental stress and menopause fatigue.
  • Rosemary Oil
    Rosemary oil is an excellent chronic fatigue treatment because it has a stimulating effect on the brain, and can relieve fatigue, exhaustion and depression. Rosemary oils do extremely well at strengthening, revitalizing and enriching the mind, body and spirit.
  • Chocolate
    Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is capable of improving bodily functions, tiredness and fatigue. Research has shown that consuming chocolate is able to work well for chronic fatigue treatment because of its ability to make the weak body become more active again. Chocolates may also be consumed by women with menopause fatigue.
  • Anti Fatigue Mat
    An anti fatigue mat is a not too long ago addition to chronic fatigue treatment. It can be used both in the office and at home and can serve to provide comfort and support to the fatigued body. An anti fatigue mat can reduce stress, body pains and even menopause fatigue when used in an approved manner. In addition, the mat maybe the best solution to alleviating the pain felt while standing, walking or sitting for long hours.
  • Lemon Oil
    Lemon oil has a revitalizing effect on the mind because of its fresh and citrus aroma that combats fatigue and stress. It is considered a natural chronic fatigue treatment because it illuminates and reinforces the body. In addition, lemon oil has immune stimulating agents that encourage white blood cells production.

Many of these natural chronic fatigue treatments offer only short term relief. However, using them on a regular basis will eventually relieve fatigue, pain and stress. Because of the fact that there is no known complete chronic fatigue treatment, it is still worth engaging into natural approaches for treating chronic fatigue because there are no side effects associated with these treatments when used alone.

Mangosteen Juice – A Powerful Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Apart from the different essential oils, as well as Vitamin B12 and using an anti fatigue mat, the original pure Mangosteen Juice is also gaining recognition as a powerful, natural chronic fatigue treatment. Mangosteen Juice is a natural fruit juice that comes from milling the whole Mangosteen Fruit with nine other fruits; the Mangosteen rind is well known for its huge numbers of health benefits, healing effects, as well as high nutrients density.

Ever since Mangosteen Juice was made available in the mass market, it has been utilized conventionally to help improve wellness and health. Mangosteen Juice is noted for its anti fatigue properties, which encourage the body and mind to become more active and productive. In addition, Mangosteen Juice has been reported to be good for chronic fatigue treatment because it stimulates the body and works at the cellular levels to improve metabolic activity and to boost energy levels; the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, bioflavonoids and phytonutrients of Mangosteen Juice also help the body to achieve optimum health and energy. In praise of these benefits received, one consumer of the original Mangosteen Juice had this to feedback to those who are considering trying this juice:

“I am an amputee of 6 years. I was infected with a strain of the Flesh eating disorder which i had gotten from cutting my leg on the Rock oysters behind my house in Weymouth, Auckland. Because of the unusual medical disorder i endured a lot of pain, quarantined at times in Middlemore hospital, an enormous regime of medication in the effort to try and cure it. It was truly a global effort by the infectious team resulting in months of hospitalization as a medical journal case. 11 ops (Multiple biopsies) 13 epidural and some of the most expensive drugs were used to combat. As a result my kidneys began to fail and after five months i said that’s enough cut it off since there is no known cure. My ongoing daily routine now involves the taking of 900mg SRTramadol daily (Phantom pain), 25mg Amitriptylene daily (Pain), inhibace plus 12.5mg daily ( High blood pressure), Felo 10mg daily (excessive sweats), imigran 100mg daily (Migrains)and Citalopram 20mg daily (antidepressant). Chronic Fatigue, high blood pressure, cholesterol and walking around docile every day was my norm. So after trying so many herbs , vitamins and natural alternatives i had accepted that medication would put me in an early grave. Well when first approached about mangosteen juice i was a skeptic and more so when i heard it was MLM. I was given some singles mangosteen juice and the only reason i took it on board was because it was for free from my brother in law. After two weeks of taking 30 mls every morning i noticed more energy and then the feeling of being so docile began to disappear and i felt that i was actually getting my head back, meaning functioning and clear. On the third week my body told me that something miraculous was going on so i began weaning of one medication every two days. To date after taking the product for two months i am taking only my Tramadol for phantom pain and an occasional imigran for headache if i feel it warrants it. Blood pressure , cholesterol, excessive sweats, Pain and antidepressants are all in the past. Mangosteen juice not only healed me it also gave me a new way of life. I use to dream and visualize about goals and where i was going in life, i hadn’t dreamed for over 6 years , now i getting back to dreaming and achieving – I've got my head back. Clid Boon (Amputee)

3/19/2009 -- Clid from Auckland

Clearly, the original Mangosteen Juice brings a host of benefits that can only be concluded as nothing short of a miracle juice; those who experience fatigue whether it is chronic fatigue, extreme fatigue, menopause fatigue or generalized fatigue, will be able to get back to a normal routine of life. Mangosteen Juice is an all natural energy drink that stimulates the central nervous system, which in turn, ensures that the body is in prime condition to perform activities of daily living.

Moreover, Mangosteen Juice is not only an excellent chronic fatigue treatment, but it is also a natural help and remedy for other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, body aches and pains, skin problems, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, digestive tract abnormalities, mental problems and even cancer. Also because it does not contain any contraindications, it is safe to be used alongside with any allopathic medicine; nonetheless, wisdom dictates that you discuss this with your health practitioner before going on daily consumption, especially when you have been prescribed a cocktail of drugs.

Mangosteen Juice is basically a food substance, just like orange juice or apple juice, and if consuming fruit juices causes your body to react untowardly, it maybe an indication to sample the juice first before engaging in a regular mode of consumption to see what your body does with it.

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