Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Understanding the Condition

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an annoying and maddening ailment that can affect any individual of any age. For the reason that there is no exact diagnostic analysis for this ailment, no one knows how many individuals suffer from it. It is anticipated that more than half a million of citizens in United States alone suffer from this condition.

As reflected by studies, women are more susceptible to chronic fatigue than men, because of hormonal imbalances. In fact, women diagnosed of chronic fatigue are four times much at risk than man. Although there is no clear evidence why this ailment affects more women, it is said that women report it to their specialists more frequently than men do.

Basically, chronic fatigue syndrome is a far more serious medical condition than normal fatigue. The chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms include weakness of muscles, severe or extreme pain, weakening of brain function, hypersensitivity, problems in the digestive tract, as well as depression, and many more. In severe cases, people with chronic fatigue syndrome can experience problems in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In addition, people affected by chronic fatigue syndrome have by and large very little endurance and resistance to manage life’s challenges.

Those with chronic fatigue are often in such a bad condition that it gets in the way of their daily lives and makes it very difficult to initiate and finish any activities in a set time. Some people who experience chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms have problems staying on top of their tasks and everyday jobs in the office or at home, while others are harshly disabled and even confined to bed. Also, those with chronic fatigue syndrome are not just contending with acute fatigue, but with a series of chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

Causes of Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • One of the major causes of fatigue and chronic fatigue is insufficient oxygen supply to the body. When the lungs are in hopeless need of oxygen after performing physical activities or some extensive workout but they are not supplied with sufficient amount of oxygen, the muscles will start to experience fatigue.
  • Continuous sweating is also one of the causes of fatigue. For instance, if your body experiences constant persipiration and there is not enough intake of fluids, the muscles will start to experience stress.
  • Causes of fatigue are associated to the flow of calcium within the cells of the muscles. When there is seepage of calcium in muscle cells, this will weaken the contraction of muscles, thus leading to fatigue. The calcium that seeps out of the muscle cells encourages the release of enzymes that plainly do ‘violence’ to muscle fibers and this causes further fatigue.
  • Stress and diet are considered the major causes of fatigue and chronic fatigue. Both factors predominantly affect women because these add adrenal insufficiency. This consequentially impacts the production of melanin and functions of the thyroid gland, certainly leading to fatigue.
  • Substance abuse is considered one of the top causes of fatigue and chronic fatigue. Drinking too much alcohol can weaken the body and damage vital organs, especially the liver and kidneys. Using prohibited drugs can alter the functions of the brain which also leads to fatigue.

Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are so many treatment options when it comes to managing chronic fatigue, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. Prescription medications are the initial mode of therapy for this ailment, but these drugs only control the symptoms on a short-term basis. Despite this, prescription drugs have been known to offer fast relief.

On the other hand, Mangosteen Juice is also considered a natural mode of choice for chronic fatigue treatment. The mangosteen pericarp, from which the original mangosteen juice is made, has been utilized for curing numerous ailments for centuries, including fatigue. Mangosteen Juice is well renowned as an anti fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitical, anti-aging and anti-viral natural substance. It is also utilized for a number of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, skin disease, cardio and respiratory problems, fibromyalgia and immune deficiency. Thousands who have consumed this juice on a regular basis swear by it; among these ardent followers, one consumer had this by way of feedback:

“I own a franchise and am a single parent. I have suffered from chronic Fatigue for 2 years now. I could only work 20-30 hours a week. This was caused by the Epstine Barr virus and other challenges I have from being in the military. Anyway, after taking Mangosteen juice for just 2 weeks, I was able to work most every day... After 7 weeks now, I am back to my old self! I have normal days, sleep well, my acid reflux is down, and my white cell count is returning to normal... I also have noticed my knees don't hurt as much.”

5/17/2006 -- Steve from Arizona

Since Mangosteen juice is an all rounder in improving the health of consumers, it has turned out to be more well-liked than any predecessors, especially more so when considering that its packed in nutrients density, healing properties, as well as highly potent naturally occurring antioxidants. In fact, Mangosteen juice is probably the only natural substance that is known to be anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitical; these four properties alone can help our immune system in fighting off most if not all infections, thus preventing the onset of ailments. Mangosteen Juice also helps neutralize the daily free radicals and harmful substances that enter our body which also contribute to fatigue.

When a person contends with chronic fatigue or experiences chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, surely, regular consumption of the original Mangosteen Juice will help in alleviating these issues. It can actually revitalize and re-energize the body and mind, hence, enabling the affected individual to achieve the most advantageous energy level to complete day to day tasks, productively and effectively.

Being fruit oriented, Mangosteen Juice also contains numerous vitamins and minerals which further help strengthen the cells, tissues and muscles in the body. These high density nutrients help build up damaged muscle tissues and also helps the body in becoming more active. In addition, these vitamins and minerals within Mangosteen Juice also play an active role in offering relief for chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

While Mangosteen Juice is certainly effective in combating chronic fatigue, there is also a rational factor to reflect on. The build up of stress is a major factor to this ailment and it should be prevented in so far as feasible. Given that it is easier said than done, a person affected by chronic fatigue should make an effort to take some time on a daily basis to unwind and relax, because this will do wonders for the physical condition and well being.

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