Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms, Recognizing Them

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, you will recognize the complexities connected with finishing daily activities, largely due to the acute fatigue that you probably suffer from. This form of fatigue that you regularly experience may intensify as a result of physical and mental based activities.

In nearly all cases, the chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms that you experience constantly fail to get better, even after you have taken some rest. If you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, you will go through a broad range of symptoms that could easily influence your quality of life.

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms consist of following:

  • May suffer from extreme fatigue.
  • Sufferers may experience lack of concentration on certain tasks and inability to remember significant facts.
  • The lymph nodes of the sufferer will become inflamed and painful, and muscle pain that radiates to some parts of the body is most likely to occur.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms also include sleep disturbance and eating problems.

General Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

  • The first general chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms that sufferers often experience are night sweats, low body temperature, chills, and dry mouth.
  • It is then followed by rashes, ringing in the ears, unexpected weight changes, and visual disturbances. These chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are regular as a result of severe fatigue related to constant worry or depression.
  • When chronic fatigue syndrome becomes worse, the symptoms that the sufferer may experience are muscle twitching, seizures, recurrent canker sores and infections, as well as endometriosis and premenstrual syndrome.

Cognitive Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

  • Inability to focus or concentrate, as well as short-term memory loss are both considered chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms in relation to cognition.
  • Impaired speech and reasoning are often experienced by people who are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Lack of ability to compute numbers, as well as incapability to understand what is read are all parts of cognitive chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Mental fogginess and spacial disorientation are more severe chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms that affect the cognitive behavior of the sufferer.

Energy and Sleep-Related Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

  • Unbearable fatigue and very poor stamina.
  • May experience extreme fatigue after executing an exercise, which usually last for 24 hours.
  • Interrupted and un-rejuvenating sleep.

Sensation and Pain-Related Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

  • For sensation and pain-related chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, pain in the ear, morning stiffness, and numbness in the body are the initial manifestations.
  • As chronic fatigue syndrome gets worse, chest pains and irritable bowel syndrome takes place.
  • If left untreated, tingling of the extremities and burning sensations in the face, as well constant pain in the jaw are the resulting chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

Respiratory and Cardio-related Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

  • Shortness of breath that can possibly lead to difficulty in breathing.
  • High risk of developing respiratory infections.
  • Lopsided heartbeat.
  • Lightheadedness and balancing problem upon standing or walking.

These aforementioned chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are controllable and treatable, provided that you consult your doctor at the soonest notice. Seeking advice from a specialist will help you obtain proper diagnosis, as well as suitable chronic fatigue treatment. In fact, there are so many treatments available for chronic fatigue syndrome, that the best way to go about it is to consult with your doctor, well informed family or friends.

Basically, there are two options to treat chronic fatigue syndrome: allopathic medical management and naturopathic chronic fatigue treatment. Statistics reveal that allopathic medical management is only helpful in delivering transitory relief, and once the medication is discontinued, there is a high chance that the problem reoccurs for a second time. If you are experiencing pain to some parts of your body, and diagnosed as one of the chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, you may utilize prescription based allopathic medications to relieve the pain, but in due course it is far healthier to manage your condition with naturopathic chronic fatigue treatment.

Natural chronic fatigue treatment has been known to be effective and safe, as it may not exhibit untoward effects to both mind and body. Some of this includes the following:

  • Usage of Anti Fatigue Mats at Home or In Office
    Anti fatigue mats are exceptionally helpful to address the physical condition and well being of individuals who experience extreme fatigue or chronic fatigue. The reason these anti fatigue mats are considered a natural chronic fatigue treatment is that they offer comfort and decrease of overall pain and fatigue.

    In addition, anti fatigue mats are available for use both in the office and at home. You may utilize it by placing them in your work place as a support when you are standing or sitting for long hours, or you can simply place them at your garage or kitchen at home, when you are expecting to be standing for extended hours.

  • Indulge into Therapeutic Massage
    Therapeutic massage as a treatment for chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms helps relieve softer body tissues and muscles, creating an avenue for relaxation. In fact, massage lessens stress, discomfort and pain, while enhancing your body circulation and making better sleep happen simultaneously. In addition, therapeutic massage has the same good effect as anti fatigue mats because they both help the sufferers relax and achieve optimum body and mental energy.

Regular Consumption of Mangosteen Juice

Drinking the original Mangosteen Juice is not only the recommended natural chronic fatigue treatment, but it is also probably the best remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome. According to numerous studies conducted in independent research labs around the world, the Mangosteen pericarp contains an abundance of life-sustaining benefits, healing properties; it is also high in nutrients density, which help not only people who experience extreme or chronic fatigue, but it also helps in the treatment of various other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, and even cancer! Many regular consumers of the original Mangosteen Juice have given sterling feedback, and the following recount is one of those:

“I'm thrilled to share with you how I got to taste mangosteen juice for the first time and how its helped me and my family. I'm a wife and mother of three children. Prior to starting our family I was a professional squash player for ten years. With a lot of hard work and dedication I achieved my goal of becoming the world number one. It was during that time that I learned the value of taking nutritional supplements. I took 21 vitamins and capsules every day to help me recover from strenuous training routines and competitions. Why was I taking so many? Because I had seven different vitamins to help my body in seven different ways (build up my immune system, recover from Fatigue, strengthen bones, improve circulation, etc, etc) and I would take those three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hence, why I was taking 21 vitamins. The truth is, I hated swallowing them and despite the health benefits, I used to always think ... "There's got to be a better way?" It wasn't until a year after I retired from the professional circuit that I found out about this mangosteen juice. My aunty called me from the USA and told me all about it. Afterwards, there were three things that stood out to me: 1. It came from a natural source (fruit) 2. It didn't contain any banned substances (drug-free) 3. It was a juice (no more having to swallow vitamins and capsules) Well, I was hooked straight away and three days later I had my first case of mangosteen juice arrive at my door by courier. We've been drinking it ever since. That was four years ago. Remember how I used to take seven different vitamins, to help my body in seven different ways, and I'd take those three times a day. Well, I don't have to do that anymore. Mangosteen juice has over 30 different health benefits. Its like a one-stop shop of wellness. I've never seen anything like it before. And, I only have to take it once a day... 30 mLs in the morning is all I need to start my day rejuvenated and energized.

3/2/2009 -- Leilani from Hamilton

Predominantly in people who experience extreme or chronic fatigue, including chronic fatigue syndrome, Mangosteen Juice is more than competent to re-energize their weak body through its anti-fatigue properties. The anti fatigue properties of Mangosteen Juice will serve to cut down fatigue and prepare the body to be more active. In addition, regular consumption of the original Mangosteen Juice will help you achieve desirable levels of energy.

Mangosteen Juice also contains highly potent naturally occurring antioxidants, which help strengthen the immune system and also neutralize free radicals; this has been shown to delay the aging process, as well as promote optimum levels of energy right down to the cellular levels.

Mangosteen Juice along with anti fatigue mats and therapeutic massage are considered effective, non-allopathic chronic fatigue treatment. These natural approaches not only treat chronic fatigue syndrome, but also help in treating overall pain and discomfort, as well as other diseases related or not related to chronic fatigue.

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