Causes of Headaches

What really are the causes of headaches? By identifying each of these causes and learning how they develop or occur, you are obviously in a better position to find the best available relief. At some point in life, everyone will experience a headache. This is something to be expected, and to many, its not even considered an illness, as headaches are known to come and go within the day.

Nonetheless, research does show that there are many causes of headaches, which are responsible in causing the pains and discomforts. If one is cognizant of any of the various causes of headaches, it then becomes a matter of choice in prevention, rather than a matter of cure upon sustaining a headache. Hence, let us consider the different causes of headaches.

  • Stress
    Medical experts conclude that stress is one of the most frequent causes of headaches as well as migraine headache causes. It is said that when an individual experiences stress, it develops into contrasting feelings known as fight or flight, and is escorted by various signs and symptoms such as hypertension, shallow breathing and increased heart rate.
  • Hormones
    Hormonal changes are one of the many permanent factors contributing to the causes of headaches. Hormones are classified as the single known factor to cause pain in the head without other contributing elements. In the case of sexual hormones, it is the females who are more susceptible to headaches. Whether it is prior to their monthly period or after, abrupt hormonal changes causes headaches to come about out of the blue.
  • Causes of Headaches

  • Genetic Materials
    It is true that headaches maybe found to be common among siblings, and genetic materials are well-known causes of headaches. Headaches can also be inherited through a natural chemical imbalance, and this is the main reason why an individual becomes very vulnerable to headaches. Keep in mind too that genetic materials are also known to be one of the contributing factors for migraine headache causes.
  • Nutrition
    There maybe some who are wondering why nutrition turned out to be one of the causes of headaches. Actually, most people are often unaware of this cause, but your daily diet and your sensitivity to certain foods makes headaches possible. Headaches are often associated to nutrition in cases when there are variation in the levels of blood sugar, excessive intake of caffeine, withdrawal of caffeine and alcohol beverages, as well as food additives.
  • Dental Sore
    This is actually one of the very rare causes of headaches, but it can trigger major forms of headaches, particularly if you suffer from dental infections. Not only will you experience a chronic headache, but you will need to bear the pain connected to the infection. In this specific situation, it will be necessary to seek advice from your dental specialist for a suitable treatment.
Most of these causes of headaches can be prevented in one way or the other, once identified. Understanding them will lead to specific treatments, whether non-pharmacological or pharmacological. As there are various treatments available at hand, knowing the causes of headaches will enable a person in making an informed choice when seeking treatment.

What is a Headache?

What is a headache maybe a question simple enough, but there is great depth to it when one has to answer based on causes and symptoms. Some will just answer it as some form of pain in the head region, and others might define it as normal attacks of pain around the head.

Whatever the answer to the question “what is a headache”, it is narrowly defined as pain in the head that radiates in the face and neck. The structures in the head that are sensitive to pain include the bone and structures forming the eyes, mouth, skin, nose and ears.

Other structures of the body that are sensitive to pain are the large blood vessels located in the head region, and these are considered the major organs contributing to pain in vascular headaches, especially migraines. The teeth and the temporomandibular joint can also generate headaches once they experience some form of damage. The only exception is the brain itself, which is not receptive to pain.

When a person is very susceptible to headache, at times the question “what is a headache” may take a new meaning all together. Living with a headache day in an day out, may actually take a toll on life, and one can’t remember the last time that there was no pain in the head. On the other hand, having a good answer to this question and understanding its exact meaning can eventually lead to proper treatments or even an exact diagnosis. This is the sure path to managing a relentless headache well, and also concluding without a doubt on the causes of headaches.

Apart from exploring answers to what is a headache, one would also need to consider consulting a medical expert in order to identify if it is really a headache or a symptom of some other illness. It may not be necessary to take medicine immediately, without confirming whether its just a normal headache.

Mangosteen Juice, A Natural Solution to Most Types of Headaches

The original Pure mangosteen Juice is one of the natural solutions used in the treatment of headaches and other illnesses. In recent times, a growing number of people all over the world use Mangosteen Juice for many reasons, not discounting the fact that it contains so many benefits to health and it is also chemical free. In other words, Mangosteen Juice is truly a great help to anyone who is suffering from various types of headaches.

According to numerous studies performed by independent labs around the world, Mangosteen Juice milled from from the whole Mangosteen fruit, possesses active essential nutrients and effective healing properties for a plethora of medical conditions.

All these nutrients and healing properties are carefully preserved in its natural form in order to not lessen the juice efficacy. Essential nutrients include vitamins and minerals, while healing properties consists of anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-allergy properties, to name just a few. In fact, an individual who used the original Pure Mangosteen Juice regularly had this by way of feedback:

“I am truly excited and delighted that I have been introduced to such a wonderful product. I started drinking the mangosteen juice in November 2006. I am in retail and usually have 2-3 Headaches per week, I assume from stress. Since drinking the juice, I have had no Headaches. I went through Christmas in retail and did not have a headache. It has also helped an aching hip joint. I drink 1 oz 3 times a day with water and some type of food (even if it is just a few walnuts).”

1/8/2007 -- Diane from Alabama

Before using the original Mangosteen Juice in treating your headaches, it is necessary to identify first the causes of headaches or migraine headache causes. In this way, you will have peace of mind when utilizing Mangosteen Juice in this manner. Keep in mind also that consistent consumption with an approved amount is a must, so as to obtain good results. Changing consumption mid stream, or stopping and starting abruptly, will break the needed momentum for the plant substance to work effectively within your body.

In conclusion, once the causes of headaches have been identified, try integrating the original Pure Mangosteen Juice in your treatment plan along, with some medical assistance. Mangosteen Juice can certainly provide an effective relief from headaches and also help make advancements in the quality of health.

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