Causes of Fatigue, How Mitigated

The causes of fatigue may be fleeting, but not the sensation of fatigue in itself. Do you feel exhausted almost every hour? Or are you losing energy easily, not knowing why? If so, its most likely you are having to contend with fatigue. Fatigue is a sense of lethargy, exhaustion and usually also insufficient physical and mental energy.

Fatigue in general is your body’s way of raising a red flag. It is simply the way your body tells you that something is wrong and not quite right. Paying no heed to it, usually will not make it go away. In fact, ignorance of it may just result in matters going downhill and probably even condition the appearance of some diseases. Knowing the causes of fatigue is very important because it will help you determine and evaluate appropriate interventions and management.

Life changes are considered one of the causes of fatigue and can possibly lead to chronic or extreme fatigue. A number of studies have publicized the fact that life-altering events can be a major reason to cause physical and mental fatigue. Among the several fatigue-inducing events and causes of fatigue, divorce is the number one reason. In fact, divorce causes tremendous, and when this stress is not eradicated, it can lead to extreme fatigue or chronic fatigue in a short space of time.

Bereavement and grief are other life-altering events and are also concluded as causes of fatigue. This usually takes place after losing a loved one, job instability or job loss, working with irrational and awkward employers, or a severe ailment.

Studies have shown that an increasing number of individuals are concerned about the high cost of living, resulting in experiencing continued stress and pressure, which can then easily lead to extreme fatigue. In addition, some individuals are naturally born to worry excessively, which is a primary reason for chronic fatigue.

Moreover, substances such as artificial sweetener and alcohol are also considered causes of fatigue. These two substances are major culprits in causing fatigue, and when used inappropriately can also result in not just extreme fatigue, but also other ailments.

Causes of Fatigue

Other causes of fatigue are hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances have been known to be leading causes of fatigue, especially in women. In fact, eighty percent of women experience extreme fatigue during menopause stages, due to the low levels of hormone production in the body. Most women experience night sweats, resulting in interrupted sleep, as well as sudden hot flashes.

Being aware of different causes of fatigue will certainly be useful in combating this condition. Aside from that, the causes of fatigue can be effortlessly identified, making it easier to seek treatment, whether it be allopathic, alternative or naturopathic.

Fatigue, Extreme Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue – Treatment Overview

After identifying the causes of fatigue, whether it is extreme fatigue, chronic fatigue, generalized fatigue or just simple fatigue, it is then time to seek treatment options. These days, there are many ways to treat fatigue, especially chronic fatigue; these may come in the form of medical interventions or natural approaches.

The usage of antidepressants in chronic fatigue treatment is often prescribed by doctors to people suffering from fatigue due to depression. Antidepressants are used to treat chronic fatigue clients even when they are not down in the dumps or depressed, because the medicine is known to be very efficient in increasing energy levels.

Thyroid hormones and steroids are other medical interventions for chronic fatigue. These drugs used in chronic fatigue treatment, work by balancing the altered hormones in the body or aid in the production of hormones. Specialists regularly prescribe these drugs because they can stimulate the body to become more active.

Apart from these medical interventions involved in chronic fatigue treatment, natural approaches are also becoming more and more popular in treating extreme fatigue and chronic fatigue. Natural remedies are considered excellent for chronic fatigue treatment, as they are known to be effective and safe in treating not only fatigue, but also other diseases.

One of the best natural remedies for fatigue is the original Mangosteen Juice. It is a fruit juice that came from milling the whole Mangosteen Fruit, together with nine other fruits. Mangosteen Juice has been shown to offer tremendous health benefits; it is also dense in healing properties and high nutrients density. One regular consumer of this juice had this to say by way of feedback:

“I am an amputee of 6 years. I was infected with a strain of the Flesh eating disorder which i had gotten from cutting my leg on the Rock oysters behind my house in Weymouth, Auckland. Because of the unusual medical disorder i endured a lot of pain, quarantined at times in Middlemore hospital, an enormous regime of medication in the effort to try and cure it. It was truly a global effort by the infectious team resulting in months of hospitalization as a medical journal case. 11 ops (Multiple biopsies) 13 epidural and some of the most expensive drugs were used to combat. As a result my kidneys began to fail and after five months i said that’s enough cut it off since there is no known cure. My ongoing daily routine now involves the taking of 900mg SRTramadol daily (Phantom pain), 25mg Amitriptylene daily (Pain), inhibace plus 12.5mg daily ( High blood pressure), Felo 10mg daily (excessive sweats), imigran 100mg daily (Migrains)and Citalopram 20mg daily (antidepressant). Chronic Fatigue, high blood pressure, cholesterol and walking around docile every day was my norm. So after trying so many herbs , vitamins and natural alternatives i had accepted that medication would put me in an early grave. Well when first approached about mangosteen juice i was a skeptic and more so when i heard it was MLM. I was given some singles mangosteen juice and the only reason i took it on board was because it was for free from my brother in law. After two weeks of taking 30 mls every morning i noticed more energy and then the feeling of being so docile began to disappear and i felt that i was actually getting my head back, meaning functioning and clear. On the third week my body told me that something miraculous was going on so i began weaning of one medication every two days. To date after taking the product for two months i am taking only my Tramadol for phantom pain and an occasional imigran for headache if i feel it warrants it. Blood pressure , cholesterol, excessive sweats, Pain and antidepressants are all in the past. Mangosteen juice not only healed me it also gave me a new way of life. I use to dream and visualize about goals and where i was going in life, i hadn’t dreamed for over 6 years , now i getting back to dreaming and achieving – I've got my head back. Clid Boon (Amputee)”

3/19/2009 -- Clid from Auckland

The major healing element of Mangosteen Juice as to why it is so effective in gaining control of fatigue is basically due to its anti-fatigue properties. Drinking Mangosteen Juice on a daily basis will help enhance metabolic rates at the cellular levels, thereby increasing the levels of energy needed for daily activities.

Mangosteen Juice also contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Its well known that vitamins and minerals help the body to lessen fatigue, as well as boost the body to function optimally. Natural vitamins and minerals also help revitalize damaged cells and tissues in the body. In addition, Mangosteen Juice also contains highly potent naturally occurring antioxidants which help neutralize free radicals and strengthen the immune system against disease causing microbes.

Without a doubt, daily consumption of the original Mangosteen Juice can help anyone to better control the symptoms and underlying problems associated with the causes of fatigue.

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