Understanding a Blood Diabetes Sugar Test

A blood diabetes sugar test is necessary to discover if your blood sugar level is within a safety zone. If the level of your blood sugar is excessively high or excessively low, you may require a transformation in your diabetes diet, daily exercise or medication plan. If a transformation is considered necessary, your medical doctor will provide you with rules and guidelines on what you can do henceforth.

Basically, a blood diabetes sugar test can assist you in making a decision on how to deal with your diabetes. For case in point, if you sense that the level of your blood sugar is excessively low, a test can then inform you whether or not it is very low.

In addition, a blood diabetes sugar test is in use as an indicative means for testing diabetes. This particular test is performed in a variety of ways, such as being offered a beverage that has a high level of glucose and then samples of blood are obtained and assessed at standard intervals for two hours or you may be obliged to fast for not less than fourteen hours in advance, before taking a test.

Blood diabetes sugar test may conversely also be performed on asymptomatic, healthy people for testing a likelihood of contracting diabetes. Its to be recognized that diabetes begins with a small number of symptoms and by means of such tests, there will be a basis to confirm the exact health status of the individual.

Also, a blood diabetes sugar test entails a frequency of testing that is appropriate for the individual. Hence, it will all depend on your present condition and the advice given by the doctor performing the examination. If the individual suffers from pre-diabetes, the medical expert may employ testing at standard intervals. On the other hand, if an individual has already been diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor will require you to do regular monitoring of blood sugar levels several times each day or require you to undergo other diabetes test.

In urgent situations, perhaps where signs and symptoms of unconsciousness or fainting are observed, a blood diabetes sugar test may also be required to be administered. This test would resolve whether an unusual glucose level is the causative factor to the signs and symptoms of the diabetic client.

As a blood diabetes sugar test is usually performed four times a day, it is ever more vital to take into account your present situation. For example, are you under insulin medication, or are you experiencing troubles with high or low levels of blood sugar, or are you pregnant or are you unwell and recovering from an illness? This is of import, because it will help you understand that all of these may have a causative effect to your blood sugar levels, and not just your diet.

So, to improve diabetes control, apart from performing a blood diabetes sugar test or other diabetes test, you can work with your diabetes medical expert to settle on a plan for the times of each day to test your blood sugar or you may even ask your diabetes medical expert to assist you in choosing the most excellent testing system for you. You may then use your testing system correctly in order to improve diabetes control.

Steps in Performing a Diabetes Glucose Test

Blood Diabetes Sugar Test

There are actually number of basic steps in performing a diabetes glucose test. These steps are less painful and more effective in obtaining accurate results for your blood sugar level.

When about to commence on a diabetes glucose test, a diabetic individual is required to prick his or her fingers and test the blood obtained for presence of glucose. However, there will be some pain experienced due to the penetration of the sharp lancet. In fact, the deeper the sharp lancet breaks through the skin the more painful the diabetes test.

The diabetes glucose test guidelines below focus on methods to obtain additional blood out when you puncture your sterile finger with a sharp lancet, in order to prevent the need to puncture the skin severely for more blood, thereby reducing on the pain experienced.

  • Cleanse your hands with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. This diabetes glucose test tip provides assistance in ensuring that the point where the prick takes place remains uncontaminated, and this will also help in dilating the blood vessels in the fingers to amplify blood flow.
  • Massaging your finger downwards going to the tip of your finger is also a good practice before performing a diabetes test. This method will assist the flow of blood heading to the tip of your finger, before performing a diabetes glucose test. This means that when you prick your finger there is ample blood at the region for testing.
  • Have your testing finger placed downward at the prick point, so that blood will flow more effortlessly due to the action of gravity.
  • Other suitable preparations before performing a diabetes glucose test include setting your lancet instruments, choosing the exact meter and alternating the fingers to be pricked.

These preparations before performing a blood diabetes sugar test are very easy to follow. Clearly, the steps outlined above is of purpose to perform a blood diabetes sugar test or other diabetes test, with the greatest of ease and the least amount of pain.

Mangosteen Juice and Diabetes

When an individual is diagnosed of diabetes, numerous diabetes tests such as a blood diabetes sugar test or diabetes glucose test is required to be established on a regular basis. A diabetes test is very important because it is the key to determine if you are suffering from too low or too high blood glucose levels, thus making it an essential or necessity test that every diabetic has to undergo.

Apart from conducting these tests, and taking the required medication as prescribed by your doctor, there are other natural treatments which are also available for diabetes management and control. Lifestyle modifications and exercising a good diabetes diet are some of the natural treatments that are to be recommended.

Certain food supplements can also slow down or manage the ravaging effects of diabetes. With these natural methods in view, one of the recommended food supplements that has received tremendous positive feedback is the Mangosteen Juice. One consumer of the Original Pure Mangosteen Juice had this to recount:

“We had noticed that our 6 y/o beautiful daughter had not been herself lately and complained of being tired constantly and went to the bathroom quite frequently. She was drinking a lot of water, and we were not aware that these were signs of Diabetes. One morning, she woke up and did not have the strength to get herself out of bed. I got her onto the couch & called an ambulance. By the time we got her to the hospital, the Doctor said that if we had waited any longer, she would have been in a coma. In Jan. 2005, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We are vegetarians and our children have never had any dairy products, meat or white sugar, so this diagnosis was a horrible shock to us. We just couldn’t sit back and say "well, this is the way it is and she'll have to live with it and we'll have to watch her suffer". We started by really changing her diet, then 2 weeks later, we read about a product, Mangosteen juice. We started her on it that afternoon and to our amazement, her bedtime blood test, which was usually 13 to 20, was now 3.5 ! From that day on, her numbers kept dropping drastically and we kept lowering and lowering her insulin dosage. Soon we came to the point where it was a full time job just trying to keep her from passing out all day! Her blood sugar was dropping so low. She went from 25 units of insulin a day down to just 1! After 24 days on the Mangosteen, her Doctor took her off of insulin completely ! Her doctor said that this NEVER happens & to keep doing what we were doing. Forty-one days after diagnosis, Savana-Lee was insulin free!!!

2/5/2008 -- Karen & Jimmy

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Basically, Mangosteen Juice contains numerous healing nutrients within, one of which are its highly potent, naturally occurring antioxidants. These antioxidants, along with the other rare nutrients found within Mangosteen Juice, are the causative components in regulating blood sugar levels in diabetic patients within safety range.

In addition, these antioxidants, together with the xanthones, polysaccharides, catechins, flavonoids and other components, act together in unison to help boost the immune system of diabetic patients, helping to prevent the invasion of infections and other harmful agents.

In severe cases of diabetes, there is a high possibility that an infection can take place. This may result in poor healing of bruises and other wounds present in the body of a diabetic patient. With regular consumption of Mangosteen Juice, there is a greater boost to these bruises and wounds healing as quickly as possible, as this juice is also noted to have beneficial components that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

Hence, the usage of Mangosteen Juice daily and performing a blood diabetes sugar test or diabetes glucose test is the recommended approach to controlling and managing the after effects of having contracted the diabetes condition.

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