Treating Back Muscle Pain

Are you at times experiencing excruciating back muscle pain? Does this pain affect your day to day activities? Well, if that is the case, then you may be suffering a very common malaise, affecting millions of people from all age groups. About eighty percent of people all over the world are experiencing pain in their back that ranges from mild to severe. Although this maybe the case, muscle pain is hardly ever serious, nonetheless, very hurting to endure.

Basically, back muscle pain is a common form of back pain that develops when there is damage in the soft tissues of the spine. At times, the pain takes place because of joint inflammation or some damage in the structures of the spine. However, this kind of pain can be effortlessly treated, and is also the most frequent among younger people. In truth, you can injure, damage and hurt groups of muscles in your back to an extent so easily if you are not watchful, hence the need for vigilance especially in how you carry out your day to day activities.

According to statistics, many individuals do not place much importance in treating their back muscle pain quickly, but what they may not realize sooner than later is that this form of pain can easily progress to severe strain in due time, and even develop into a chronic disease if left untreated. Very often, if you are working in a job where it requires you to sit or stand for long hours, you can easily develop various forms of back pain due to inappropriate postures or unacceptable standing and sitting strategies.

Furthermore, back muscle pain is regularly experienced by individuals participating in activities that call for a high intensity of physical movement such as extreme sports. However, it would be incorrect to conclude that this pain is the result of only backbreaking physical activities. Engaging in a few physical activities after a long span of time or while doing a few sudden calisthenic activities also results in damage of the soft tissues of spine and thereby causes back muscle pain.

Other common factors that cause back muscle pain may be sleepless night, stress, lifting heavy objects, anxiety, driving or sitting in numerous positions for long hours and abrupt movements like bending. Inappropriate work stations, fatness, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and an inactive standard of living sometimes could also give rise to back pain. Provided that there could be different causes, you ought to introspect to facilitate understanding regarding the exact cause of the condition, in order to obtain an error free management of your condition.

While there maybe different causes of back muscle pain, it is not always easy to adopt a single exacting management for all cases, because the management for this condition varies from one individual to another. From time to time, symptoms of back pain could also be experienced due to vitamin insufficiency. At times they may also happen because of muscle spasms. These pains are usually the most complex to tolerate and arise primarily because of previous injuries.

Fortunately, if back pain arises due to muscle spasms, application of heat or ice treatments usually delivers fast relief. Not only that, such pains are not that critical and there are different interventions which maybe employed within the comforts of home to assist one achieve sufficient relief from back muscle pain. Conversely in cases of persistent back pain warning signs, it is very vital to consult a medical expert and obtain treatment as soon as possible.

Choosing Back Pain Treatment

Back Muscle Pain

Generally, if the exact root of back muscle pain or back pain is acknowledged, back pain treatment is the next step of action. The seriousness of pain felt in the back may range from a dull pain to a scorching feeling, and this maybe due to some damage in the back muscles or spillover tribulations from arthritis, tumor, infection, fracture and osteoarthritis.

Even if the back pain may arise unexpectedly, the symptoms associated with it may have snowed under for a period of time. Hence, it is necessary that we recognize the exact origin of the back pain, if there is to be complete eradication or appropriate care.

These days, there are various back pain treatments available for individuals experiencing back pain. However, similar to the causes of back muscle pain, treatment also differs from one person to another. The exact root/s of the pain and its seriousness is best evaluated by a therapist, who will then suggest the most suitable treatment.

Regular exercise is the most well known and recommended approach to back pain treatment. Although, it is a universal belief that bed rest is the best form of treatment for back pain or even back muscle pain, evidence has revealed that bed rest does not provide assistance in the improvement of an individual who is experiencing back pain. It is far healthier if the individual continues with his day to day tasks while adopting a few precautionary measures for alleviating pain. In addition, the most suitable form of exercises to treat back pain are swimming, walking and stretching. But, you have to take into account in starting slowly and gradually develop the required rapidity at which the different form of exercises are undertaken.

Other classifications of back pain treatment include electrotherapy, the massage therapy, the osteopaths and the Chiropractors. In some cases, acupuncture has also demonstrated itself to be helpful. As a final option, surgical operation may be suggested in cases where there is extremely severe pain or the pain is no longer treatable by other non invasive treatments.

Lower Back Pain is Common among the Elderly

Apart from back muscle pain that commonly affects people with improper postures or incorrect sitting or standing positions, lower back pain on the other hand, affects a great number of elderly. However, this is not to conclude that lower back pain is not experienced by other age groups. Fortunately, this pain is quite often self resolved with no treatment at times.

If the lumbar section of the back experiences significant stress when an individual lifts or twists, it can result in some form of sprain. The pain then generated from lower back pain makes movement very hurting, and victims are usually not capable of work for the period of these episodes. The majority of lower back pain sufferers recover in a week or two and need little or no medical assistance. Most of the time, a complete bed rest is all that is required.

Treatment for lower back pain is quite different from back pain treatment. One reason is that lower back pain can easily subside and all that is required usually is rest, while back pain requires some treatment for it to be cured. However, there are cases where if lower back pain is left untreated, it may not self resolve and has the possibility to become severe.

Tenderness and pain on movement are the more common symptoms of lower back pain, and it frequently starts inside of two to twenty four hours. This can involve any strain or sprain of the ligaments or group of muscles, and is regularly observed after lifting very heavy things.

Engaging in suitable and recommended techniques of lifting can also put off lower back pain. At the same time, the use of appropriate exercises like swimming can strengthen the muscles in the back. In the elderly, constant arisals of lower back pain maybe indicative of the aging process and thus, something that is to be expected.

Mangosteen Juice and Its Anti Inflammatory Properties

There are different approaches when it comes to the treatment of back muscle pain, as well lower back pain. In the field modern medicine, prescriptions of anti inflammatory drugs and other types of medications are usually implemented to ease the pain, while there are still other treatments which make use of therapies, exercises, diet modification, natural remedies or alternative medicines.

Back muscle pain, as mentioned earlier on, is a condition wherein the soft tissues of the spine experience trauma. One medicine found in the field of naturopathy for this condition is none other than Pure Mangosteen Juice. Pure Mangosteen Juice is derived from milling the whole Mangosteen, a fruit that is commonly found in Southeast Asia.

The Mangosteen rind and seeds are well-known for its highly potent antioxidants found within its naturally occurring Xanthones. Xanthones are naturally occurring components found in specific types of lower plants, and is frequently publicized in medical journals as also holding legitimate promise in the prevention and apoptosis of cancerous cells.

In addition to the antioxidant value presented by the more than 40 different Xanthones found in Mangosteen, the Mangosteen fruit also features powerful anti inflammatory properties, more potent than aspirin and other anti inflammatory drugs, albeit without the negative side effects. These naturally occurring anti-inflammatories serve as a good, natural treatment for back muscle pain, lower back pain and other inflammation that occurs daily in the human body. In fact, one couple who used Mangosteen Juice for a couple of weeks had this to feedback:

“We were introduced to the Mangosteen Juice by my physician. We both had terrible acid reflux and we taking medications which I did not like and really were not working. I also had fibromyalgia and my husband had lower Back Pain. Within 3 weeks or so the acid reflux was gone for both of us and no more meds! Within 2 1/2 months my fibromyalgia symptoms were gone and I was pain free and my husband's residual lower Back Pain after having spinal decompression therapy for 2 ruptured disks was now a thing of the past! From now on, Mangosteen juice is what we reach for when we have a health issue. Drugs are a last resort for us! We are so grateful and blessed that we have a 'natural' alternative with no side effects to be healthy!”

3/30/2009 -- AL & Paula from FL

In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of Mangosteen Juice also help alleviate sciatica pain, and pain related to peripheral neuropathy. This juice can also help improve joint elasticity, help out in maintaining a well respiratory system, and normalize intestinal health.

Apart from that, there are also numerous other health benefits of Mangosteen Juice; controlled data of Mangosteen Juice has shown to possess various healing properties. Numerous experimental trials conducted in various research labs worldwide have also confirmed that this juice is excellent for maintaining each organ in the human body.

Hence, by drinking Mangosteen Juice regularly, it may help you resolve and deal with your day to day pains, whether they maybe back muscle pain or lower back pain; eventually, back pain will become controllable and manageable. And your overall general health status will also get better by incorporating this juice within your daily diet.

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