Treating baby allergies and related symptoms

Now we have baby allergies too! Isn’t it true that in this new age, nearly everybody in society has a medical condition known as allergy. Six percent of the millions who suffer from allergies are babies, infants and children. As all allergy sufferers will attest, this condition can affect anybody for whatever reasons unbeknownst to them. If an individual immune system excessively responds to the entry of some harmless foreign substance/s for any reason, it discharges histamines, and allergy symptoms begin occurring.

All loving parents will be of the same opinion that your babies are the most important possession in your life. You clothe and feed them, and provide them shelter and care, which is why it is vital for you to become aware if your baby is allergic to any food that can cause your baby severe pain and discomfort, and in several very unfortunate cases, even untimely death. Therefore it becomes very vital to be persistently watchful and vigilant.

Baby allergies can be caused by a range of factors, ranging from things that are inhaled, touched or eaten. Finding the trigger for baby allergies is at times like seeking a needle in a hay stack, but once detected, this could significantly ease the symptoms. If you suspect an allergic reaction or intolerance, do not hesitate to see your physician, do not dismiss away your thoughts, remember baby allergies or infant allergies can be potentially life threatening.

It becomes very essential to know the workings behind baby allergies so as to competently manage and spot it in its early stage. When your baby eats something that he or she is allergic to, antibodies called IgE are formed in the body. When your baby ingests this food once more, the IgE convey a message to the immune system for the production of histamines that combat allergens. Usually, these allergens are not really dangerous but the baby’s body recognizes it as a detrimental substance and begins attacking it. Due to this attack by the immune system, in around anything between a few minutes to a few hours, the body begins displaying infant allergies symptoms.

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Generally, baby allergies or even children allergies are frequently the cause of baby asthma, which is a devastating illness that alarms parents when they are first confronted with it, and never ends to be a basis for concern even after management has started. When the tubes carrying air to the lungs happen to be constricted and their linings irritated, the baby has difficulty getting air through them. Breathing enlists a wheezing sound, as the baby experiences shortness of breath. It is not an unusual condition in very young children. Based on recent American statistics, 10%-15% of American children in grade school have or have had asthma as infants. There are several common substances that cause baby allergies or children allergies, resulting in asthma. The most common causes that trigger baby allergies, infant allergies and children allergies are cockroaches, dust and dust mites, animals such as dogs and cats, secondhand cigarette smoke and molds. Ironically, there is proof showing that very untimely contact to pets and some infections seem to lessen the risk of developing asthma.

When baby allergies including infant allergies and children allergies result in asthma attacks and this persists, regardless of the gargantuan efforts of the family to make the surroundings safe from baby allergies, medical management and intervention may be needed. Asthma medications come in several forms, and these include dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, pills and liquids that can be used in nebulizers. Obviously, the liquids that can be employed in nebulizers are the more popular choice in the case of an infant allergies caused by asthma. The medication is then inhaled straightforwardly into the air passages where it does the most good.

Also, this type of medication and the other inhalers have the smallest amount of negative side effects, which also make them the preferred treatment for all ages.Allergies to food is also another factor that triggers baby allergies, infant allergies and children allergies. Food allergies can vary from very mild to acute severe reactions, the main culprits usually being any baby food products which may have one or more of the following, fish, eggs, wheat, cow's milk, nuts, soya, and shellfish.

The reaction to these kinds of foods can show within minutes, vital signs to watch out for are inflammation of the tongue and lips, wheezing and rashes.Your baby may also develop severe juvenile eczema or skin rash and may experience itchy, streaming eyes. Babies who are allergic to milk, eggs, soya and wheat, will by and large outgrow their baby allergies, infant allergies and children allergies by the age of five.

Mangosteen Juice Provides Assistance in Alleviating Baby Allergies

When you have already identified the root causes of an allergy in your baby, as well as the predisposing factors that trigger further baby allergies, one recommendation to consider after routine medical intervention, is alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is a natural way of treating certain illnesses, or a natural method of preventing the symptoms of such diseases.

Due to recent advances in technology and research done, modern medical technology systems already have different innovative equipment in treating people with ailments. However, despite various modern medical equipments used in many hospitals, people still look for a natural way to help them ease their illnesses. A good number of individuals advocate the use of alternative medicine as being less invasive than modern equipment used in hospitals.

One alternative medicine that you should not miss out is actually a good supplement, Pure Mangosteen Juice. Pure Mangosteen Juice is a healthy juice made from crushing the whole Mangosteen fruit together with nine other fruits to improve on taste; it is comparable to crushing the apple fruit to make apple juice or the same as pineapple juice from pineapple fruit. However, Pure Mangosteen Juice has has far greater antioxidants and nutritional properties that are able to produce a broad collection of health benefits. These health benefits of Pure Mangosteen Juice, improve many of the body’s inner and external functions.

Apart from the high antioxidant and nutritional properties, Mangosteen juice also has highly potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties. These two main properties of Mangosteen Juice are pivotal in combating allergies in any age group, such as baby allergies, infant allergies, children allergies and adult allergies. Science is still catching up on exactly how the juice works, as in the case of help with allergies, it is somehow able to get to the root causes of the problem within the body. The known anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe the vital organs that are affected by allergies while the anti-allergy properties put off the incidence of an allergic reaction. As a result, these allergies are usually nipped in the bud.

Pure Mangosteen Juice is highly advocated by numerous health care facilities and naturopaths, as a safe drink that can be consumed on a regular basis. It is found that Mangosteen Juice has no known side effects, making it a safe beverage, and at the same time a powerful health supplement. In most cases of baby allergies, the initial step that most parents seek out is medical intervention; one parent in a similar situation had this to recount:

“Our son has suffered with asthma and Allergies since he was 2 1/2 years old. He has been on inhalers, zyrtec, singulaire, n asonex and a nebulizer when needed. He has even been hospitalized for breathing problems. The doctors have put him on antibiotics four to five times a year to clear up the sinus infections he would regularly acquire. He has been taking mangosteen for 3 months now (and the first month was during the spring pollen season) and is feeling so much better. He is off all of his medications and can actually breath out of his nose. His nose was always congested before. We are so happy - this product has truly changed our lives.”

8/1/2009 -- Tom & Diane from VA

In addition, drinking Mangosteen Juice regularly provides more energy to the body, because the added nutrients keep the cardiovascular system and the body’s immune system in prime, which helps prevent ailment. The Mangosteen Juice’s nutrients also play an important role in protein and carbohydrate absorption and metabolism, together with supporting the digestive system.

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