Anti fatigue mats, Why Useful?

Anti fatigue mats are supportive and accommodating if you are going to be walking, sitting or standing for a number of hours or for longer periods of time. It’s probably indispensable if you are going to stand for long hours in the garage or kitchen. If you are in the office, this special mat can also help you reduce the discomfort you may experience during the long hours of work.

Initially, this mat was invented with the aim to provide comfort to anyone who experiences too much pressure or stress in daily living. Using these mats will help a person gain better control of stress related issues, especially when there is to be extended time spent on some projects in the office or simply if a person is at home and just wants to relax. In addition, anti fatigue matting can also provide the necessary support to build a safer work environment.

Significance of Anti Fatigue Mats

If you are the type of person who spends most of your day on your feet, you are at a higher risk of developing a number of health problems. Standing for long hours can decrease circulation in the feet and legs, which in severe cases can easily result in cardiovascular disorders. Hence, to prevent these possible complexities of standing for long hours, anti fatigue mats have gained popularity in recent years.

Other complications that may arise if you are not using anti fatigue mats are joint and back pain, leg pain, inflammation of legs and feet, appearance of varicose veins, and other complexities in pregnant women. In addition, anti fatigue mats can also help alleviate chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, as well as adrenal fatigue.

Size and Types of Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mats come in different sizes, as well as thickness. A number of industries enable you to custom order an exact size to suit your work place. The thinner the anti fatigue mats are, the more cost-effective they become. However, thinner mats are best utilized in places where there is to be light standing.

In addition, choosing the type of mat must be compatible to work conditions. There are a number of mats that are designed for dry places, while others are for water proof surroundings. Still, other mats are oil, fire, chemical and grease resistant. Hence, when purchasing these mats, ensure it is safe and appropriate for your work setting.

Benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats

There are numerous health benefits in using anti fatigue mats. Its major benefit is in the mitigation of the health issues related to prolonged standing, while others are for the reduction of chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms and adrenal fatigue. It lessens the pressure of standing for extended hours, which can enhance efficiency in work. The mats also deliver a relaxed and slip-free surface, which creates a safer work atmosphere.

In addition, these mats also help deliver insulation and protect the feet from harm, cold or hot floors. If you are at ease while standing, this will help maintain good posture and draw on healthier body mechanics.

Pure Mangosteen Juice and Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mats are helpful in many type of work settings whether it is in a hair shop, kitchen, wood shop, garage, check out stand, factory or office. It delivers comfort and decreases general pain, discomfort and fatigue by absorbing the massive forces that can come about through walking or standing.

Apart from using anti fatigue mats, daily consumption of the original Mangosteen Juice with a prior decided fixed amount, can also improve stress related conditions and help manage the daily challenges of life better. The original Mangosteen Juice is the end product from milling the whole Mangosteen Fruit, together with nine other fruits to improve on taste and efficacy. Numerous independent lab based studies have shown that the Mangosteen pericarp presents numerous health benefits to the human body, especially its anti fatigue properties which are known to help in cases of stress reduction, boosting mental functioning and mood elevation. In recognition of these properties, one regular consumer of the original juice had this to mention by way of feedback:

“I am an amputee of 6 years. I was infected with a strain of the Flesh eating disorder which i had gotten from cutting my leg on the Rock oysters behind my house in Weymouth, Auckland. Because of the unusual medical disorder i endured a lot of pain, quarantined at times in Middlemore hospital, an enormous regime of medication in the effort to try and cure it. It was truly a global effort by the infectious team resulting in months of hospitalization as a medical journal case. 11 ops (Multiple biopsies) 13 epidural and some of the most expensive drugs were used to combat. As a result my kidneys began to fail and after five months i said that’s enough cut it off since there is no known cure. My ongoing daily routine now involves the taking of 900mg SRTramadol daily (Phantom pain), 25mg Amitriptylene daily (Pain), inhibace plus 12.5mg daily ( High blood pressure), Felo 10mg daily (excessive sweats), imigran 100mg daily (Migrains)and Citalopram 20mg daily (antidepressant). Chronic Fatigue, high blood pressure, cholesterol and walking around docile every day was my norm. So after trying so many herbs , vitamins and natural alternatives i had accepted that medication would put me in an early grave. Well when first approached about mangosteen juice i was a skeptic and more so when i heard it was MLM. I was given some singles mangosteen juice and the only reason i took it on board was because it was for free from my brother in law. After two weeks of taking 30 mls every morning i noticed more energy and then the feeling of being so docile began to disappear and i felt that i was actually getting my head back, meaning functioning and clear. On the third week my body told me that something miraculous was going on so i began weaning of one medication every two days. To date after taking the product for two months i am taking only my Tramadol for phantom pain and an occasional imigran for headache if i feel it warrants it. Blood pressure , cholesterol, excessive sweats, Pain and antidepressants are all in the past. Mangosteen juice not only healed me it also gave me a new way of life. I use to dream and visualize about goals and where i was going in life, i hadn’t dreamed for over 6 years , now i getting back to dreaming and achieving – I've got my head back. Clid Boon (Amputee)”

3/19/2009 -- Clid from Auckland

Generally, Mangosteen Juice not only serves as an anti fatigue all natural fruit juice, but it also helps in the management of diseases and their symptoms such as adrenal fatigue, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. The other components of Mangosteen Juice are anti-hypertensive, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, and many more.

Furthermore, using Mangosteen Juice will help the body reach its optimum energy, as metabolic activities are improved right down to the cellular level. This is especially important for people who always experience fatigue such as adrenal fatigue, menopause fatigue, extreme generalized fatigue, as well chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. If you always feel that your body is lacking energy most of the time, that is usually an indicator of fatigue; numerous testimonials have shown that consistent, daily consumption of Mangosteen Juice will help re-energize the body, hence, enabling you to work more productively.

Mangosteen Juice also possesses highly potent, naturally occurring antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants help strengthen the immune system and neutralize any free radicals, enabling people who are always under pressure to face the daily challenges of life with greater positivity and improved moods. In addition, the vitamins and minerals of Mangosteen Juice help the body achieve desirable bodily functions and maintain its prime of health.

Anti fatigue mats, along with Mangosteen Juice can be a great help in achieving the highest level of energy needed for day-to-day activities. Drinking Mangosteen Juice on a regular basis will help in achieving optimum health and energy. The usage of anti fatigue mats also can help lessen fatigue, especially adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms.

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